Naomi Watts on Playing Princess Diana

Actress on challenges of portraying famed public figure
8:38 | 01/04/13

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Transcript for Naomi Watts on Playing Princess Diana
It was a great -- -- -- What we view -- has this little girl before you this dream comes true for them. I grew opening. Really really creates -- fan -- every. Area my family it was so obvious that they were all creates people. I couldn't draw I couldn't -- I couldn't do any of these things they were doing you know my grandfather and wouldn't it is is it build and can make things my brother -- Paint battle fields from the age of 304. My mother was a -- that will assist as what paints his. And and my -- every way. And so I and I couldn't do those things I thought I have zero creativity. This is really frustrating way to grow up so I felt very confused about who -- why you shouldn't corners or did you act out very ready way. I I don't know I think -- shy and and it's removed and it's feeling a sense of from. You know -- -- -- outsize. And -- IA but I didn't -- later on that I enjoy it's doing skits -- the dias at a little theater that was enough country town. And that sort of study getting going area early on. And then he thought this is it for me not because I didn't know that that was going to be acting on senate that could be a job. -- Korea and when that happened when was that moment. Either childhood where you said could be. I would I was when we left England's I. I said to my mom I want it. -- K I'm really upset about being taken away from my friends. OK you can fix it by putting me in drama school when we get to Australia. And -- -- -- and I had to. Got into that whole. The out of pocket -- minute fee and then the TV CI CC that hasty deadlock has -- -- yet it really did have an -- to me. Not because. I want -- fame but because I wanted to be in in. Math class or some sort of class dancing on table tops with electoral system and it's -- -- Totally black pants again and I mean -- and so that's what I've wanted. And -- I eat then finally am -- -- it's so let me -- atomic Clausen and -- one class led to another and it cuts have more serious sin and I finally went up that I wouldn't be an -- Now let's talk a little bit about what you doing now did you just finished. Princess Diana yes have to be -- A bit of -- OK that's just choose somebody hardly anybody knows. And how so we have no preconceptions. About yes hi hi hi another one of those -- who -- choices I think it's like. Okay I'm in a decent Big Easy. Yet very high risk. That very very very important piece about history and and with that story that was going to be told and I just felt like -- that she was a fascinating woman I mean it's it's delicate because -- boys are still around and then obviously. Very much -- and but like I said it was going to be told maybe -- in -- -- recent -- But what he'd do in terms of researching it I mean do you have to because you grew up seeing this you. Watched her life and -- pearl like we all -- -- did you have to do something extra to do. I read all the biographies. I looked at every piece of -- I I spent. Every single day. If for weeks in. Listen to that -- -- to bash here interviewed me and my iPod and hands. You know I didn't want to get involved in a performance of mimic -- although I did want to be as exact as possible with the bash share -- because. Everything -- -- recommend that some well but. For instance all the stuff that took place him prior events which a lot of this story is about because it's about the love story between her and has not confident Pakistani -- such. And not many people -- -- mean hardly anyone has that story now we know everything else and yet exactly that I was kept very private tech. You know while I wanted to get this sounds -- the voice corrects. And that was the sort of nice candid -- -- -- available. And but I was still able to have a little bit of treason with have private moments -- When you look at the impossible when you yourself for looking -- -- And I don't mean again. I'm not asking -- to remember what you think the best scene in the movie it's just the scene and it with you in it that resonate for you person. Just say something to -- as to who you. I would say -- the scene -- I am being dressed by the Thai women. And I just remember -- the filming of that -- very well it was one of those scenes that members saying. You feel like kick in the bodies the whole character to. Because she was able to let -- -- we -- have -- moments and -- -- all the rest of the time she was. Enough force to be strong for -- And these women dressing -- She just -- -- grateful and and and I I improvise a bit of dialogue and that -- -- -- have any dialogue. For the most part we were taking dialogue away from the community in that case it was just. I want to Tyson -- sort of nonsensical. -- and lines of dialogue you know let my boys my boys I couldn't see them and they're trying to. Price that's what -- happens. Or will we always end every show with song that there really -- that -- -- treatment that I mean. I'm not putting any pressure on him thanks yeah often he I don't the only Latino audience -- where they live for that. This is all come in to see it. I mean who there must be me what you want to hear future can't you -- them to come. I know you'd knowing -- -- you have nothing. Nice thinking of doing it jokes songs they tell me they -- that's -- really eye opening song what I -- right. And and I thought which I do -- song that. That I did as an audition piece -- Bedford drama -- -- past but. And it seems to -- I don't really care what it we know that you've already done it can't -- -- things that can't do. They -- -- the buyouts. Un he -- If you're doing this stuff. Just one more a little -- he I can't even though are -- Things sound trash he and narrowed. I supposed it could be true. That -- was think bus attack Kingston. Kids stay home. I think -- Every -- whatnot I think I read that. I think the other people and Ticketmaster that was seriously my audition piece tonight you have to belt that song you have developed and I have many older because that -- I did not I got rejected. Forever and here. -- -- -- -- I think it's time for remake of Greece starting him well -- that would be out. Grannies -- Seeing -- you really think you know but. I think you think it's best of luck.

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{"duration":"8:38","description":"Actress on challenges of portraying famed public figure","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"18133163","title":"Naomi Watts on Playing Princess Diana","url":"/Entertainment/video/naomi-watts-playing-princess-diana-18133163"}