Minneapolis, Home of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' Mourns Its TV Daughter

ABC News' Rob Hess at the statue of Mary Tyler Moore, where people have been mourning the death of the iconic TV star.
11:14 | 01/26/17

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Transcript for Minneapolis, Home of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' Mourns Its TV Daughter
Good afternoon this is rob has so with ABC news and we're live in Minneapolis Minnesota where. We are in the Minneapolis visitor information center which is the temporary hold the current home of a statue. That was dedicated sultan ten or twelve years ago. Two daughter Mary Tyler Moore. And her presence in the city of Minneapolis as a result of or over many years. Six or seven years I believe as the star of the bird Tyler Moore show which. Was based here even though was filmed in the California but this is the venue this is the home base of all the Mary Tyler Moore Show she was an assistant producer on WJ MTV fictional television station. And ever. Trials and tribulations. As a young woman. A feminist and a a working woman in in a busy television newsroom. Law. Set the tone for the early seventies. In America and also on in Minnesota. Which. In a way was a character in the show as well and so we are here because. Mary Tyler Moore passed away yesterday at her home. And people have been coming. To this place. Since she passed away leaving flowers at the base of this statute. Which temporarily is here because. It's. Normal all of the vehicle at mall which is outside us law is under construction it has been for the last year and a half but we'll continue for the rest of this year. So she is inside where she is warm and dry and where people can come to pay their respects. And also to. All. Share their feelings about what Mary Tyler Moore meant to bell. And what the field she Bennett vented continues to be in. To Minneapolis and Minnesota and so are we are here in the Minneapolis visitor information Sutter. With Courtney Reese to it is. On the staff of the setter that roads this. Facility. Is going to talk to was a little bit about what. All very Tyler Moore. The plucky spirit that she brought to the show that here. Many years ago and continues and we ones. Means to her and two others who. Bob it was. Courtney thanks for joining us Inky and or wide. To pay their respects to but it. Well absolutely Mary Tyler Moore are really with her show. Established Minneapolis on the landscape. What people thought of the city so that spunky spirit as you mentioned as well as the four seasons. And get up and go attitude. All of those great establishing shots that gave the city landscape in proximity to nature. Those are the first editions that many people had of Minneapolis and a lot of those images still in Stuart today. And she portrayed but the city and all the things that she overcame such a positive light. That really it helps establish what we think of as simple mark she's been in great spirits for that. I was. Watching some of the interviews that have been done with with a very over the years off and just the the big iconic. Tossing of the tab which actually was filmed just a couple blocks from where we're standing. Law and it was it was she exploited something of a spontaneous thing that that. That she felt. Personified joy ahead and had spirit. Just a feeling and it's it's like it's the image that we will always remember insurers from her at the beginning of that show and the statue is we is it has essentially. Permanently. Given us this image all of you know what it's. What do we take away from the Betty years that she was on television. Plagued there's very Richard's character. And telling you know we've been showing us that the that the way. Women felt. Called they needed to to to operate 222 suit soon to get by in the world it was a different world except of course. Really and I think that even in injured generations influence that she obviously had. And journalists in the real world as well as that gap and go spirits and that attitude of finding the little joys in life like passing it like tossing up hurt him into the air. I think that people really look and they identify with that they look for those little moments we say. You know what they're like going on as a lot of hustle and bustle but because these are small things that make me happy I think that that's what really captured that sentiment. And I think that the statute captures that sentiment so well. Though that this. Dedicated. Subs that are twelve years ago it says in the base of who that the plaque that's mounted on the base Mary Tyler Moore. Who could turn the world on with her sport's first while the opening line of the television show theme are presented to. By the people with TV land where her. Show continues to be broadcast. All of this statue on. Lives here had people come from foreign why attitude. Visited perhaps have for for for many years Alton. What is happening right now we will listen I understand there are things happening to the next day or so that you've been hearing about. Just tell me about not only that but what we've seen here. Since its dues of for passing. Became public people obligated to pay their respects and leave flowers at the base as we could see what do you what have you goods. So when we move the statue in from the Flint mall which is its original home for us. A great series or renovations and developments that will be taking place over the next year. We'd ever knew that that we've received so much traffic of people that were coming just to see her and to take a picture with that iconic image. Whether they came from justice suburb next door all the way around the world that really had that lack staying image. Yesterday we had and today we've had a few hundred people that have come to take. Their self is of Mary Tyler Moore and actually take images for friends and family that live elsewhere. People say I wanna see what's going on need to take a picture I want to feel connected to her and connected to experience. This weekend. Is it got me festival to great northern and all of those events that accompanied that the US pond hockey championships. After winter festival below it. And saint Paul's winter carnival a long series of new food events and sizing outdoors. We'll have an influx of visitors from out of town as well as locals that I think will be coming in to pay their respects in las if you. Mass events at. Throwing out of her hats and ensure that those will be really joyous wonderful celebrations and occasions that we were times. But what about there equipment you're about that myself. I think people are really interested in coming downtown sue an iconic location I think they're still determining where that will be. I will be updating our website at Minneapolis got bored slash nearly Mary Tyler more or and TM. So we'll be able to see different images as well as information they want to get involved. We'll also have information on all our systems that channel switches slaps me. I here. Tossed what I think it's. Such such as school spirit to have embassy and we talked about people coming in here there's been a steady stream of folks coming in it's a cold day here and Minneapolis although that's out of the norm in January it's in the upper twenties. But people are party here they come out whether the weather's forward but. We've been fortunate that it's. People have had a chance go by and say hi to marry. So we're just gonna Hannity here for a little bit but I just wanted to have you Phyllis in what. What you've been seeing the last couple of days. What you know about what is coming off. Tell us a little bit more about what. This facility goes and what you're doing here to connect with people who come to Minneapolis. Absolutely so meet Minneapolis as the visitor organization for this city at Minnesota Minneapolis and we have a lot of great events that are coming to town in the next year into really. Capture that spirit to get people to learn more about what's going on city opened up in this campus visitor information about a year and a half ago. Where we have an assortment of wonderful locally made goods. As well as information so whether it's your first visit to Minneapolis from your local courts are hundredth visit when I really help people get the most of their trip. Whether it's visiting Mary you're visiting another one of our attractions. Or any of the locations where they did do some filming when people. People to have that opportunity to provide that information here. We'll also have the visitor center and until 6 o'clock and then. Possibly extended hours this weekend session yes. As I was saying earlier. There has been fairly steady stream of people coming in and now that the lunch hour here is beginning here. There are few folks showing up who I'm sure would be more than happy to step forward and have a picture taken with. The Mary Tyler Moore statue so feel free go right ahead. So before we leave I just want a two. Give people a chance to royal seat variant. I think court in Rees. For joining us and we're just gonna stick around here for a couple more minutes while we see some people come and buy. If that's all right. I think.

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{"duration":"11:14","description":" ABC News' Rob Hess at the statue of Mary Tyler Moore, where people have been mourning the death of the iconic TV star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45069943","title":"Minneapolis, Home of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' Mourns Its TV Daughter","url":"/Entertainment/video/minneapolis-home-mary-tyler-moore-show-mourns-tv-45069943"}