Nintendo exhibits its latest games at E3 gaming expo

ABC News' Olivia Smith previews some of the latest games in the Nintendo universe at the E3 gaming expo.
29:02 | 06/15/17

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Transcript for Nintendo exhibits its latest games at E3 gaming expo
I'm not looking at neck. Here at. Right now and yelled for its height and and include ex pay. He didn't have anything here it keep getting to let a little bit about what company bringing seemed to. Yeah so I'll welcome be derailed we have a good time but we're gonna have a lot of fun with we got games like Super Mario Odyssey of brio. We're showcasing under great action games competitive. Multiplayer games likes looking into which comes out next month. And then down. It's been so much and we got lots checking out here. I mean we've been walking olive wreath and eat a lot of things from. Acting that they gave at the big party this is how can actually play at that any product. Yet totally. I mean with the success of the switch and antennas which we got a lot of momentum going on right now so we're we're we're here to showcase some of the great products and games. That are gonna continue that momentum. Throughout 2017. At all the way into next year. And ain't act. Let's talk a little outlet and I'll have been eat at pre. So of course the big game everyone loves Mario so we it's supermarket Odyssey which is. Scheduled to release in October on October 27. And so we've got full first time. Hands on demo they'll. Everyone here in Los Angeles in a plane back over totally gonna play it and it again I'm really excited for is a fire emblem warriors are witches at. It's it's just all the wild like action strategy game. If you played hide warriors if your family that game which is from the ledges held a franchise all of you really don't like fight of the fire series and then. My big favorite sports hearing to which it's coming up next month. And you just like your way competitively. At Ford and we're actually replace a little bit later we're gonna check out the news salmon run Mitt replay of. Four players who whopper go blade to try to take out those Nancy salmon. Well I've Chevy game. I think a lot of your especially if they look at. Virtual reality can have been thinking you uncles neatly or really push the boundaries but that. Don't have any plans for the art. You know that's going question. But we like the we like the focus on being able have been spent and that everyone can play at any time and that's one of the beauties about Nintendo's rich. You know everyone else in the industry puts out some really really great products but antennas which is something that our fans really love to play because they can. Gaming on the go with them at any time and then. Once they're done instantly pop it back into the dock and platinum playground on the big screen and full HD so what that you know. Did you know we have our own the government itself we like that stay focused on that. At an act baton. And now we added. Eat up apparently been elephant and help bring an ally in the air and it theory at that more traditional lasting art that the thing on Al. And a lot happens he did it feel like in terms of highs and lows from the whole of the line is flat here and again. Now the switch out in the company seems to be giving well. But I think it is about it is that keep the opening act like pushing a product like this and that's what. Asked about that now. Well a lot. It's innovation. Now we do a lot of great the coming from the China loves to come up with new great ideas and new ways to play and enjoy your games. When it comes to portable gaming. All people are you know expands the Nintendo 3-D S family of game systems of course new Pokemon games such as. The new ultra suddenly put my ultrasound and the games are releasing. And then we continue and you mentioned program on we just announced this week. For the first time we're going doing it all Nintendo switch. Build up a combined. That people really really excited about. That's it's just the break gains in the great characters and the great. Just great worlds that we crate in those games. That we'll bring back match right. It's emissary coming back so we missed you great new games one yet just. Totally off in the horizon we do have but Nintendo 3-D S. That straight. Sam's returns coming up this year at a campaign Clinton England's let's play a game. It adds even. But that's the way. Like it. How it against the rich and that it. Right into the audience memorial honesty. Could ever play. Number or yeah and let them. Backup. And so I probably got them over. I. But what looks. Bad. That the met them it is. But boy. It's. A very political and a lot of. So we want to. At the end can't get them eat very volatile week I like yeah I thought it. And on. It's very it's very frequent expert. Illnesses like this here we go yeah yeah you violently. So. What this morning back now before he even known as it runs into. For the but it. Think that would probably. So and send them. Quote it was the story hold more points each of the kidnapped again but this time bouncer. I. Just currently. He's gonna. And yeah terror and how does that you know throughout. Although. But the market site. With its it's what. As characters pop up. This ice. Came out of them. And things bouncer and let's be passed. This phenomenon occurred as part of the mystery of what's what's going on his record. So. Take. I think. So the offense and trucks but the point of view the biggest thing is this. Clinton is. Out. You buddy who. And when you get thrown him thank you won but most. And anything that you. Put it out and actually English at Capitol Hill Democrats and twice. You know business yeah that's ultimately equitable. Right. Circular and I'll let it. I need to grow up and that was. In this one like you and it's a lot more into it. Right the political and you want you probably recognize the sit scuba. You're totally fine cinema that is one. Here's that needs to take boldly and with them for as well you know it's. Great for those who believed. There. And apparently had excellent. This. It's much of course but you don't think that this so called capture. The that they capture so hit him but right. Watched we'll build them and now account yet. I think that it back. Probable bail out. Evidence for him with a left rules and alleges that. That it back as opposed. You program them back at an outlet. So you back to school any. Very characters or even excellent plan. You know it. That is that this thing and that six. And it and obviously about that. And Ari economy. Evenly green yeah. Letting Murray of. Yeah. Let's pointed at home. It. It's. Quick and yeah. Felt so good that the it giant but again or equipment. And those men. They're like little Asian record 100 I don't feel I went yeah. Actually visiting. The woman and child Maria. But and then. So when the bolt comes throat happy accident that up now. The public electric. It apple. And but not don't want. The program. It's close. Up now. Like yeah. It's. You don't want. Oh back. Look at. That thing up and out. Of the bigger plus than. Yeah. Look what. A ship called on us and ship like giant off. And I. That of your. That ship is actually see it that actually my. And that. What is pretty good. At I like it. And I want. But guess what. Yeah secret travel. Not unlike Hillary but some couldn't be more easily understood that this got the ship. But much. And you actually go inside and other outlets in here for the let him walk it off at. It actually change your health than. Put on this war happening in black. I know I do with a whale. Hunt. That well. Actor. That happen but it line I get it but it. And theme line that was popular. In those oh yeah definitely definitely half of our Booth is. Dedicated to Super Mario Odyssey and got nothing but great feedback from folks I doubt took that. The evidence of price yet. Sound so stay tuned for more information on that about October 27. A tale. Let's test within two. And I pointed out mark yet we live aboard. Right ear literally and we'll have the the safety own I just. A linebacker. Look at the salute to counsel them so once mine one bullets. My girlfriend up came back to you. What's analysts. We're not eat eat eat. Oh we. Here we're gonna play we've showed chili's is looking to you. And in its more specifically we're actually the salmon run. Multiplayer co op. Feature and again it's really cool. It had actually helps gonna help us out here and to try and take out. All the bats candidate and civilians didn't survive and it flecks of gold and he keep that. It it. So. We're gonna watch this play but it's looking like it yet we got a ring. England yeah so it's kind of like limited's originally it was the person's. So you have sold about look at the polls show him head of the army should be. That there is not only attacks against Israelis but it has settled out of the war and there's also helps him do it best when it's what. Field then you become a split against women that he. Took a little tricky that you cannot that the it you know played at you have written about. Sad that you're continuing that haven't. Program. At this could. I'm not so little ship. Earned a split. The program. And an annual those controls the look of the day. Still OK that's not quite nothing not gonna I didn't get into the it's. So. It is six. I'm 5% in the building that it is available to. It isn't 100% difficult. Anything. Oates as I was five and see how. Profit of as I would just splattered shot today it is the weapon. Is. Movies or them. Don't object that this vote. An attack by waves and waves of creatures. That's. And it's airlines. However there's being. We're calling balls. If you take out boxes vehicles rumbled home and it we get those legs putting an incident on the map. And the quote. Historic building for the acts. On. That's back at the most important thing is to work as a team accomplishments. But don't. Art. Coming out. Taking it. They're going he's lacking everywhere. Yeah yeah yeah. An end here stinger regarding down but the clock and hand off that. Why she got knocked the ball down. Fourth. It I'm. Like that you think about leaving that chronicles again and yet. Actually think about it. That you're okay view of what you want and I'll tell why and yeah. And so don't know. It's that it. Where. It week you know you know in the clinical on him. You know. I don't. Apple or. Yeah. They got him. We're we're. I only it was. Yeah. Argument that the and again. The capital private. I'm getting behind the first time. You look at it yeah. Show might not. I'm not in the talent and I think he'd come in that I know I might get in on. Hill. Yeah I love all I'd like not extravagant clear and other. I know you didn't bring anything can keep it here you're not like an inkling from the first game a dip again and learn to shoot that he did little tricky but. Always buys and friends those fines and teammates and yeah. Starting. More gate it sneaky cat yeah totally unavailable on. Yes that the tournament and it has also put united ahead at him let her do it. Let it ring bringing well. An intern in the yeah. Oh we're taking as much out of that a look at how we're doing. So we're actually gonna switch it over here. Brady poker tournament deluxe. Felony. It settled. So we're gonna get ready and place them spoken turn to meant to locks night now. Again today is up for two players so. I'm going to be you. Oh. It. It's on will be. There's characters that we're live and released on the Japanese court. They never made it. Now they're here plus one billion news exclusive look and the locks. So the head the start your husband. Yours here. That it was pretty good but isn't so yeah screen but eat your tack he's just. And accidentally. Although it is an that this definitely split jump about and about the most important thing. So personal to help them. I. So. He noted that evening at. Melanie Hopkins Glen big media aiming at. Here. Different in delivering this week and others re yeah. Everything here. American has been in well. Think. It's. Getting ready day. Yeah. Ending. Its head out of the Super Mario sonic. License you. Yeah block everything that you don't currently. It's. On. Aren't. I'm. Yeah. Tony here in Atlanta Falcons in the coming into the used thinking it an act. They open any getting a little he. The thing that kinda quiet. It is one of the. The thing about. Was running. And god. Yeah. Nothing yeah. It feels this tiny ad in the current. I'm I am. Yeah. Yeah have a good campaign. The street more than Clinton country and a lot going on. We're really good. Phil Liggett in the big yeah yeah. The black Sox over the control again so walking series in the years. Regular news and special effects and you look just didn't want to thank you this but apparently it's. So. Okay so you're seeing have been charred. Some of the New Yorkers but we're introducing. Here and three. A pro gun. For the first time period and he's like a of course. The characters. Do under the finger. I became very well but we'll let him do you wanna visit like. So picking up. Under the brand new program to sit you. And how old place. And here we have the support of cancer but more important Obama but these guys jump out that we'll. It's been like. So. Well I think. It's just picked the Perry and we live now living in public and when. Theaters in the and a a popular steel and at the high at I didn't get it right now. They're creeped him I think you're in Hickory creek. Kind of thing. Imbalance through every ounce. The first that you feel it's it's it's been quite open we're trying to easily choose gender. And it might switch to a different angle and that's the that's what street fighter excite us stunned when he. And we get. So I'm always in the foreground you can always in the back. So. Very. Opponents like you're getting Giuliani now. The good news bigger. But yet personable he's. Yeah. It's a veteran sitting senators. Advancing human again. Principal yes principle that you don't blues. So the and why it's not what you're doing and he'll hit you with the power. In the game and uses. The persistent advances. News that but if you go counters the road. To meet its program either way. You've yeah. I'd opt in. We're invited to with a. Funding and support voted on. Sales up right here. When that goes all the way up I can be. Oh. And then I can do. Big part you know. And the first rush yeah. Oh like this I got in this morning. There's has tied up. What is I think every. City desk you Coleman the what you're doing that in your worst energy sources now. But it. With a 10 yeah yeah I have become Britain's rate. Present both know little about the top of the beauties to actually. Videos and eyewitness no ambiguity in each player goes. Following this. Reynolds. This game is really awesome. Action packed it brings all your favorite Holcomb on. They're like yeah. Yeah. It's no related illnesses brought him again guard Vince that supplies that are banned double act. Green explaining them and think yeah. I think I ever did anything at least the audience that it and they should be acting from names and that in the coming here that but not in the evening. What we. Thought I tell it that we haven't announced button. You know one definite thing that really excited for hours Santa's earnings that met for a franchise. We've got a couple of games announced that are coming up one in particular metric for which is it's a long ways women in Sony. Pictures or anything for the game. Just mentioned for the fans a lot of folks are excited about that. So but Hepkins all the way to 2017 and we'll 2018. That are really going to do. Yet give you robust library for tennis which and of course tentatively yes. Yell I think after watching again I eat redefined or other strains on Think that much for watching the.

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