Mel Gibson provided key sound effects in 'Hacksaw Ridge'

Oscar-nominated sound mixer Kevin O'Connell plays a scene from the film in which director Mel Gibson recorded his own voice to frighten the audience.
4:08 | 02/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mel Gibson provided key sound effects in 'Hacksaw Ridge'
You were saying that he really let you know. Do your job he weapons were micromanaging you know runs and he trusted you. Rector directors range from you know aid is he on the scale and whether or not micromanage your not in Mel is definitely at the back into that you know he. Lets you do he hires people if he feels confident that you would you know the job. And that he lets you do what you do in the and he comes and evaluates it and then you know he gets injured himself actually have a theme queued up here right and so you. That that a let me just added up really seen it's just after the big battle. Andrew Garfield in the breeze here hunkered down in the foxhole. Things settle down for a bit when all of a sudden injuries surprised by Japanese soldier opposite over the berm. Well we couldn't in music or sound effect not with exactly the right sound to to scare the crap yeah. So what melted is Mel plasticky you give it try. And and researchers we gave Mello microphone and has the Japanese all your pockets had a Mel screamed in the microphone we put that sounded all 56 speakers in the room one time. Trust units first time we played it for us it's hear the crap. I can play is a night and play what melded if you want. I. It's this is V that. Do think earth. Okay. I don't they actually. Don't get up from new. Later that it one more time we've just the piece that melted Q it's like you know. That that's now. Well I speakers of the room which went amplified. It's pretty back. OK so you it and have it all happened at listener but. It's his heart and soul and everything he does when we're we're you know he's an emotional director. And so when the scene calls for a particular emotion he knows exactly what he wants to get Edison is another scene in the movie. Where Anders on the top of the ridge can't decide he sees that that they're not winning all of this all of his comrades are dying or getting wounded. And so we can't hear what to do he's talking to god and at that point. You know Mel wanted us to take all of the south and have them still exists but haven't existed a different altered states of me. Completely redesigned all the sounds vol Andrews talking to god trying to hear what he's gonna do and then once he gets directive on what to do we sort of structured kernel of something about how being realistic in humans into the. So. It that the what are the things that makes it different is beginning without waiters don't Muzak right and it's just how. Mechanic thanked him for those of you who haven't humanity battle okay now there's no it's eleven minutes I believe our rehearsed. Battle is about eleven minutes Weathers no no music. No immediate comment it's just happened is hara hi absolutely show. From a chronic perspective that's not the gift will opt salute. Listen that that was always mills intention from the beginning you know. The idea was here's this guy who's it's beyond wrote Carriker running into this. War is hell you know a horrific. Seen. And and Mel wanted to for the audience understand exactly what it was humans doing. And and what we're doing is it's trying to put the audience on that battlefield so that entire ten minutes it's. Film. Has to be carefully choreographed by the sound team every single explosion there's about 300 of them. You know of the thousands of gunshots but wheezing Rick Pittsburgh ricocheted through bullets flying overhead the Canon fire the planning. Everything. You. Everything is carefully shaped with perspective. And placement all around the room in the and the screen to make you feel are on the outlook. That's what happens when you mix of film removing it we can take something please them all around theater so that we can surround the audience with with the sound about.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Oscar-nominated sound mixer Kevin O'Connell plays a scene from the film in which director Mel Gibson recorded his own voice to frighten the audience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45488261","title":"Mel Gibson provided key sound effects in 'Hacksaw Ridge'","url":"/Entertainment/video/mel-gibson-provided-key-sound-effects-hacksaw-ridge-45488261"}