Mason Musso Revives Metro Station Without Miley's Brother, Trace Cyrus

The band behind the wildly popular hit "Shake It" makes a return to the music scene.
3:00 | 07/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mason Musso Revives Metro Station Without Miley's Brother, Trace Cyrus
Pricing may have wondered what happened to those guys they have a huge 2006 chart topping hit shake it. But then call it quits for a little while. Well now metro station is back to recreate that magic with their new track and video debuting this week. -- That is -- Huey. Ready to rock again and here to tell us -- about the new exciting plans as front man makes you so welcome thanks for being with us today 'cause of field keep getting back into the -- -- good you know. I released the first record when I was eighteen so grown up a little bit yeah to lifting goods and stylistically the music -- Hussein. It's simply matured in us as I have and it's going up a little bit so -- You know you still get that that element of you know what it wasn't beginning but also with them more turbine really vaulted as an independent stuff as well. I have worked with a bunch different artists. I'm actually featured on a new song with DJ Connor cruise Russia -- -- released. Relatively -- So what's it like you mean as you're going through -- kind of evolutionary process not only maturing. Personally but also -- as an artist as well and then you start working on with other people -- -- collaborative effort -- worry about maybe there influences are kind of shaping the way that your that your growing community found what you think is -- independent voice. Com yeah but I feel it could also it continues to grow you know evolves. I think I think that's a good thing you know the more people -- -- with. You know I am always influenced by them. I think is a good thing -- -- negro -- in you continue to -- every day. -- -- Trace Cyrus is no longer with the band that's correct and you you guys under terms. You know we just one of several ways -- -- in world that. It and so when you are working with other people and in in electricity. You you you try to identify who you are you better progressively. But -- -- -- quarter. And -- to -- any day. Good because I know that oftentimes you know a lot of artists but you know they'll have the best of intentions -- but. That that the the same the same met the same tone is not going to be eighteen sometimes it can happen but. -- I think you know as an artist -- -- Tribune -- to water in the you've got -- UP EP coming outlets like August 24 August when he actually so yeah excited about it. That the planning process we have taken a couple of years on -- -- has -- -- slow and steady movement all law lords -- final roughly aren't gonna get this thing. It's been pretty said he actually. As musician you know -- -- them pretty much perfectionist he welcomes that sell. And -- the songs I wrote when I was nineteen. 24 announced that had time elect really focus on -- and -- Macon exactly where one -- you -- sort of fund raising effort to get 50000 dollars to yeah and come back re launched back in a spotlight again how what was that like whatever experience to go kind of hey listen you know -- Woodward. We're fired up we're gonna start pumping it back -- it was cool we did it we did do -- go go. My main thing is I thought I just that'll be really cool to get the fans involved -- have been be part of the whole process is well. You know the thought it was good way to do that and what's been the response leaving getting like -- we want to hear more of this what do you -- I mean the fans are just you know all the all the tens of super excited about it really -- and so -- -- -- -- -- than what we've been having some fun with an interior that we appreciate it makes you so metro station continued success you guys. -- -- -- you guys think you very much character -- you.

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{"id":19754555,"title":"Mason Musso Revives Metro Station Without Miley's Brother, Trace Cyrus","duration":"3:00","description":"The band behind the wildly popular hit \"Shake It\" makes a return to the music scene.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mason-musso-revives-metro-station-mileys-brother-trace-19754555","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}