Mia Wasikowska on Her New Film 'Stoker'

The actress talks about director Chan-wook Park's latest psychological thriller.
8:27 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Mia Wasikowska on Her New Film 'Stoker'
-- Could -- want me. You don't need. -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what's happening at the movies and you had just seen this scene from what I think is it to -- movie -- -- -- Starring me -- it costs who happens to be with us today and some -- welcome. Thank you thank for having me here. So we talked a little bit before because this isn't just another move. This is this stoker is the English language debut the Greek Korean director and who I'm going to say he's my best -- But -- book and you're gonna call him why I'm gonna call -- direct to pop Japan and that's what she did through this whole thing. I did -- or was you know me in in Korea -- address people's title and then their names. Yes that's what we did on on -- -- that's -- Well -- I'm just not going along with -- I learned I think he really passionate and that's it I'll tell him tonight sustain friends ever see it that's going to happen so tell us a little this is. A mystery. It's. -- -- beyond mystery man who you play. -- -- I play India is like an eighteen year old and -- the film -- her coming of aids and had -- -- mean. In a very kind of twisted its family dynamic -- -- the film kind of becomes a love triangle between. Her mom and her uncle and -- Easy for you to set -- Strawberry -- can I guess it becomes -- -- Nicole Kidman is playing your mother Matthew -- is playing your uncle -- who. We won't hear about in the news this like uncle -- living the high -- some traveling all over nobody knows. And everybody has returned he's returned for your dad's funeral -- Think I'm not yet to yet -- Can't but. -- to park. -- were calling. -- he's known for movies that I've seen especially old boy and the thirst dance movies really -- yes you categorize stoker as. -- -- -- It's may be like a little bit less violent then some of his previous films but I do syndicates. It'll be like a little bit uncomfortable. For some people. Because they did he definitely likes. Challenged the audience and is not get comfortable film to watch -- Yes I think it it is that it is kinda violent in a different tired and we your character is living a kind of sheltered life isn't yet. -- -- Very intrigued that it didn't and it's very much alone in a very classic way. And I think that when her uncle -- -- it's the first time she's really experience knowing somebody and somebody knowing. Yet so -- kind of infatuation. What we're seeing in uncle Charlie somebody who isn't what he seems there's. More and there's definitely this -- his charm and -- man of -- In doing that. When it's presented with a script like this one makes sheets one. It was definitely one of the easiest decisions in my anchor -- -- -- Mainly because it say -- -- that was really different -- anything I've played before it so that was really exciting for me and of course that director pocked with renowned and and it's such an original. Talent analysts. Yeah I was the sort of thing I read in light one sitting in instantly called back with things like yes I would love to do this. 332 out of that. You didn't know I mean well -- an -- No I mean it's definite -- definitely intimidating scenes an aspect of the Pactiv but IA I always kind of like. -- was pretty it was pretty easy decision and will you scenes with Nicole Kidman -- -- mountain there's I was gonna say love hate but. It's almost more hate hate that Callahan. So what was that like key to doing this the -- -- from Australia you being yeah you have a polish mom yet. Strip your dad -- -- stern dad it was cool -- in. Luckily our relationship in real life is the polar opposite to and it was on the -- she was -- kind in. Really took me under her wing and it's really. Open about her experiences working in films and growing up you know in this kind industries that was pretty great. And she's definitely been a huge problem for me coming from -- -- -- and was really one of the fence to kind. Incidents. Third you know thought -- in America and what got -- what was the first thing he did as an act. It's -- in Australia and the first thing I ever did was like -- guest appearance on it TV drama. And I have likened to episodes guests -- You know way I think that that was probably like one of the most exciting things for me because I'd just like seemed so -- possible in the end. I'd gotten like this job which aid to audition for never expected to -- in and yet -- that was. That was -- thing -- -- done at. The first thing I ever -- Was in treatment eight via. Things weird yourself and I litigants in so few moments -- -- it was. While she was a -- Yeah yes much fun I mean that was one of my nights like that's my -- and -- character I think -- you should read into this dad thinks I mean it was unique because it was a character that was explode like half hour. Episodes third nine weeks it was almost added up like three hours. Playing the one character in a really intense way to either gonna get to -- -- films. That was its unique -- experience because. Even to do a film where you're believed it -- -- -- to like three hours in the event of explorations that I was pretty amazing to hear. The big thing that everybody knew was possible and yeah -- timber yet so. What was it like action I'm yeah I mean not listen to different experience -- -- in treatment because. It was probably like a huge amount of exposure. Love and I and experience in it any other film -- You know or with in treatment. And now is really at -- A -- the interesting thing to do because it was. In treatment was sort of such a time of like reality and and then with a long -- things. All the time that was in and then in. Alice seems such an unreal -- like this this. In its way that was quite good I guess because the characters is also. In some kind of strange wonderland and so it was you know was three months of green screen -- it was. -- -- We told me you're not singing this to yourself so much unintentional and that like -- -- that power plant -- What I would.

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{"id":18681692,"title":"Mia Wasikowska on Her New Film 'Stoker'","duration":"8:27","description":"The actress talks about director Chan-wook Park's latest psychological thriller.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mia-wasikowska-interview-stoker-actress-discusses-psychological-thriller-18681692","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}