Michelle Obama Makes Fun of President Obama

The first lady teased her husband on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."
3:50 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Michelle Obama Makes Fun of President Obama
So you may think. That dinner where Barack Obama would be -- fascinating experience. But First Lady Michelle Obama showed steaming go away outlast not always that the railing looked at a low. Malia will started because she usually ask the serious question would head tells Roger de hull and what about that conversation on global warming. And Barack and Sasha in Ireland. Now don't get him started. Is like well I'm glad you I'm glad you asked that. Let's. Let me that's in Tibetan three points. And then won a hit and then more. I've got thinner lag well. Oh yeah yeah. If you as a Hillary this inquest if this ends went out and Goodell builds us all through bill Wolff. He'll give you and so once the Lee and eat yeah. I think it's just the nature of the the thing I hate particularly for both Bill Clinton put the nickel land and he just go they. But I just because no one I think is because when they get home they can actually tell you the way they want to tell you yeah I'm the I don't know about one Hewitt everyday I I don't know we have to do it yet does. Feel like it. It must be really hard threatened for him upon somebody who's not going what is it what did you do you know what I mean that wind is not a gotcha yeah. With the kids there just like all current. Now yeah I would love me. That Alley there because he's on filtered in a moment like saying he is president no matter what side of the spectrum you're on you're always waiting for someone to catch want you say one word wrong and that's with the media run to Andy and moments where he's at the table again just speak Kim was peeling off. I didn't. Like about battles so is that she feels secure enough with camp belly and I am a bomb. That's very important to notice what is there should be and how your Nana we re having have a Don Knapp a lot of ideas. Kurt salmon and Laura Pat Nixon look at where scientists say I Daniel RR would have allowed yes I'm with Laura wood I think so and that shows you something about the man that he's likely losses might and that's okay T should you be able to do that with your low absolutely out and I really I'll ask you gotta be able to make fun of that guy you'll ever taped that thing I feel a bank on any front is that he comes up like lately it's like although the septic tank is ultra sharp. Eye. I had talked dirty to me hadn't leaned back. I tried again. And someone that really wants the floor he's were the questions that you want to know more about me. But I really wanna show that I reciprocate my interest and he's a corporate litigator he's improperly patient so I'm like I really want to hear about your day in and really do you. But he starts. And then I'm expecting legally blonde and I get like something really confusing to follow and I'm like three minutes AM like opaque to back to my day could not. Yeah. And they did little excerpt. About but I'm about about a power let's igniting it every marriage here. There are those moments where you just your your spouses to opt in and zoning out and I do it I try to do with -- but I do it but I don't get cut. When I'm doing it. Comes back to bite me and I am I to question when asked the question alcohol I don't. Group meet with T about whether you. Yeah I seen this is I don't riots are that dumb if they ask your question. After they just told you something. And you glazed then you're busted but it's always some a couple of days ago when you have worked you got kids you got like you that limitation had you know you can ask.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"The first lady teased her husband on \"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42253998","title":"Michelle Obama Makes Fun of President Obama","url":"/Entertainment/video/michelle-obama-makes-fun-president-obama-42253998"}