Musician Brett Dennen Performs 'I'll Be on Your Side'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews Brett Dennen ahead of his performance of 'I'll Be on Your Side'.
8:23 | 06/14/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Musician Brett Dennen Performs 'I'll Be on Your Side'
Hey everybody ominous odds here in New York another edition live from at this time. Live from India thanks for being with that I'm doing today I think yours there wrecked and they look for being here. Thank you for me. Like these chairs and whether it is actually trio known they've so comfortable. And I really appreciate. Your. Victory in the great if you agree. Or. Air. York's six. It thinks that way. That's thinking. It's called or. It is yen out at a company. I'm name came from. Joke that Alice is seen studio all the time just seeing important war. And trying to make people laugh. They I think it's that it's so much became a theme and I'd like the idea of port of words and meaning it was saying please they're also asking for something a little hope. Because I was generally. Tender place it really sad place brutalize based on him as just hope and I knew my life was anything better. I was using the songs that's who is a way to make that happen. About I think you've said he want you know at this stage of their career. All right six albums and he said that you want your songs to be more meaningful manner that they would it really matters to you knew when they come out so how is it that play into this. Well on highways. Six albums have done a lot of now I've had some some songs on the radio and had some DNC's songs and but I think I'm mostly just in now oranges this that whatever cuts right through. To the heart and I don't really want to waste my time on staging. And the oh I let people who have seen people dance and sing along put. I don't I only want to write something that. That I'm really compelled to see and that was the goal of this to write something it was very personal. You into me. And I think that's what I did I think he I think he gets people that's experienced men. And personal support. I have not heard. That it. It does there is a song where do confessed. In two Q your unions. Mean everybody is at some point I don't know I'm not confessing he crimes. Because they don't want to go to jail. A look at it region. Yeah right right hon what what's the story behind it which we now we. Well I'm gonna play this song it's one of the ballots on the record. Is called I'll be on your side and it's at barracks. Unconditional. But I erode it from the places. Feeling like I had the proof mind unconditional. And I mean real unconditional like have getting to know figuring out what real and conditional. And this song Houston. Miley is. Privy to myself. In the world I can be. Can Loveland connection. Song the I. Commend them. Planned for the noon. And he an ounce today. They need to. Current passion man. And they don't. And plan. Standing. And. And you know. We town. He may. And he a news. Beach terror thing. Arab land and they team. Wounds. And so. Bang near us. Yeah. Or have. Be. News he. Then James. The he should and com. That's been demands they can. Is there. He's seen. A it's. He. Hat yeah. And do. And as they see a. Time. He'd. And he been and don't warrant. More. Beach ads you're saying don't. I we may key. He. Is he. Yeah. And so. Bang you this today. Good time and be. You sat me. I mean past. Me. Is girl can. And news. And he. BE and and they. And and he. And use of that day air. Hanging. Ye. You. View on. We. And eat. And and he chads here. In. Or are we. We've made key. He needs. And bang each this. And the the saying.

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{"duration":"8:23","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews Brett Dennen ahead of his performance of 'I'll Be on Your Side'. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39857175","title":"Musician Brett Dennen Performs 'I'll Be on Your Side'","url":"/Entertainment/video/musician-brett-drennen-performs-ill-side-39857175"}