Mock Election Predicts Bernie Sanders as Next President

Western Illinois University's mock elections have correctly predicted the winners of presidential elections since 1975.
4:06 | 01/08/16

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Transcript for Mock Election Predicts Bernie Sanders as Next President
That was of this this isn't just at Western Illinois University has held mock elections out of accurately predicted the winner of the presidential election since 1975. They've been right. And what do you think it is. You guys know what I can't read this aren't all I can someone take a guess how about the Natasha what do you think it is Sasha. Lying now because my mom told me saying oh yeah. Yeah I XTO. Had no idea let me think it is just it. He says Hillary not what is I would think Hillary's as telling and wrong. Bernie. I don't. At the university had Bernie Sanders winning the primary against Hillary Clinton by an almost 21 margin they predicting long way. You have. On behalf against they predicted that it will be Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio on manhunt other running too yeah. Well now me. When we get out Allen now he would be with Bernie Sanders and action now and right now Sanders leaves trump nationally by thirteen points 51 hey. Okay. Pratt last night and she's an ardent Hillary supporter and I said well what about Bernie she says he's not electable not sure that's event but that's what this new pulled let's nuke. This new poll that came out says that he beats trump. 61 to 38 Hillary beats trop 47 to forty so I think a lot of people they have that argument that he's not electable they're gonna look at this and they're gonna think. Odds are ever in her favorite I like Herbert L taking their land clearly no such thing up so let me have still audience. Clapper did Strom. If you would vote for trump how could have gone after Randy I don't know. That's kind of get clap reviewing go to Bernie. Steve good puppy in training these are people younger. Glad that I did this though faith from basements and I think the popularity of two polar opposite extremist trump and Ernie means it's time for new political party I think Bernie is kind of a mail you. With a little bit more pills are nice but luckily unhappy via mail me. I. Don't. I think Bernie is getting traction because he doesn't have these canned. Political response is in the same way that people are attracted to Donald Trump I don't and they're Haley added and tired of. That typical political stop I 800% agree and I actually think Hillary I like Hillary but I think she also that's got to. Where people just feel like there is something unnatural about her maybe something not genuine on our journey moment your row what I'm saying that she has been in politics for such a long time they're Sami scandals plaguing not just our. But her husband economic theory and I want to read some things like. Because I know. It clearly says she's the winning candidate great for women earnings also kinda good for women you know she has fought against Republicans he plans on giving more money to planes parenthood. He wants to uphold roe vs laid off because these are doing that would be great for women in this country. He also will is four raising the minimum wage. And raising taxes on the very wealthy which Donald is against fat and so the these people who are. To attract supporters who are disenfranchised who are not making money when not getting dot why they instructs camp that's what I don't get. Planted there out of work and not making enough money wants to help it with my. Something I think that that struck me early out when Bernie Sanders went to Liberty University which is a staunch conservative university he spoke to those students you're a liberal talking at a conservative university and I. And he spoke specifically about pro life he says how you can't be pro life in the womb if your pro like your poll like the whole life. And that really struck Courtney the fact that he's gonna go into a place where he knows he's in the face a lot of opposition write and speak about something but really connect to students and Obama did that last night in the town hall where you basically spoke to people people who are pro gun and he tells his arm was really that I thought I happened so it's kind of like.

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{"id":36168337,"title":"Mock Election Predicts Bernie Sanders as Next President","duration":"4:06","description":"Western Illinois University's mock elections have correctly predicted the winners of presidential elections since 1975.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mock-election-predicts-bernie-sanders-president-36168337","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}