Nov. 10, 1995: Howard Stern on why he feels his work is important

The radio host said that at 5 years old, he knew he wanted to do a "stream of consciousness" radio show that made people laugh.
3:00 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Nov. 10, 1995: Howard Stern on why he feels his work is important
This is my plan since I was five years old. I want to be here like or real type of radio. Everybody was milk toast everybody was middle of the road everybody didn't want to offend everybody else. It was boring it was not. And you really want to do this when you were fine I want to be on the radio interest to a stream of consciousness radio show whenever I feel I'm censoring myself whenever I feel I'm hiding something from the audience ankle and blurted out. Because that truth this really does set you free. I guarantee you what I'm doing the lord's work. I am absolutely making people laugh at the most miserable part of their life that's the morning commutes and help one of the fans vomit son James trying to. Five hours it's a bunch of fourteen year old colts talking about sex and burping and party. And millions of people want to hear this oh absolutely it's I call a 50000 watts of fifth great fun when guys sit around it very tribal this and what. And makes men left. I'm not saying that that's the most intellectual form of comity. It's probably the basis most crude form of comedy there is and yet. There's something there's enjoying talking about it meet devils this buys you a real good. Well he helped my feel my feeling is that I guess when you do what I do. You know you're not gonna have all friends you know with some people who this stuff I do is sometimes really rough. Any guest who will come in there analysts say to me I can't talk about my personal life would think we knew we don't. When you get crazy like that it's great it's great if you looked like a deer caught in the headlights I felt like it here and I love having that power over you. Because I never had a kind of power in my life or anyone he digits. I am not talking about my Fam. And given me about my stuttering. Figures that his starters gets on TV I could speak I'm not on the evening. So discomfort makes good rating I believe so yeah. You know people don't like it when you make fun of us I know we don't like the whole case is going she can't keep pounding away at this guy. Andy something great about that tension tension and it's real you know the only thing I can do not to towns of I have to belittle others in order to make a living.

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{"id":52291570,"title":"Nov. 10, 1995: Howard Stern on why he feels his work is important","duration":"3:00","description":"The radio host said that at 5 years old, he knew he wanted to do a \"stream of consciousness\" radio show that made people laugh.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nov-10-1995-howard-stern-feels-work-important-52291570","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}