'Motivated' podcast: How to bounce back from an injury

New York Jets cornerback Buster Skrine and orthopedic surgeon T. Sean Lynch give tips on how to recover from an injury both physically and mentally.
28:39 | 10/16/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: How to bounce back from an injury
You're talking all about how to bounce back from an injury of the mental and physical work that you have to do to recover from a sent back in a drama to really great gas. Vs buster scream as a cornerback for the New York Jets and you you have them. A lot of injuries that you can share your experience with tide of violence document and honey he bounced back from standing games. And doctor tee shot lynch an orthopedic surgeon with Colombia and your pastor to take it in everything and pray at the buzz of uncertainty because you're get a list of injuries you know to your career it is is pretty lengthy tell me about what injuries you suffered. Southern plan for seven years and the first bay injure Aaron again in FAO broke my phone. And I did them in Cleveland broke my room but it was a payers like the next day flu. It will prepare the next day. Will investors in the U surgery next but how how long were you out for. I was play the next thing you play I could ask them okay that must have been painful. Is preparing food from McDonald's is far from around amendment. Recover pretty good OK and went out. Last year I get a bone bruise on Monday. In news. Woods will do like crazy. But it. Causing the missed two games my first two games ever miss an an effort. And it's been hard for you and we play my old team to when I miss the game and everyone play against them. Offers injury of listening Denton and what else. That's about it I broke my pinky. And that intense won't come back from there I've been pretty healthy and then that just will. Not feel like it was for what was that. Me just be under from the Latif. Of the injury with than pretty. So I do want to talk to you about Canada the mental aspect you mention missing a game he really wanted to play in missing two games in facts I wanna get back to Babbitt. Doctor you know. The people listening to this are largely not professional athletes right we're talking that we can lawyers people who really wanted to get more fit and get better shape what is more common injuries that you're seeing with just a general. Population and what activities are causing the most injuries and people. Yeah that's a great question so obviously buster someone's side of the spectrum high level performance athlete. Who's your putting his body in harm's way every week however. You know most people icing the office don't don't follow tech category in right now with it being marathon season. We're seeing a ton of people who are coming in with foot and ankle it's Willis knee injuries. As a result of their training for their merits and analog injuries that we tend to see a more kind of you know inflammation or tendinitis type of injuries Brothers of the New Year's and foot and ankle. In most of the time it's over you so. Most of time as people who have not been doing any activity cord jumping into doing. You it big things such as the marathon and end up putting themselves in harm's way. So it's really matter being Smart when you start to getting into these Big Ten physical activities. And what activities do you see causing a lot of injuries and is it. Running you know and recycling and waved is there any kind of discernible pattern yet so you're running tends to be the big one that we see in and as a set particularly in the fall through. With this being marathon season. And as a lot times people who were not doing anything and all of a sudden start you know trying to grind twenty miles on on their Saturday or on their Sunday in their their eyes just aren't ready. You know unfortunately we're no longer in those days when we were in high score college where we can just go out and do any sporting activity that we've won. There's a lot of preparation that goes into preparing for an event such as that. You know for for marathon training. And by the time people come to you I'm guessing they've already tried the home remedies they bargain and suffering for weeks days. Piercing the kind of the leader stage at Hendrick. You should aid they start off trying to do the rest ice compression. Elevation type of thing and and usually when they can't get back to doing that activity that they what is usually when they'll come into the office. And again runner sometimes our look at later the games and other people. In I would pricing people in New York City in general probably of that type a personalities halted a pretty you're kidding yeah I know her early fright for similar music coming Simi when it's really bad upcoming annual dragon are dragging their Laker tracking their arm. The direction we coming to the office. So is a buster how to manage the mental aspect of healing trying to care for yourself. And also still trying to exercise and work out your case it's training it's your career it's your job. Playing games how do you juggle those two tanks 'cause I'm sure you want to go all out all the time but then sometimes you can't. Yeah will look beautiful I'll play you know football is the 100% injury sport it doesn't matter. If you come out of the game with no bruises or in pain union hurt and some happily so lat time that's happened. People really think about is that true you're hurt and after every game in some way. Oh every game just because at they were named on resource that a means you end user but. So just being a football player in the mental part of it is. On your off days like today my off day and today do crowd if he cannot do at two points. And those two going to help Mumbai recovered so. Mentally you know you don't all you can do off the field when you have time down to recovery. We feel better about yourself but you're going now pardon drinking and things like they delegates are at Lehman through. Blue. And then the New Year's athletes in math and used. I felt good about myself in a mental state because I do whatever I can do to help my battered coast. That's interesting because you're treating recovery as part of your training. Recovery and so tell me about that walk watts explain it to someone who doesn't get it they think that resting is a waste of time any kind of active recovery waste time now part of your training. How would you convince them that note that action is a very important part of your training. We're covers most important and they say the best type a recovery sleep. So athlete and the Chicago debated like the nice before practice like 1030. Lemon sleep do you aim to get. Anywhere between 7078. OK I love to you say that you consider sleep part of your training yet Denton when I guess we've after the best the next day. But and then that. Just black crowd they're. Ways ways shorter what is it called crowd there at and one is a consistent. So you pretty much in this crowd their machines you get in there with tight phone though for the lady Blackmon who don't. He gives us that this machine and with that type. It. And so it's and I think it's aggressive it's basically super cold it's supposed to help regenerate and help to stimulate healing response to buy particularly. In high level athletes it's become quite the quite the rage not into super cold like is that like a closet Pakistan's. Level had a broader conflict Burton and how cold is that that is typical it's like 250. Degrees below campuses. And you stand up for how long Vernon. It's either stand for two or three minutes I used and then the whole time I was six screw she. It is it is critical but has been an uncle took the cold for youth and naturally ten and that's it. Naturally these get it over at. Yes as a certain delight video with a tremendous had to a three town the week every time I get a break in and then that I can sizes two times a week. And if I do media but then he needs only the super tight details. I love that the tip of the you'd you're taking your recovery. So seriously and that's a lesson for all of us because we think you know team no sleep. Stay up late get a lot done wake of really go to the gym and and your reminding us how important it is to take care everybody when you're not. Actively training but at this that the what is that the car crash apparently Croat crap they're B is not affect. It has been found to be effective I know a lot professional teams have been investing in their own personal craft their. Surgically when you're dealing with. Professional athletes if they think it's working that's all that matters homage it is accurate and that visitors and mental component to asefi feel like it's. Helping your body recover after. After a game then it's it's worth is coming average person can afford earned him an expense much. I think out of pockets it's pretty expensive there are some places where they will help them in their actions or fiscal therapy locations but package at the pay for it did did. The thing itself is quite the accents of piece of equipment is there any benefits and I about that anybody can do that. I think you know you it's only for you know your weekend warrior a nice dot works properly just as well. But as buss are saying you just can't. At this sustained effort you know ten to fifteen minutes and when you do enough of those over your career are sure your pride if you can cut seven minutes out it's probably worth their programs. Are you shouldn't the rice the rest ice compression and elevation some sometimes I hear heat. Sometimes I hear colds he. What are the best rules of thumb for someone who has hurt themselves not a major way that they need to come again to see a doctor want to take care of it at home what are the best home remedies for an entry. As soon usually kind of an Internet show if you haven't some -- swelling where you know east and you're looking at your ankle your need your help put things took a look remorseful than usual you probably should put some ice on it. There will help to get it you compress everything and how to come down so that. The muscles around those joints don't doubt shut down. If you deal with more from muscle base injury so if it's a hamstring or calf muscle he can sometimes feel pretty good as well to analog Thompson you know. Officials say young wonders if you're gonna get a one feels better tellem you'll go with what makes you feel better at this point. Compression. Is always really beneficial particularly when you're dealing with joints where you haven't swelling. He can help give a little bit appropriate suction or give perceived stability to the choice to that you can and go back to dealing activities or that sporting fake activity that you want to do. How do you know when it's time to go see a doctor. Grin yeah I agree questioned self if you find a year and taking more and if you're taking Tylenol or anti inflammatory some more than you calling when a normal basis. If you feel that the pain is waking you up at night if you're not yet with the due to activity that you want. Or if you have swelling that's present for more than a few days he probably should go see a doctor may sure that this is not. The beginning of a bigger issue that might be underneath the surface. Can you continue working out while you're nursing an injury or do you really have to take time off. There are some injuries were you can continue to train through them. Most that time if it's signed that's been going on for a few days if it's a muscle strain in it some and it's not slowing you down from doing it. You know it's probably okay take kinda keep pushing through it. But there are some injuries where if you feel like you have pain on the bone if you're able to push on pain in different parts of your body you're like yes my guess it hurts and this exact area. Then chances are that might be meaning that you have some type of tendon ligament injury muscle injury or you know sometimes. Stress stressed bone injury. That you knew she get checked out. Buster you mentioned diet so. How are you changing your diet or are you changing your diet when your when you're injured if you to take some time off if you have to recover how do you change what you're eating. So are you try to keep things from earth our groupers womb like they used in. Stay away from. It cost and Burien and things like that. I guess so. For our favorite phone use had. They're pretty mice will decrease womb so independent decrease swelling and that's how they were from Putin's Langford that's used to do. So you're more into a holistic approach did. And what what do you recommend if someone does on stealing from drugs they wanted to do at the natural. Yes so. As as buster were saying that there are some some berries that you can need to have natural and anti inflammatory. Language ones and so I know raspberries. Blueberries blackberries are all pretty beneficial from that perspective. If you do much to you have to eat count to Stephen time. You know it's you probably have to you could amount of buster I'm Judy yeah I thought out try to. Outside during percent today a crack in and every sheik who had just everybody that we had an effort to in the in but it. Like one of our turn is it like it's pretty courts to mats and be with like it and view. Or like. And American. Film. And the athletes sometimes you have to go that route just to get the results blew if you do go like the pure land yet machines that hazardous. Because you did he has it is super quick. Ranked Huber didn't carry yourself a holistic going like though the whole way in mind body rests leave. Training hard and there are guys out there that I Guinea's you re Reinemund direct parting all the time entered Ellis another truth thank you that must be really hard to do. And to do but the and the NFL play and he come to games you own between want from viewers in twenty. I keep your body changes. If you go want to regain so. I felt like. And I was at Cleveland America and then Karlos Dansby adhesive barring his food court every day and I McMahon I think occupants who. What he had successful careers. So. Carlos pretty must hope time had to eat and then I got even deeper and deeper and deeper into it and known. My country you're in Cleveland. How is not a right foods don't know the rest of tonight in in the ninth concert from and I feel better for more in his. And things like that though. A sound ones they like this and then ask somehow started doing that often do you. Related to who flee. And back to the diet anything else that that is is good turn you know treating injuries are helping. Yet so just at the busters point you know for for these high level athletes you know. Everything your putting -- body that's energy that you're using to be able to expand in practice or expand on the field so you. Being able to be taken very seriously can help hope he had long successful careers as sponsor has had. In terms of other U other foods to to be a little California. Carbohydrates in the right setting can be beneficial you know usually that is the date before epic event whether it's CU. Football game a soccer game he marathon. Gaining net energy package that can be converted two pretty quickly too. Sustainable forms while you're doing aid in insurance event such as a game or race those are are all very beneficial. But it's male hostages because sure that you eat well from all of the them. All the different food groups is all too human Sheehan while balanced diet so that you can eat you know if that check box for each one of those things that your body needs nordic PM hi. At one should someone consider surge surgery for an injury. Yes so surgery is always you know we Alicia do everything we can from the most minimally invasive way to get athletes and patients back to the activities that they want it to you. We always try to look at fiscal therapy first orchestrate the muscles around the different areas that you injured sometimes we'll consider anti inflammatory as. However there are some injuries that you can't you can't recapping that you might need answers to what busters saying when you have an injury to a bone that needs to be put back together. You can't fix that with physical therapy or if you've torn a ligament that is necessary for you to running catch. More times than not you cannot treat them with its record. So it's a little bit of it difficult difficult question to answer but for the most part. If it selling that is not preventing you from being able if you're able to rehab appropriately it's not having any long term of art Sammy facts with swelling preparing you. From and putting yourself in harm's way. We can use who tried to avoid surgical intervention but a lot times and high level athletes whether it's a shoulder near camp. More times than not if if this is kind of it is and it's time that they necessitate to play the sport its price on it needs defects. In a lot of people are so tied to their fitness routines because it's their stress releases its its Lumix until good bacon and endorphins that and orphans boost out of it. You know people are very tied to their fitness and when we get injured. It's hard to modify your activity how much of when you're treating patients how much of it is convincing them. That they need to take it easy that they need to take breaks opinion maybe switch activities how hard is that. That's a great question like 95 to 90%. I read you know as retire about there's a huge psychological component to recovering from an injury. I would say it's a sports medicine surgeon most of my job. Is beer being a cheerleader or. A psychologist along the wasteful to particularly when. Dealing with an ACL injury or had plea April tear these are injuries that really you know take an athlete or patient to the spectrum of emotions. And you kinda have to encourage them along the way and let them know that they're doing well if they need to back off or they can push forward. So a lot of what we do is there's a lot of psychology in sports and sports medicine to to get people back to where they want ago. And sometimes you just have some guys pitch is willing to come to sit in my office and don't know exec of I'm gonna say they just need to hear me say it like. You don't need to lose some weight gain back up to activity that you're doing you need to take arrest these are all things that sometimes it just need to hear from someone else enough themselves. So any suggestions buster on it if you are talking to someone who suffered an injury and and again most of our listeners are not professional athletes but. Other really down you know I've been injured I have a friend right now is a really bad back injury she's a fitness fanatic and she's really down about the fact that she can't work out the way she wants to. What would you say they have to to someone who's working through an injury. Needs a little bit of motivation you know team to get back on their feet. Well say. Joan routine or schedule every day so maybe they had scheduled a when they were healthy and could be a reducer and things like that because. He said he had a friend that hurt their bit. My little brother was actually working on me or does that power clean. So I think for him. Firsthand he was frustrated he can work Al me realize quirk apartments and more though no turns anything for about him take Oreo mean more sockets. He's been frustrated like Mac can work he was strangled bacon and Becky get more locked. Play it now my little brother has scares him what's up their morning. He'll do like. A trim no law to do things an agenda he can pretty much to do that won't harm today. And then he'll get on schedule of being productive throughout the day and eat the right foods that makes him feel better be like I'm doing everything today to help Monday. So he can just cares who. Health would've injure you live that keeps you productive throughout the day. And I think you know. Let's go about getting back to your activities can imagine your brother he tries to keep going back and then you know you can hurt yourself again in the same ways SP go back a little too aggressively. Giving tips for. Easing back into your activities without aggravating don't injured yet absolutely soaked. You know this is something where noise and counseling people need and we kinda have to work out smarter not harder sell. You should try to have them if they're getting back into it. In getting back into an activity really trying to ease themselves back into whatever that sport is or whatever that physical activity is so if they want to get back to running. At stake in nursing in lower chimney entry you know we'll have them kind of do some lower impact elliptical stationary bike quirk on the cardiovascular fitness. And try to increase activity so that at least their fitness is there so that when we allow them to get back into running. They're they're not you know having difficulty with trying to get their breath back and it's slowly increased amount of activity that they're doing so everything it's kind of a gradual return to play. I'm so that they're not putting themselves in harm's way and Hattie you know when you're making Mac gradual return how do you know we need to back off a lot of it. Yes so when you start feeling that pain and you might have been experiencing prior to that might be mean upper kind of at that threshold where we might need to dial things back a whole day. In give yourself a little more time at a lower level lower intensity or a lower time. So it's all about listening trip by and I can tell you for the most hurt them most athletes. Whether a year we can warrior or nine have a consensus have a good sense of their body of opinion on the countless and know when their bodies working moment it's not working out. And and what's the rate every injury and the unit at benefits possibly get a number being out and it's probably different for different parts of the body but generally speaking people re injure the same parts over and over him yes so this is some I would tell you that that's more prevalent with soft tissue muscle injury self. Hamstring injuries addict or groin injuries those are what the calf injuries these are ones that if you come back to quickly. That you're at risk for him to re injuring nest. It's I think you see more and higher level athletes as they're trying to get back to a higher level in a quicker amount of time compared to someone who's probably not Daniel making their living by playing a professional sport. MO we notice is that when you re injured accurate chances are skeptical of a longer PM recover that second time around so we try to be a little bit cautious in terms of glimmer slowly pre introducing enough respect to those activities. Swimming generally I think people think of swimming is like. That's where you're least likely to hurt yourself that action and I well. I think an aspirin and I was pregnant yes there's thousands and went around and fine and you know what let me tell you swimmers are some tough athletes. Dangerous levels that they have to be able to do with the need to do in the stresses that they put on the shoulders. And the rest their body is you know I would rival. Other high level sports. But I can tell you that swimming though is a great work out and it's great for people who are trying to recover from injury as well to. I'm I'll have some of my culture professional athletes that take care of people have done its work on their conditioning in the pool as a recovering because you can eliminate gravity. I had one patient who I operated on this past winner. Who we are trying to get ready for the NFL com by. And he had hip surgery and is clearly loud and start running in the pool while wearing a vest. The promise he did not he never learned how to swim so this uses opportunity. That he had finally learn how to swim and you know scared that the Jesus at a time by. It allowed for him to you know get his fitness to accident we can't save some time in his recovery effort from to be ready for the president. Come in at buster you talked about breaking your thumb and then playing well I was still healing. So a lot of people in a following doctor's orders are gonna get back into the activity while they're still healing and their might be some discomfort or pain and that how do you work through that route mentally. So broke my phone in idea can have that pressure is my country can include. Thought come at their Priscilla Hayes my country Kia and he'd get paid by the by the so. The Dodgers certainly know that hey you complain that this was get a word case so Al's they look like box and move on with life. And the room. I can say they did a good example. So have my thumb in the to win. I would hit somebody Al foods that tea but it. It wasn't that into seems to like hey I need to come out the game were you holding back re protecting yourself for weren't you able to giving your all those the first week of practice with it. Household and that polluted canal winds are four balls on the practice forthright regardless lives on hold back in my community. For once I hit a couple times Alamo. And anything you tell yourself ending any mantras to mr. mean you can use it used to push and they're paying you know every game again banged up anything you tell yourself to get through that. What about so much have to get through it how afraid. I mean as much four because my job and I have to put they're paying you to play the game and EC. Fly in if so please don't that you heard or go home. So I was faith I do have a passion for the game lead in the day I am page to put NASA wants so that's the memories. That's your commitment your commitment to yes to your team and M when you heard one side doctor how to make sure that they knew. He'd continue working the other side of that to you or your shoulder do you keep lifting with a one arms that the other arm doesn't get weaker or do you let them fade out together and how does that work. Yet that's that's a question I get quite frequently Amman have yet there's a passionate assault today who we operate on the shoulder a couple weeks ago. And he's a finesse guy and he's like. He's like so I can go on theirs to start the demon by other army sometimes he within some injuries you can certainly do that I'm if you're coming back from surgery. It's probably a good idea to be a little more cautious with Beck has you don't want to end up. Over compensating and end up putting more stress on to any in injured site that you might have turned that process. So kind depends you know if yet hip injury it's kind of tough to rehab one without re having other cassettes are attached cheer cheer body. But for your knees and shoulders sometimes you can use to try to work out the other side within reason and not trying to look heavyweights but enough just to keep things strong so that you're not. Today can take off the look and but the other side still. There when you're dealing with an imbalance as the one inside heels do you then scale back the healthy side. To match the weaker side or do you how do you you know back to being at the same that's a great question that it's kind of a lot of cookbook right there of what you know how much she should dial in or dial I'm to engineer activity for the most part if you're dealing with a routine injury you're not going to be out of play or out of activities to be for so long that. You're gonna have in notices noticeable difference it's really went keeper going to be shut down for law appears timed such as when they're having surgery that that you'll notice that. And sometime at least my belief is you know if you have someone who is. You'll be used to doing physical activities in. You once mentally needs that you know this deal allowing them to you sir and activities within reason just feel like that they're keeping that other sites strong in another re having other side. It's not unreasonable. How do you know when it's time take hang up and activity when maybe you can't run anymore and you need to swim or cycle. I mean it's gotta be heartbreaking allowed us love the activities that we did have yet so you know. So what do you see suggest that patience is you know if you have someone who loves to do high impact activities wizard you know running jumping to separate things and they're nursing at the starting to get more more injuries. You're as opposed to saying that you need to shut down that activity what I tell on this that you'll press we need to focus on cross trained so. Trying to focus our efforts you know you can still do that activity that you like to do whether it's a high impact workout class or running. Maybe once or twice a week. But then there's other work out so you're doing throughout the week you know that may be work in some elliptical or stationary bike or swimming. So that you're getting other muscles you giving those muscles and opportunity heal but also working out other muscles. You kind of working at all around said. And buster for Horry Garnett quickly about some of the work that you're doing and Nazis and you're you're teaching. And if you tell. So with color screen growth B and scrape of speed starred in Atlanta Georgia. And the weapons must do now is common though and have them like the mind to go go through those foods and things like. If I'm making a month from a home training program. And I started script with do and what we do it was when schools that he has come around town run things like. So one day it was Japan. Ahead in those for the so it Ricky can go but when they apparently had the tooth for opinions. So I'll make them come and run sprints. In when can be every dole. So Hamlet of something called. And what's wrong. Mean has started appeared with the corn you're in the and was trying promotes a thirty minute workout gain after the work exuberant houses because it and tenth goals of but. We had started accord in known. We didn't hit workouts and first class six people. Anomaly now him pool in the neck. So. What I'd do live. I went on one on known as Seagram's advertisements and having it work. And also short list we two went with them laugh so debt could be. Ruth if you go whisker and a common feel like. All the hisses and things like three months has grown and wants them. And so you're gonna keep doing this announcing yeah I'm keep going blank right now I'm doing a couple went through a month though like to live the moment and who two in Harlem and then there will be another one and Laconia come on them. That's great and tell me again where people combining information. Buses going to come out okay. Mr. screen dot com thank you so much for your time thanks for thanks so impressed he played with a president conduct conduct extra advocated by.

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