'X-Men' Star Adan Canto Talks His Role as 'Sunspot'

"X-Men" mania flips into full swing as fans count down to the big premiere.
6:51 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for 'X-Men' Star Adan Canto Talks His Role as 'Sunspot'
You -- -- -- two generations of mutants you tossed an old time travel you add in the super -- facts and you've got what many are calling the blockbuster movie of the summer. X-Men days a future past. Some hot action there and we're happy to have what -- the stars -- the superheroes time traveling -- with us today. -- -- can't -- started sunspot welcome thanks for sought Monday Q grounds so are right I mean this is a very cool role. Mean no pun intended clearly but what what we we read the script -- -- -- -- were like all right and coming up to bring it against all these other superpowers. -- it it was mainly learning how to become my seven year old self again -- -- and just let go. And let the body do whatever it had to do just a lot of imagination. You're fighting fifty feet called sentinels and you're going to town with these superpowers and I'm pretty much in the sun. So this is -- is. -- he absorbs solar energy and channels in different ways yet what is it distresses -- -- cut more to stop by of the day starting us colossus. In he was saying that you know one of the big challenges that this is so CGI driven -- That as an actor you know -- -- fighting up against like an -- on a Wallace -- oak legal battle that exactly yeah it's all imagination you feel like -- losing it because everybody around you is serious. You know they're doing what they have to do once -- and all the sudden action you have to go easy. And I remember right I lost my voice on the second day. And it was exhausting but I loved it I was looking for that kind of -- -- didn't have to be that way I chose it to be. -- because you're adding that much intensity to the general -- -- at the end of the day you choose whatever you want to choose that. For -- for -- character so had you follow the franchise to forge read the comic books yeah I didn't read -- read the comic books when I was a kid but I was a very restless global. So I couldn't really stick to just sit and read. Something. I have to go out and move -- a lot of things and and I did follow the movies -- -- and that. And of course these amazing actors I've always admired and with a -- life and it definitely is a blessing to be part of this -- Hugh Jackman Jennifer Lawrence and you walk on the set and mean -- as you take these these are some of the pieces of the greats that -- now you know. You now call Collie and -- can do -- it's amazing and the best part of it is they're great people. Great people they're very warm very inviting. The the look at it as a family and they were Smart enough to do -- the dinner gathering before we start shooting. We've got to know each other we broke the ice next day it was just a little it it smoother you know you didn't have that sort of prejudice -- -- -- Speak to somebody you know you it's better to feel that sort of familiarity. As opposed to go in feeling is star struck are you wanna say I can't let you in this we yeah let's work together -- future projects on the what about -- -- is your character really goes crazy did you bring in stunt guys real economic tackle we'll there was this there was this one time where this thing -- I was standing there. And -- I was I was thinking. And they're still gonna use your body movements and there's a lot of expression and then as well I wanted to -- in so -- passed and they let me do it it's kind of ridiculous thing I've looked like huge red condom. It's just about -- tight suit with black dots for you know the special effects and and it was a -- news just plain. Became located visit Britain is is it a sense of pride because I know some actors what to do all of their stunts that the part was written for them. Not for a double. You know I understand that but it was more so. You can definitely remember myself standing in the sidelines and I don't know like that I wanted -- and then -- ask you wanna do it and I wanted to didn't have a little bit more control. And the consistency of the Kerry there it won't win you when you see the actual final -- the -- are working in Microsoft's -- sound stages and all that kind of heavy graphic intense. When he saw the final product was really blown away -- surprised by absolutely yeah yeah it it's a very well rounded film it's. You know it starts out with -- these special effects action sequences from the future that -- -- -- -- pass and you -- on this -- Of realistic. World of the seventies that they they depicted so poignantly and -- what you discover only -- the new or the old super heroes when they're discovering their superpowers. In the kind of things that they do with them since hilarious so we had you know you have the action you have the drama. You have the humor in it as well I I was blown away. Then in addition -- -- that you're also starring in ABC's hit show mixology as well which is like -- -- that he couldn't have anything more dichotomy currently on the other side. Spectrum. -- it was quite something. And going from. -- -- different show that certain from the follow team playing -- drama serial killer stuff and then. The comedy was amusing had a blast working -- guys and maybe see the actors -- -- it was a lot of fun to do and next man is. A different ball game and I kind of felt that it was -- gravitated -- The like the bigger acting of theater and then with the minutia of -- you know those independent films more personable sort of characters. And put a long together and thrown in there her -- -- so where do you go from here enemy is now that you've kind of stretched out broaden that skills set when there is there's a few projects. Along the way we were still. Looking it's just a lot of great things out there right now it's it's hard to say there's there's a couple of things that I'm sure you know -- have -- to talk about it and once we. -- -- Idol idol when actors come on merit but L Holtz will talk -- not that's not ink is dry. And listen I completely appreciate that no wants to show their hands before you know anything is exactly as -- one and done. But obviously will be seen in the future absolutely -- -- through -- looking forward to that extent days of future past is in theaters may 23 in -- thanks much for stopping you settlements. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"\"X-Men\" mania flips into full swing as fans count down to the big premiere.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23722359","title":"'X-Men' Star Adan Canto Talks His Role as 'Sunspot'","url":"/Entertainment/video/men-star-adan-canto-talks-role-sunspot-23722359"}