'The View' on NRA Shooting App: Think It Out

National Rifle Association's release of "Practice Range" app has the women baffled.
3:00 | 01/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' on NRA Shooting App: Think It Out
-- the White House is weighing. Nineteen executive actions on gun control New York State is set to pass the country's strictest gun control laws. And the National Rifle Association released an -- Call practice range that lets players for years old -- up. Should a variety of weapons. Critics point out that the NRA said video games are partially to blame for the -- of care and Newtown Connecticut. And they've created lot. A video game where you can shoot stuff what. Say that it teaches -- teaches you know kids the safety and how to use a gun like it was like sure yeah yeah -- radio -- -- does learning how to -- -- -- why do you need to. Knows what -- -- -- first of all I -- have a shot natural cotton up to man. -- that he's clearly has not been out front of this problem the way I tank out before -- the hideous massacre. And you know. Trying to change to got lost. Chino parents and you've got a little boy so you know Christmas time to give little little dog and you get a little boy got. Track -- going back up what percentage shots and stocks to offer us a tour like this gang. That supposedly had you know it back to watch -- yeah -- I disagree with you because I think when kids go around and they do the cops and robbers. It's different from these video games in the video -- now when you shoot -- -- you see brains you see blood. They don't get up cops and robbers you just have to use your imagination whichever is going around -- bang -- bank. That's all he's doing he's -- there's not -- -- That's when you know you shouldn't -- back on May explain -- -- -- and now because he's not there yet to hit -- as we're running around on the good guy -- -- dad got it I don't let him play the video games where he shooting people 'cause I'm telling if you look at these video -- you know -- playing -- you know what it's just like it's an imagination thing I just don't I just disagree with -- about it you know -- -- talking about -- video. Games contributed to that violence -- and they create yeah yeah where you simply don't forget -- got to watch I mean. -- -- -- -- -- Mike make points you probably should really think it out. A video game in which uses guns that you've been bitching about. Other video -- you can't put the same thing and -- and or and then expect people -- all there's no correlation. About money -- Changes -- how many of the nineteen different. Promotion -- not from martians the nineteen different. States. Well what about that Biden is doing. -- the propositions is what I'm getting. And how many what's the nineteen. How many of them were really past that's well -- when he's got to get plenty of run back well I'm hoping that you know -- and weekends and we can get. That assault weapon and band that's and that's what that's eaten so it. Indo Australia there was a big -- -- seven years ago but now that's a shot know somebody with a automatic killed a bunch of people just like they do here that -- a -- times. The Australian government in twelve days. Got -- guns off the streets and Condit has gone down 59%. It took them twelve days to enact gun laws in that country why in this country we are the assault -- I have a problem which would violence period ended should be dealt us and not happy -- my grandson -- -- going to a school and why -- asked. I think trash talk and I'm doing that myself and I apologized. May be asking yeah does not have -- I just not had what they don't have SA and a tax that's exactly right wing. When I'm OK so even if you have a Second Amendment. Everybody in this country is mad about something -- everybody doesn't get everything they want. There is no reason for an assault weapon to be in the hands of anyone -- we cannot. -- -- -- We cannot buy tanks you know on the corner you should be able to -- this ad out today Calero yourself -- -- the way that you want to cope with our. And assault -- because an assault weapon is not. Protecting your house it's not protect. They got as one of the Atlantis and that is one of the propositions that might not help but does yell fire in a crowded didn't that it -- out of the first of Mednax.

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{"id":18220944,"title":"'The View' on NRA Shooting App: Think It Out","duration":"3:00","description":"National Rifle Association's release of \"Practice Range\" app has the women baffled.","url":"/Entertainment/video/nra-practice-range-shooting-app-discussed-on-the-view-18220944","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}