Michelle Dockery on 'Good Behavior,' Life After 'Downton Abbey'

Dockery appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about her new role in the TNT prime-time drama 'Good Behavior'
16:23 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Michelle Dockery on 'Good Behavior,' Life After 'Downton Abbey'
Your death. Do we know each other you know if there's an ankle injury can. I'm sorry but I know this sounds creepy little brat who are you doesn't have his name is happy here your husband hired him. You should go chased. What your husband's name is chase right. Chase gave happier flirt clinic keep your house photo if you had 50000 dollar security. And turning to help people. Piecing give any reason your husband might want you to have persisted total shock. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's pop and in the pop culture and I'm telling you bears and show. On TNT right now called good behavior. And the star of that show Michelle Dockery is here. Now for those you haven't looked at it yet I haven't seen this and you're just down to having fans. The eighty what I'm seeing and good behavior is the real mission Lisa. Welcome. It was quite the little bit of a shock when I was saying yes the first shot in the first episode is used slinging burgers. Then cleaning at a toilet. And getting molested by some absolute we eat in North Carolina. With an American accent. And the people with me said. So I asked you that question. Expect that the how did this happen. Well I was very lucky with it actually are telling today yeah I think Smith told you. This is what you have to do when it that than downs and he was coming today and and three and Wii that wrapping up the sick. Six season. And they scripts came my way. And I read the pie and and found enough with lefty in the story. I couldn't put it down and and welcomes the opportunity to do something say different even though I wasn't expecting something quickly. Often they do marry and it's something say different and say it and it's been fantastic and we have such a great time and it's of reef islands. And thoughts and won the clean multifaceted. Carrick cents a play. She's she's for an in. I spent three episodes with so I see that but you've done two things that I just stop you this let me just say it well. Down to that became between man I don't know if you've looked at that and those of us. You wanted it he had added we didn't take it that way but the bullet came to head like all things to do. Well why didn't come to an end yeah. Not know Nightline but it will ordain him it was not went on. It was it was in bad decision by the PG Susan creates is that it was you know Nike say everything comes to an end it. Felt like Cadbury and it felt like the right time. That the story was. The united going out way and and totally wrong thinks that I'm they want appeared to be a let them they've paid their amazing if feats of spam and it seems to be quite its islands to thing you know when this together I mean it's a big cops faith as in love acts as soon. Doing all the things and and so it's just a question of timing and and I I'm positives that it will happen. And you know within the next. He is a something. T that comforts me. Can't let you know I could say goodbye hiked that a little bit. It costs what you're saying to me. The hit but the thing Elizabeth that the bullet Stan van and I intro that is saying they'll be shocked because the lady Mary Crawley was definitely. She had a posh. Getting a little premiere accident that not leave me now me she was very far away from from view Diane in the way I grew up you know highway. Cora and it. Very much a working class backgrounds and such US's client was happy in the United States what would you grew up and ask what. What could be here. Six is them. It's that town see just outside of London race CD ATs McCain is send. Whole thing about I think. Canals and six women makes. It was I think it was in television shows like lying day within a black man that was sub needles of ethics goes period and it became like if they night. And six women from Essex and winds that left says it was likened news money things that we saw of golf this. Reputation of being night I guess new jazz he would be. That they equivalent paying united ninety. Very well today you know very well dressed women but with the long. You know long M near the end. So I often get you know different things that you do well you were nesting and I got a guy up island to island today and not very I'm very proud of them from and earn. And that the very thin that they very different from night to marry so the time that was Italians. And then finally I Nancy like this sports hate it if you because you if you're not yet. You did all year it if you it's Americana and Mason on bit you know I never miss scenes played. Fifth voice this past and I'd make that transition because. A lot of people here that who know about them and move it didn't watch it as faithfully. As a national debt rating was not its. The paragon of virtue she was sending now right in the first season. I had EO James here knowing him hardly. Even though he had like one episode to plead the Turkey will in the movement and they put you killed him with sex. And they think it was embarrassing. Everybody had a cart that behind he that was. Based on a tree story of purity and based on that's suing the heat when he was crying about this and that died in this woman's bag it in and you know. Some. Grounds. Hot house like downton. And but I think it was he's. Fashion of it was it was down sets of a young and view is maybe not the healthiest man and maybe he policy team to during humor to something. And think it's I let it go thinking is that she did she and kind of enough. In that that was it's what all of us have a certain. And nature are believed when we were watching and I only bring that up because. When we get too good behavior. Many York will you should say I mean basically she's got a parole officer says he's been in trouble Terry Kinney. Wonderful humanitarian just and and didn't the but saying who tell us a little about who she. Bush she you into G saharan she is of course a thief and she is. She enjoys this reckless danger that life often in tiles and but she's reached the point way Kong. She is she Congo and ending with this lifestyle and and and what she's longing for is to have her son back. And was sincere currently there is a restraining it would how that her mother has cited. She's trying to be the best version of herself trying to be decades. Being meth head doesn't really help. None. That he didn't think that would get in the way and that. Well and that's that it's it says so destructing you know the drugs injuring can elected to see it's. Self destruction she isn't happy with who she is and and just thought that she she finds she struggles with society and humanity. And in some ways have he had. Is this day and so that's why they've they've recognized something in one another which is why it is that chemistry when they needed them by denying news and they live on the outskirts of society how you're being miss hit man if they hit man sick. She she is. You see Adam. You know involving a hotel in and the kicks. And says she ends up in this. In this week. And can't get out because the past is coming back in and she gets to talk that he's coming back in and she witnesses this conversation. Between hockey and the hit man played by Juan Diego both. Now saying his name. Get ready yet and she then sets out to dean rail. The job in to save the woman's life and because eight cents in and then of course gets entangled in this dangerous relationship with this thing then story again. And I think what's interesting about the show is that it's X Lewis. Meaning a week these tea taxes he on the hit and one isn't thief. And recovering drug addict trying to gets you nice and so the new rule and conform to this. No manatee and this precious from parole offices from people about being. Finding and you'll lines it is as they keep people saying yeah they find it difficult like earth. The loans were being the only currency ahead I think that's what people and enjoy. About the seeing in the sense that it's it's very very own and thinner. About life and and you know a unit of Mexico which weighs guiding in you trying to do. Be about imagine yourself it's easily tat tat hotel create some moves about it think it's something that grew so striving to be in. And and I think he I think you root for left the you know you won't have some deep after the than in the same time it's really fond and enjoyable to see. Oh I'd really. This person as it view I'm not looking for her to get all of her. Ottawa on it and it isn't. It really incidents of containment and also I'd basically. The schizophrenia. Of her. Because she's not herself but she has to be in her. Con woman lying low so that's a gift for a little Lennon was partly. And she enjoys doing that because it means that she is an herself for a minute she's playing someone else and she enjoys fondness. Fooling people you know that this clone a fickle and and I think you she's. You know she's at least he National League east evening which is of course recruitment unit does she's a criminal essentially bet. She's not destroying herself in in comparison to. Addictions. It's what you did as well you basically are fooling people all the trail who sit here. And now. I got a little Essex girl laughed so I like that let you know we don't know we have our ideas from what you play when him and this is such a 18. We're people when they get that even feel like I suggest that they be married we certainly manipulate. And then in the ex marine and to hell you so many men. Through no slash. If silent on it coming. And they did I fit well what what I find love seeing and I feel like I'm very much of this new wave of these. Fantastic female rose being written that aren't just strong. These multifaceted. Women views. You know the house they are strong but narrow say is vulnerable male funny small male mountain thing. Wives they are everything and I think that we seeing much more of but then Jeff labeled as these strong women. There everything and an incredibly only sin. Why I love about it sees that she she doesn't apologize for issues. And I think he I think a lot of women will relate to and you don't have to be the in order to ten in owed it to to relate to this woman. Do you even when you're playing this character in your living in North Carolina and shooting us do you keep. Some lovely Mary's outfits so that you can just putting a diabetic and had that moment where you just. Walk around for a new chancellor around with you can't come literally exemption that the camps. I didn't he know anything there was one cut and I'm still waiting. And when time war in this that Davis and the princess came to that Kate Middleton. And and I wore that. Green it was a peaceful kind of Irish greens today. And I would have my picture taken with and sign on still might want to and the issue requests your coats in the mail I think they may use if we DG the navy may be there holding onto it because I might be wearing in the balance. If we do David the film then it will definitely against themselves evening provided rule away. Without grabbing anything without stealing anything but I think the politics I think he bonus ailments to. Against the grab hold of something and they knew you were going to play ready next to you should've known suggests slip away with them yet. I didn't have those skills at the time about how he did everything I just learned dog. I didn't get a chance to guess that this is our your first time on the show so I haven't even asked you about when you growing up in Essex when you say to your parents. I'm going to be an actress and is that why. Well we don't my fifth is and I went through State's school that was like you know of housing and Don king's face Phillies was just down in about street fence just there is a homepage. And and then fed the Fed and me and my middle sister Janet became something we wanted to do inch I was at Donaldson effect. A long time and now she's an actress and she's writes in his way though. And and my parents were rule ways. Very encouraging. As costs of busting. And that they laurel says they made sure that we had to get that education something to fall back clone and you know I worked. All sorts of jobs before I became an actress. And but never slinging burgers and I'll I did I loved to do that via yet we'll want sized was similar to sit photo that they see it. In minutes the lefties in manifest that the senate Iowa it's an efficient chip. Show them ways you know like those it's doing in Lebanon was a waitress in and what's benefit. I think about two Yates. And say yeah I didn't wasting my time of land I was bomb made for a long time. And you know it's all nice in this stage Veronica. But then he became a creature of this yet to hit it but look it's his kids do you put it the ball. That you have yes we're I think the I was I was yes yes he did this OK what they're making stopped otherwise I wouldn't I had not gotten to prevent it. The true Essex girl next time you're on the show to do. But you don't know because you've not been on before that we and shown song always insults on just a little bit of somehow. Let you in I think episode two. What do you do blue Scott that's and it's a little fabulous that it that's constant I'll do that and I think if you start me and I'll do with. The news. Paying smiled and then. A nothing the room. Hand. See that's a ball I think that the where's the CD yeah there's this seat denied that they would gain mountain. They should have done if this day I found it here it's done that fit that is being gay legal ways of the well there's the Broadway musical it. I haven't been off yet it's going to happen is that Michelle. A complete I like it great to happen.

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{"duration":"16:23","description":"Dockery appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about her new role in the TNT prime-time drama 'Good Behavior'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43871119","title":"Michelle Dockery on 'Good Behavior,' Life After 'Downton Abbey'","url":"/Entertainment/video/michelle-dockery-good-behavior-life-downton-abbey-43871119"}