Meet the Starting Lineup for the 2017 Kitten Bowl

ABC News' Charli James and Michael Rothman take us preview of the 2017 Kitten Bowl.
20:49 | 09/28/16

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Transcript for Meet the Starting Lineup for the 2017 Kitten Bowl
Everyone thinks they're watching ABC news I'm Charlie here Michael analyze that your intrepid hit reporters and we here at one of the most exciting blatant in the world. It's dean who. I walls. There's almost a hundred adorable kitten athletes here here and they're already taking the field. Doing some practice rounds and well he yelled action. And says. The English or randomly and hair. Brought on these hidden here. Not only her it's horrible and Canadian under him and stopped to. Get them off if you're in aren't there. Her and her eyes and we have a very special GAAP to talk. Animal welfare advocate. And again we talked to her last year here. And the dorm room got kind of our cat. Still is extra cute and highly skillet the mines action. And went that are vying for MD PMB. And AMR and a and under the for people who aren't familiar with it didn't on north animal he. Tell us a little bit more of that's harsh strain only America has partnered with Hallmark Channel houses the port here in a rally and am the ultimate. The best part about this job that I'll 100 kittens today. Well and up eleven counts so I'll these lives saved thanks to Hallmark Channel and our strand like America. And last token Gretzky. And it must these beaver country and I mean even as lots and they liked having him happy I cannot shelter environment they get to socialize they get the play all day and then they'll immediately go back after this week T ink. And he will all be activists odds are ready for adoption so. This incredible. And so this is kit Campbell four and you imagine what is there anything different and we should watch out on my rednecks there I decide that puppy marching band and the green room there's a preteen. A little pregame festivities with a puppy arts and and then at half time this year something new. We have that certain that hot land outright big act exactly that stepping out this year that and ink is telling us a little more about his involvement. And for all your great work and animal Anke just one of the many of them. Here. And helping animals can't adopt how lucky I don't think that it take you look at the market movement that's that you really want Nancy Carlson undergo a little bit behind the scenes and look at that tailgating the kitten. That detail that Taylor getting the pocket hockey I clocked a different talents from the camera on industry what you really want to see that Clinton. That Charlie. Which would you I mean these little white guy with feed and energy right. Hastings and I ate half of its. Own team right now believe these signs youth. And then you aren't content and there's a lot of new Charlie I think we have a tumor size and. And that is he. Is Ollie I'm not take. Out America and how you like your name is welcome the kid Mo plus right and I like it. So I was watching the backstage you were appreciating the draft I am you know it's a big thing you know this is our fourth year now now that there more people understanding what we're doing. So many more kids are actually come and tour few lines are com line and it's very important to know exactly who the cute ones are who has the best applause how active the Caribbean flooding. There are little guy out here on the swing he's an amazing is now. So that we saw him minus I want him on numerous bobcats like draft news and world. Reminded the young martial law there are actually what his name itself what they'll Beckum junior. Right so I I saw him icici him as a wide receiver tight. But he's really just a rate actually sold them so quick and when you see is pause to some when he gets its one long hours picks. Calls were talking earlier wondering what has commissioner what are you looking out for us bars and beautifully. As a commissioner and as a team owner right kind of Wear two hats. And there I could be accused sometimes. A conflict of interest here but as a commissioner on much without ago via dock and make sure that everybody. Toes toes the line that goes the right thing and basically represents the football in ways that I would want them. You know obsolete engine via a great time. Forgive costs and how did you get involved in and it's in getting bigger and better you saw it on Obama's serious dog owner and an and I live in the shadow of the North Shore animal and that's it's a field where I come from Manhasset long round and Beth Ostrosky Stern has been writing instrument for a long time hallmark channel's the perfect place. To highlight. The fact that we all these. And they need help these homes mean great homes and they should have an opportunity to live a happy life of music kittens out here on the ground on the football field. Merely average or that they don't have a home yet and we hope that many viewers watch this. What really want to. You know adopt these kids because they're just so adorable so for me there is true horror story to it show and shortly but. I've the end of the day it's it's great parcels and yet world. More if we only went up in today by the boards out. Did that you and I just last question that was funny watching news and very graciously. Reading minds getting in the Al necklace was going on hard to say now. I did yeah. Everything all the scripts and everything are tailored to the house on its web Tony's long moment here. I. What help Beckum junior here but we even have Howie Long hair here. It's really great and there's just so many different. On things you can do the script and everything. And then really comes down to your complexion and Workman and her road course from sterling image just. They have so much fun with it and just great it's really great to be part of the book readings commercials like this. How to look at how exactly. And patches are much pleasure and honor and thank you that you. Business and I can thank you and let him pack. At the kittens though that was an Bernstein and and I found. Mobile alert falls down a hall of Famer and now associate commissioner. And noted in the conflict but he's an. About it. That night they are going to on the corners into the parking OK great it lets you edit and that we get a little bit more obviously acting on a gallon Boston. It's a little bit aren't Isidore at. And don't forget guys there all it can't. And I. Am will you come home. And. Org home. In my hand and it. Little thanked him. He's colonel landa he got on one that Palestinians. Corner brilliantly. Yeah her. I'm pretty swing on it and I know the slings are new swing area that he did not have signed last year and he has seemed to eat lunch and I like the little automatic. An analyst at C you know. Bloomberg News. A little burnt roaches number oh (%expletive) on team playing any kind to say anything the really beautiful siamese or Connie Stevens a little. They're hissing a lot of times I know now. Yeah coming. Yeah. Taking a break on the united. So we're looking at about ten cats and we went earlier. Outside the truck right result Utley. The eighty's and ninety's. And there's still more back there. We'll go to later arrives. I actually now and take. I go take a little behind the scenes look at the parking lots. Though he feels he behind us Leslie Locke there's all these a lot that goes into making this happen. More than just kittens that there's already is crops and everything happening. And this is nail and we love this as soon as we thought and it's been. Just lean it's the tailgating area that the parking lots Hocking. Couldn't have gotten a kitten lies that up here completely the team the team buses that are here teamed up and offered a feeding time there. And you can buy some slack you can buy them. Food they're cutting up some hot dogs over here. So this isn't a kittens. The honey and I think if he Charlie's pink and might and and of course the plan on mark channel went up. An anonymous background with great. It. Odds are there's no body here because they're less than. It erodes. That around a kitten all an hour or two ago decisions bustling you know that grills going on and we're hanging out letters. Some lemonade and Gary I can't Bangkok. I'm just another fun out of this whole thing and you can all of these toys these kittens really get a lot of options. The lower. I. Making the game grade. Yeah. And there aren't handling this well theory and team leading. Clinton there happy. Staying on the heels them. And the impact this litter box remaining we didn't finish here with them walking around and it'll pray. It moves to make sure there was not a lot of thieving going. Surprisingly we're all intact what you rothmans McCarron not a handsome guy and the court let he from the office. Breaking news. Online. Client. Oh. Can't talk to. No to things now that the era of that trend I. Go and it's scary. The deal to keep the cat meets. Going in very active as well. Suites which my personal. Also we we earlier and is the real pro. I think there an increased sixty Cannes this year and if you are allergic can get in teens Illinois. There absolutely. Oh. And of course the other hand in the stands for the kids will. That packed stadium and they were all the ones out there in the parking lot. Wounded. Okay. Okay. And yet. I'm a little. Evening news or voluntary or lose. It's. Not alone this shouldn't I know he keeps coming back to main. You keep coming back thank not a comes. OK hello I'm yeah. My feeling yeah. Talking on I'm not you can't you know. And again on I don't mean to him until he's been on. I. I don't plan. I. And I heard and McCain. And I love actions. Is there were Intron. You've done some scary. Filming in your dad and electrons and you interview last year comic con of the Los her after I still haven't got attacked him. Now and others company. You enable the do not need. And managed to come. Back with all my fingers and toes snag. Yeah are okay. You can. I'm yeah. We'll keep our own yeah. There is no plan dressed and. You can only thing yeah we saw him. You talk about her Steve Stricker and a. There are currently thousand and. When you lie. Does. There was was it like a rat out. With an agent says that a negative plastic wrap and NATO it is going added an. Priests who alerts when you're on right now him Joseph when you. In Britain. Which away now an alcoholic and I think Allen N. There it's going to be eight rats here. And you're handling their hands aren't absolutely locked eyes. I'm asking our of any I don't think you're gonna take us on the North Shore animal league America mobile analyst Howard today. Get to. How the kittens travel here. So here's that you're amounts they're talking and a the that's it did you think. But we're gonna take a little lock before we end here. It's getting better and hopefully you got your fill of the kittens. On the field but now we're gonna take a look and show you where the kittens come problem and look here. Think it can nightclub the couple. Is. Yes. The Eckerd it just keeps getting fatter and fatter. They've really ups the game this year thanks or walking through him and we're gonna go outside to Wear them and end and here. Northstar animal league America and mobile. Units. And this is how they didn't get here Monday evening that an normally use this. A ban unless you all kind of them well and our adoption and again you can take a look night and snow. The real magic do you wanna go ahead and yeah. We're. The good news only gone yeah mall. And don't yeah. And they're hungry and its all time you know yeah. All of these horrible and hidden art has its. Rules newsroom. So many little. All adopted. They're hungry and its. And now you got me sticking around and act Charlie and it's fun and her husband. And he thought the economy. I'm pretty easy. Now. I and feel more after a long game. I don't I don't. You hanging out. You write about. Yeah. People who apparently. I really didn't yeah. He's got his higher. And in Anaheim's joining McDonald's I don't. Melanie hidden there of course is that beautiful Athens. And mom yeah. Yeah. The Bellingham. Klee eight case. Elliott often in the half time entertainment all he sweetheart a whole. I. Not hidden in cars there always lots of captain even tossing. You so much and archer annaly for letting us come back here in the mobile units and take a look at on the hit you can get here. Okobi and look he wrote two hit ball hug and a kiss. It airs in February next year's. Watch him on the Hallmark Channel them thank you for joining us Matt and with the little guy had anything of the pain even though I. You're watching ABC news com for all your kids.

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