The message Justina Machado wants every young Latino to hear

Veteran actor Justina Machado talks to ABC News correspondent Gio Benitez about the changes she’s seen over the years and what her demands are in Hollywood.
5:12 | 10/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The message Justina Machado wants every young Latino to hear
I'm from Miami and I remember watching you NJ and a virgin and I remember saying I can't believe this show is on television right now. How to feel for you as a lot been actress. Jane average it was a blast. I it it started off being a character that was supposed to only be different a few episodes. And behind me I mean and I had just great chemistry so. They just kept bringing me back and I was happy to go back and they that really great character. That wasn't always likable but I always bodies I loved playing Darcy. How have you seen the industry changed over all these years that you've been working in Hollywood when it comes to Latinos Pacific. I see a big shift as of late may be in the last four or five years is where I've been able to see a big ship. But that's shipped is because a lot of the stories that are being told are not being told with us. That's why we think it's so important no stories about us without us. Because that's where you get the authenticity the specificity. That's where you get that that the audience connects way. So I think what's what's happening now which is really great is we're seeing. We're seeing that lot T next people in front of the camera behind the camera in the writers' room and having a say in these stories. And that's where you see the change happening and I love that you see. Say that because so many times we don't see that. In Hollywood and now when you see something in a script that you don't necessarily agree with you can say oh wait picnic at red. I love. All right we've gotten there Miami. Actually. Absent you can say something like that but I want to note that I always. All waste it. This is it right this is not do it and sometimes it was received with open arms. And sometimes it wasn't received. But it was something that I always. Very adamant and I think it's. OIC now. Is that so many of us can't act without fear of retribution without fear of not being hired but not here. There is no here right now in this in the lot next culture in holly and that is what I. Would you like to seemed more. I'd like to see more of our stories I'd like to see more of us on network television right now. One day at a time is the old connects them on network while. And this the year 20/20. And it is ridiculous. I'd like to see more marketing behind our stuff. I'd like to see more promotion. I'd like just. But give the project care and love and that it Grohl. And and nourish it. The young kids were raking into the business right now do you think they're doing anything do you currently. Oh yeah I think they're amazing I look at these young lacking lacking. Advocate these young black tea next artist and I'm just blown away by them is they have enough either they know they are at their grounded. They know that they deserve what they deserve they know that they are word me that is so mind blowing and fantastic because. In my growing up I was taught to be very humble. I'm not very humble very humble always kind of leading with an act which is kind of an Odyssey that word in English. But always by not on don't think you're not I never receiving and me never received any kind compliment or anything like. Two young people who might be watching this right now. And they feel like they have enough. Well geez. Icy and had no no no mark and a non board meeting with an act no more making excuses for hungry you'll. No more hiding behind it there's a way to be. Very confident without being obnoxious. Believe me. There is a way to do it and just believe in years. And add when somebody gets you back compliment you take that compliment you know sometimes -- we listen to the bad stuff a whole lot more than we listen to the good stuff. So there they are up and I because really it's me years and years to get over. Meeting with and a. Team expects eligible to vote in this election the potential power of the Latino in America. State would have a tidal wave him. On this election and now with the most consequential election of my time Clemson missed what will be beaten of them Latino. Well I don't book them. I let you know exercise your right thank you won't I don't. From BBC news powerful astonishing. Story America's future America's future at corporal Matty got the power the power of the Latino vote. Homeless and special breaks Tuesday night on NBC news live streaming wherever you get your news.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Veteran actor Justina Machado talks to ABC News correspondent Gio Benitez about the changes she’s seen over the years and what her demands are in Hollywood. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"73866814","title":"The message Justina Machado wants every young Latino to hear","url":"/Entertainment/video/message-justina-machado-young-latino-hear-73866814"}