Melania Trump Defends Husband's Comments in Trump Tape

"The View" co-hosts discuss Melania Trump's CNN interview about the leaked tape.
6:18 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Melania Trump Defends Husband's Comments in Trump Tape
Allotted trump has gone to bat for her husband and new interview saying all the groping allegations of force. And it gives her take on the leaked Access Hollywood video tech the luck. An angry each piece an appropriate time it's not acceptable. And I was surprised. Because that she's not demanded I know. And to I want. Even date even knew that the my quiz on. Because it they were kind of a boy talk. And she was. Indeed on like. And on the drama and hopes to say. The dusty and bad stuff. So. If I'm to say what surprises me most about this is that times campaign let her speak to the same media and that is also rigging the election. It ended but we'll get to that in a moment. Plant. Now. Anderson Cooper had this interview sews like that you weren't. You've just a candidate my a so I have to single bottom interview was is this is a surprisingly that this her husband. I mean we sweet talk all the time and not Hillary Clinton defending Bill Clinton and and it's not it's no surprise to me that that he would be defending her husband II if she wants to accept his apology. For her marriage that's up to them newest elite America's out of it but. People's character is revealed what they think people aren't watching. So I would just remind everyone but if he didn't now that he was Mike that's still who he is you can egged me on all you want there's things I'm not gonna do not sat. So it does speak to his character. And I think I think the investigations need to play out and you need to let people. People are gonna make accusations what the mic that lets figure out what's going on here I don't really blame aren't isn't it is our husband and that's it simply does a lot if she doesn't believe his accusers and I guess she. Doesn't believe Clinton's accusers either right. Yeah. My outfit insisting he did stand by her man dependent many women do happen and I Ab I appreciate that got there Hillary Clinton and remember. Without defending Donald please don't take it that way but these were from eleven years ago so she also said. This was a long time ago this is not been hand that I know now this is not how he treats me your speaks to me and I'm paraphrasing. You know and I appreciated what she had to say I liked what. She didn't say except for the part about. The fact that Billy was taking her on I did not. He'll play that I see like when you. Except something or take responsibility. You can't in the same breath throw. Throw it to someone else or patently not. Especially when you've been in the public eye and on television. As I mean eleven years ago the apprentice was still what was on television wasn't not sell it you know you kinda know it. After a little wow let your Tiago that he called Rosie O'Donnell fat pig. Then he made the the statement about Megyn Kelly's menstrual cycle ever and then attacked miss universe for her wait. That was an eleven years ago that was now. A lot of it not it will get a lot of at what I'd like. You will mean she said you know they may not have known the mikes were on that really bother me that got back that. Why because it doesn't matter if I'm Mike is on are not on is it. I second 'cause all of us here people that always have my Exxon gap and we know how many times yes we're going like. Yeah our iconic ads are yeah because we know that might because bra straps that I don't want are my hero is saying that's. What I. I think people would be shocked at some of things I say but they've never been aggressive behaviors. Big difference for backed heat that bothered me wasn't that he said. Gross words that a grievous. Upset words myself. It would be aggressive nature of what not leading to ask for not doing that's what distinguish it for me it wasn't glued to the heat it was aggressive behavior acai battle. And principal Al Billy and in the briar. We're in the should throw that accountability is let's just say yes and I think that shame that he took the brunt of it he got he got no help from sadness often more than on the supposed to be accountable because just because again I'm Mike cot at this time making behavior needs to be punished I just think he is taking the fall he ends ends anti even without any credit aren't imminent as the but he is whether he's. Legal what really freaking me out when I wanted to say last night as you know I have some hunt and I would never allow my son to speak lacked ascent and best she is not. What this is a man who wants be president of the United States of America and I don't think the president of the United States of America should be. Caught on Mike. Talking like that gap. That's letting you know this competition though he's given Alan B of the inner you the whole entire life like on Howard Stern I mean yeah when apple itself and that can't let me tell you that the many that's indicative excellently and massive. A N am I running for president because of all of this like you could look like somebody out and say well how wired to want doesn't agree with the OUN's Gerri reason why he is right. Now you can say it all that there are people out there that have said things and they weren't typical politicians they weren't national politicians. But they still revealed who they weren't in some case and that's going to be a disqualify her from me you may have had a passing may have how to lighten it made mistakes. But the bottom line is this guy is still seeing things like this so to joins point if you had she. He had changed hands and happy splitting the thinking well this. I think would be an England brought this up for a for many years and the fact that it doesn't stick and it does and and you know. We saw people yesterday. At what I wanted to say it was so if some man. Walked up to you or daughter. And did this acted this way that would be okay with you because he's being he's being a leader. Like I didn't understand that I mean I had just was sent have blocked but you know this is that we got what twenty Wanda is not about us some more.

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{"id":42885430,"title":"Melania Trump Defends Husband's Comments in Trump Tape","duration":"6:18","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Melania Trump's CNN interview about the leaked tape. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/melania-trump-defends-husbands-comments-trump-tape-42885430","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}