Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Talks 'Game of Thrones' On-Set Pranks

He appeared on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his role in the HBO mega-hit.
18:32 | 06/10/16

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Transcript for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Talks 'Game of Thrones' On-Set Pranks
You know by. We use these students. Remind us not to fit test. We close our eyes rumors swirled and open them up next he must not. The next life. In truth I actually impact do you imprisonment and humiliate might assist your system so the God's mercy. And atone for her ascent. What about my sense. I broke a sacred oath of staff Mike but. When the God's judgment particularly I helped them escape justice. What's atonement to what is. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what's pop and in the pop culture and if there's anything that pops. It is game of around my guest today nickel high cost of Waldo. Is Jamie mr. and he's kind of worked his way into our heads and hearts over these six seasons that we thing. So nick. Woke thank you it's great to have you here. What is decent six now because of the fact that George Martin's books over you've got to invent things yeah. Yeah I mean at if it was it's exciting I mean I think Dan Weiss David penny off the two writers creators of the show. You know and that of course they've had discussions with George or Martin how he imagines. The series to end but. Having said all that it's there are shown and into their story and I think. Once the books come out. It would do. It will be quite different from the show which is cool you know you've had all these years were so many people read the books and they've been discussing and you know that thing I know that feeling myself of Rita but a lovable in the UC then it's never gonna live up to that. Now it's kind of a level playing field for everyone and I think reading the scripts for season six I thought it was the strongest. Season of all of them. Was a 2011. Right that was the first yet season game. Where you are Jamie humans there lives. Having sex with his sister having children with her. Feeling a little boy out of it beautiful yes we own whip like. They know what to me just say let's lonely. What kind of seen something more and. I think it's it's it's one of the I'd never done a show. Of this long and and you know you have now we pat. After the season sixty hours of telling story you have time to get to know these captain and you have. You know when I read episode one I thought this is an amazing starting point for carrots and and then they told me the first the arc of the first three season that seasons and I thought this was really. Really interest in because. You know. We just fueled by their actions and it's easy to get really especially to date we want to put people like okay he's a bad guy good guy the box. The bar action is kept and then you realize well it's it gets more and that is more complicated than that especially when you find out why people do what they do. The question here is if he didn't do what he did. Pushing rent out the window and ran ran and told someone what he'd just seen what it would mean the death of Jamie's children and his. Sister so suddenly is a choice between this kid. Well my kids is that still a horrible thing to do. But you can understand that I am maybe the same with him killing the mad king earning the name king slayer that's a horrible thing to do he broke his old. We find out later well. Had to save hundreds of thousands of people looking landings oh and maybe it's just like. But I'm glad to see sitting here with both now. Woodie king is that it has that right hand as the laws its laws or its content via the U he has now joined in the lead group of loose dialogue. Really what what it what do you do with it when you're playing well further in the beginning it was it was a pain in the in the but I active symptoms half suits us. Hi my own armed them. Really on the backs that so it's a I am I black for re on the run and then you have this stumping the person that it. Now we have yes the golden hand which is basically. The golden medal club. So it's. It's not too bad when they decided or they told you. That this was going to yeah oh he's great you did I thought maybe thought you were being punished if you don't know I thought it was great I thought to ask for raise the man. It's packed actually filled out. You know I just think you know obstacles degrade and to watch a Carrick with a obstacles as an actor to have obstacles is greatly it's like. If you watch movies like the reverend one the they don't have to you know they are out there they're shooting in the cold in the water. Don't have to worry too much about acting just just beaten by just react to what's there. How long in the year are you working on demon from five months. Time. A lot of time but still it it it still allows you time to choose to do other stuff. Which is is amazing I mean and what about time for life. You have a wife and two tone IQ and did they Julie they do see me. I mean that the Skype is a beautiful thing that you cannot know III see them all the time they come and visit. I don't terrible story and I love the kinds when I was. This is in 2007 those I was shooting here and my. At the time three year old. Was. Like my wife told me that one day. The kid had gone to the composer was to use all go into the computer and knocked in the street adding. Daddy that I know it's it's time to come home. That's. Six three loss to I don't know if it's true my five children was just my wife trying to to wind media but I don't doubt me yeah who yeah two inflict death. There are they like big game although no no no they don't want to see that every active that I talked to that has anything that the you're kind of embarrassed yeah I go to school one I don't know they that they don't they don't watch anything I mean they I think. You know and just imagine watching you your father or your your mother pretending to be someone else is just too weird and you know I remember there was acted a film. We years ago was to send beer called a second chance and came out it was Danish film and that was a trailer came out in the trailer was a shot of me crying. And my youngest saw that she got really upset he did you just don't want seat. Or they sell clothes from the other woman was making out with other girls and their like that this. Why why would you do. That we now we have to women wore how we have to suffer the consequences of your. With ambitions he knew. The thoughtful it's just awful but I keep hearing that there are pranks appointee. On the set and game yeah I mean up or ending Dan and and David they plan they've done a few. They did really good one out on. Kit this season three got a script. And it's that that he was caught up in a fire. He survives. But his is the oldest lips melted off some from now on purchases governments behave. Patent and Kidd believed him and he was he was like okay well. I'm open to make this was amendments lines. I'm that we. And the maker of artisans like gamble we can make this priest that it it's quiet it's gonna take at least one house on OK that's going. But then of course who walked in said and then they couldn't based on there. Alfie Allen got a script. Where he was just killed off when he was the same. OK it's. It's time it's time. I did while holding back all they hit the that woman on on on them. And then David where I I was back home and I wrote in this that there was so much to long hair early on in the show. Almost constantly talk about shall be Condit should we Condit what's gonna happen the hair. So wrote them this long letter. Well I pretended like like like a very end like at the like an act of Phil Hughes being left out of the conversation so I never heard it. How excited and so wrote this letter saying listen guys. I just feel as an artist's. I'm being left out and I need my in my own integrity I have to take control out of my character is so up decided to go ahead and and does does Jamie is a soldier I want him to have buzz cuts on connect go ahead and do that and I hope you respect. Me as an artist that I have to do this Holtz and your picture when it's done and that it waited until next and then sent them a picture. Which was just. I found this still picture from I think the pilot Colbert to Ali where was completely almost shaven and I sent that to them and didn't hear back. And then I'm flying to Belfast next day and I get a call and I arrived from the thickening the they didn't call me with the cold everyone else at HBO to the top brass and they were like freaking out completely. They had been handed Harris now is getting hold of weeks and strike at. You can't in the way you like to wait while. It was it was amazing it was a beautiful moment. Are you got. I got them that got him really there's usually we use the phrase but me as an artist yet income you can get scared and oh I would well that's that the match it work hours you can deal with with the artist is that the motions and I think it's way too much that's too much is it can't go there. But then of course the problems that we're gonna get me back now they still haven't done about living in in anticipation. All these years it's going to happen it's I mean I had this big going to happen until it's that when they killed him is well yes. Like I was likes sure there and something horrible I would like. Every time McCain's my trailer I would expect something was in there. Of course nothing was there and we live but it's an annual rate support is Rea you couldn't. Well that and that's it burning and that the wife filed in what good with them ever how to. A fix that we now now. And I think it gets changed every day. Let me ask you about them European and actually mean who you and your sister you levered Mueller. That that episode where we didn't know whether it was rape or whether it was consensual but how to use to discuss something like that ultimately does written in the pie attitude. We never thought this rate. In August 2 people had to. They've been. Lovers once when he years that the children have children they've had that but the bulls have a relationship that way every moment. Would have to be apt in secret plan. You would only have so much time. Others fiscal relationship. And then to Heatley extreme pain at this point does needing. Each other. And came out in that very. Very dark weird twisted. Scenes from there. It's I mean doesn't it but I just putting the dead Sunday airway to valeo all the hot I think that was what that was was that's what we discussed that's what we set. People freak out of the fact we point six in front of artists but it was not about that it became about that he raped for a on it but by the way. I think it's. It's great that you have these scenes as the people get sold. You know angry or. So emotional. Or there's so much discussion that's great that's what you wanna want people we're gonna want that you re yeah. Now of course. We never saw it coming and a strict weight but but pay. It is up to you that doesn't involve view on the show your turn yet get you when you're watching. I think the whole. The whole theme of this other huge threat. With the white walkers I mean when I saw it. Read about personally this race is insane but now it's just people's homes and so intrigued by this. There's something about the fact that you have all these people fighting or design room. And then we as an audience we know this does. Don't worry about that you can worry about the winds are the real winter that's coming. I read somewhere that you going up Denmark you were in town with no more than forty that's true. Chip yeah. I was gonna say that it yet yet that tiny tiny village one of those villages below build around. Huge farm and then the houses that were used before the form workers now. Regular people can live and we gather grew up there and it was a great show that and then. He has so so. Quite far away from this world that's a strange thing in the village of fort yeah you sit there and say. I'm not really thinking of the iron throne and the house of laughter but. I am thinking of being an I just I just love. Watching movies every Sunday they would be likened some movie and TV in the and he usually would be like western. John thwart movie that would just left it. And then later on then. Television shows of course Hill Street Blues early on the first remember was so. Amaze me. As I've tried it think this village. And you watch it felt right that Berger old and then you know like Mike Keane remembers seeing. Which was kind of profound soul. Once upon them and America and I just. Completely. Identified with noodles the character played robbed in there. I mean every step of his emotional journey I just I was there I felt it and I do remember. It struck me that this is how old amazing is that I'm I'm I'm so I'm living in this tiny village in this. Country in the north of Europe and I. I have a 100% connection with this K it. Growing up in. New York turn of the century. And that's the beauty of story itself that that whole thing about realizing all human experience we might have. The circumstances might be very very different. At the core. That there you know we all have had the same dreams and hopes for lives. And then I think you know. Imagine what it would be like if I couldn't. One day maybe he parks and telling historian and someone who watched that have that kind of experience so I got into the drama school national theater school them ones. I was eighteen and then moved to London between two and and and I I guess the beauty of being a is that you have no idea that. It's not supposed to lower the odds are against a never thought about the obvious that you just good you know wasn't going to be. And then I got lucky and you need to look. We do we talked a little before the thing of I remember you in a movie called night watch where you were playing a college student we're you know more yeah. Yeah it was ficus to some ground and abuse green it was like. Yeah yeah it was a it was a good it was my first job I was just out of drama school most allowed drama school when I got it and you have another little coincidence I acted a short film with a direct local beautiful and he was at film school I was at theater school within that this little short. That the directive nigh what's also I got that job and then. And when I told friends this was in Denmark and and that the time. Showing movies was really not something you did we did this this was a thrill O you know horror movie. So everyone's like that's not gonna where it is terrible and of course it didn't work ending in a weird way. The same thing happened with game with frost when I got that I told friends London's HBO show illegal while that's amazing and what's it about instantly gangsters what is it now it's about. Dragons and it's a fantasy into OK here good luck with that. I remembered interviewing Peter doing good before game and he kept the cap to hide the care of me and I said what are you hiding there and he can't. I'm doing is HBO thing. I I got up and look what. It's so it's a great that they that they. Well it's been a pleasure having you here but you pray first times we don't know we always end in song. Oh we and so ended song now you're married to a very famous yes yes yes I'm sure you think constantly and she thinks she thinks cock fit. What you went two. With a school form for dance and priests. Drama. A national theater there was some you know we did have classes NC I did take a lot of class so that we and asking for a lot of song just a little bill little bit. A Danish all that would be great yet. Among among whom. That call me Nace a full speed. Man did column mine blew. Beaulieu and to see. Did that mean I will never give a spoiler. Whatever it means that basically it means. There's so many things you can do life and so many things that's never gonna happen to you but I don't give a damn have. Climate change. What a trumpet the answer to everything and I liked it. Neglect bag they don't select it was a very.

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