'The Taste' Season 2 Cast's Least Favorite Ingredient to Cook With

Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain join their fellow judges in discussing hit-ABC cooking competition series.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for 'The Taste' Season 2 Cast's Least Favorite Ingredient to Cook With
Well competition cooking shows are at an all time high eighty sees that taste is returning for season two -- sixteen contestants are ready to battle it out. For a place in the kitchen and joining us today the judges of the -- anti -- day. Nigel Lawson -- -- look bad and Marcus -- welcome all happy new year -- -- himself -- season one great everyone got to know each other in an well are almost there had gotten out from from the audience if you. -- use -- that season one every western to learn the game everyone got to know what the game it's all about so what's the strategy. Let's -- yes I -- if I'm someone without start. Immediately I -- about strategy. -- -- -- -- -- -- It wasn't that that attending anything that happens is -- that they never and he. Say people had was -- is -- costume is just two lap. To leave and to be. To mark divided. That's if something in somethings are definitely happens along the way -- I meant to do that -- poker faced a dog -- that that strategy completely. -- you've you've got an intimidating very what did you do wonder what's going on inside you. You can't get giveaways of -- the state -- it. -- a -- waist and he he's thinking. Okay so when he did his most. Threatening an impasse that's when Britney really is. He's he's going his way into as a new. That as -- and -- didn't Woodward -- that's my guess we felt we obviously not one. Wrecked and that was obviously a challenge this time around it's the first time that you all one that this yeah. Nice surprise that some team. And unite to nominee -- we -- but. And took. There -- -- Just. Just to. Yeah no yes all of this week in and react to that. Reading -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With adding to Greece's successful played yet it's -- in and then -- quite interesting because schools. This is Lynn -- and it tastes really. At comes alive because. Evanston -- -- so won't sit goods. And then suddenly the tables -- and and we just quivering -- saying these Mike -- But but in the way it's very good because -- In a -- -- yourself isn't. Quite as folk -- is it sounds because -- -- This is what I believe it is about this is what I think cooking is about if you agree with me that comes my kitchen -- And if he doesn't then you that we that -- -- get some in some sense it's sitting on a stool and I think it's -- -- -- -- honestly. Perhaps day. This year if you didn't always do honestly you'd say one thing to with us and them I'm not to -- -- -- -- he was cheating. Some oddly enough. And its -- what. True leader on this thing you in the we didn't -- you know I don't have decided -- yeah. -- -- this markets -- new guy obviously aren't they throw the book into anti. And when you. Would you repeat you know -- -- anything right do you -- being indicates then. I think there was. David did it really took care of me but there was a lot of rookie mistakes alive my behalf but after a loud go to C I got into my groove and -- who had a lot of. And a lot I think his neck but he says he's attendees to back home rookie in Vietnam who that you -- -- yeah. It. You know -- incredible staff in working in the kitchen or what time says he's now with. Senator Bennett basis because that you you brought this up until the fact that each one of -- has a very distinctive taste you -- all developed -- preference. Have we gotten to the point now where we look at food as -- beyond just sustaining ourselves but really a reflection of our own personality. Some extent he tells the story and we know that within -- resident. Lives you know every family has it's the story of food and -- visited inherited. And that's how we communicate with one not the only thing that we -- -- -- is I think the thing is is that if you -- fortunate enough position. They in the post world to have enough to -- then of course it does become much more about. About past -- by history but has no and historical social -- -- foods is the truest thing about. Possible because most people lie about what TV -- they'd like to what -- about what looks elect to eat. But what people -- two weeks is apps that you deeply felt and on the east and -- night. It's interesting we're. Not -- -- -- we disagree violently on some nations is where we all of us with very different backgrounds. Would often agree and responding. Powerfully and emotionally to the scene live. Got some things felt the same way very strongly. To help the part of pop culture. Right right so it's it's a pop references it's a phenomenon almost the way. New music and fashion is today. So it's says submitted and who you are way you've been where you like to go and and we've travel a lot all of us so whether we grew up without food -- not. Maybe we have other stories and memories from the food and that got one -- what that one pays cash to tell that story. We -- obviously you've explored the world in a culinary sense what is the one ingredient you despise. -- Greenbelt packages -- The right. On the right that they shouldn't be used in this young -- Okay loud. An important and Hungarian cooking but actually thinks you should wait until they get rental and then. OK I don't agree I don't either agree about that but look you know which is always select grocery cart every week -- now and I thank him. -- -- -- An agenda I don't like rob bell peppers with them because as an irony tasted unlike the peppers just put them you know -- them. Put them talk -- something within the rule is -- worst case because this. These. -- problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Food -- it bears no truffles. In truffle oil it is criminally over used by chefs who think that by radical political automatically -- -- better. It is the most likely -- greedy. To pop up and count against you would be in the perpetually. Competition in ulee's now you know you can get -- process. You have to get -- you don't have to get and that has -- -- and it -- went up to. Mike Wright -- my grocery cards -- But I appreciate the behind instantly. -- -- -- -- We will hunt and that to hate and -- and depressed tonight and I can. And tonight there's an imminent and -- -- and I. This is -- what is what is the -- -- thing you've -- I'm in onslaught in the sense but with Russian humanitarian well thought. Well I think as far as -- it came out of Iraq working for a fast food drive through. -- look how -- dirty nasty. She. At trashy late night guest -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do. IC I mean one of the great things about. Filming the show in LA is I get to have unit in an out bonuses. And -- animals time. Doing what Clinton operatives because -- would we you know we're driver from -- -- over to set an evident to reflect. In an operative Marcus is the -- the best and then when -- pretended to have put them on Twitter you put pictures on. You get like thousands of south in the light but if you put something that is likely to -- is -- people. And if there is eight if it is sometimes very seriously -- -- and he got a companies and in on this and that's. You can't happen it's not a monument is almost went Angel and -- I don't -- now ordered -- speaking out on -- -- you know. The people -- people I've got passionately might -- for Israel and often times ago it in and out burger and we know anything -- -- -- -- night. -- -- -- -- Really. Also I said yeah. That's right yeah some -- here. Has gone and that it of this fact yet isn't this something a little food for tasks oh. How open is that it's hugely popular in Hawaii and at you from why what did it there's an -- -- they know about it and I -- -- -- -- his. If that's not accurate. -- at -- -- ago last meal what would it be what's on the main enough. You'd have to this have twenty. For the everything I would have some really. Top quality -- -- sushi. Possibly -- sea urchin roe -- theory from Cynthia why should Euro in Tokyo. I have to have spaghetti with clams and -- -- -- -- -- And that -- probably happily double up the lethal injection obviously if you need enters a -- about the next safety nets point well taken -- hooks then you. Received from nine and -- -- -- that's Steve good says the cost of literacy he was good he can't get a headache and you -- -- I would have films would -- -- -- them. It's obviously an honest -- heritage. With a -- -- -- premieres tonight January 2 at 8 o'clock ABC thank you all very much stopping by continued to thank you. And.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain join their fellow judges in discussing hit-ABC cooking competition series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"21401234","title":"'The Taste' Season 2 Cast's Least Favorite Ingredient to Cook With","url":"/Entertainment/video/nigella-lawson-anthony-bourdain-interview-taste-season-2014-21401234"}