N.Y. Fashion Week Recap

Eva Chen, Editor In Chief of Lucky Magazine Gives You The Lowdown
3:00 | 02/15/14

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Transcript for N.Y. Fashion Week Recap
While most of New York was digging through inches of snow the cold the rain it was not enough to stop the heat from the runway. For the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week -- here he gives a recap is editor in chief of Lucky Magazine and a chance always great to see you great to see to I've got to say I always look to you and I feel as if I have to be on point whenever we're. No -- in -- you know you do you don't you don't over the put the pressure but I know that you know there could be meanwhile the day after Fashion Week -- Fashion Week and most fashion editors are wearing night. Islands I think I over all I honestly lecture I kept at a I'm not dressed up enough for an eye to -- I find that I'd wiped completely disagree -- -- that sweater -- -- leather pants of me. Another -- -- traders -- anything you've got more. I think that's it for bringing -- a little -- for Utah. I appreciate the effort favorite shows this week all right well so many you know it's it's it becomes a -- because Fashion Week is actually like ten days long -- I would say. Alexander Wang was amazing it was sporting it was -- what I think every young woman wants to look like -- -- -- which was super super ladylike. Beautiful -- -- school are. And Tory Burch was great. And J. Crew actually was wonderful Israel is -- emphasis on the femininity it was did you see more masculine sides you know this season was very much all over the place we had the kind of been very very ladylike looks but then -- also -- a lot of connects street where. And -- that's forty feeling. So I think there's going to be something for everyone next season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of camel actually Michael course for instance showed a lot of -- -- his. Paul collection was a mix he called it big scene -- stakes are so there's a lot of young me like honeyed tones -- -- towns a lot of fringe. I'm another big -- and apparently was read tons of designers are showing bright bright red and also had a more muted -- and Burgundy is. So I think follow be a very young me rich season. It's very very warm. And -- to cuddle up with that hot who's he chocolate it sounds good right now and it has what can we just fast forward to that right now by and by -- standout moments of the week I -- even though it's kind of a -- over ten days though will with a big highlights well there's one show called opening ceremony which is really cool downtown brand. They had a wall that started dripping chocolate so the entire collection was inspired by Belgian and and when you walked in making you hot cocoa and chocolate everyone's that this is sound -- and an -- reception and we're sitting there and suddenly. But -- -- dripping tropics is very Willy -- which is very cool I'd love and you took a taste I might get stuck my finger in it to make sure it was at a -- and at last count Larry. And also Alexander -- which was he was the first designer major designer to show in Brooklyn. So we all -- to -- which was actually very easy and and it was amazing his finale heat heat sensitive clothing. So the clothes which started out relax they started projecting like hot air onto it and the colors you saw the -- changed to collar right before your eyes where it was very. This is a little more -- hyper color that we got like in the early ninety's right I mean I'm guessing you might have had a. I had yeah I had the stature -- -- -- hand on and that you you -- so cool. I think it's high fashion version of that OK we'll have to keep an eye on that as a celebrity sightings -- -- there's never in any short history though many -- -- -- course had a great great great friend he always -- a great turnouts. Here's Blake lively but. Like -- looking gorgeous with -- perfect cascading blond hair. Next to her as Frieda Pinto looking beautiful rose burns -- of my favorite actresses and Michael Douglas Michelson people like us you know -- always. -- who regularly fashion shows is that everyone sits down it is incredibly serious and yet this is -- very intense and it looks like a lot of fun. He -- beautiful models walking on these beautiful pieces of clothing but at the same time as this crowd starts to form and sit down there. And the press is setting up on the side there and so much outside you know on cross your legs feel like clear the runway in its very amazing it's like you can hear him drop -- -- the music but everyone is so intent on every detail. Think everyone you know you have the buyers -- editors at the celebrity's and were all like laser focus just on what's coming down in front of us so. It's a big production and I don't think people realize how much of -- stage. Passion -- -- it's for the world it's really and has ripple effect but like throughout the entire season so it's just amazing. In fact in the designers themselves or backstage they come out at the end of the of the presentation. But I would imagine other biting their nails because whether they get a solid review -- not can really make a difference and I'll probably be for that season. Exactly -- mean you know most designers they have camera that's kind of set to the audience of the conceived it close going on the runway but of course they concede editors so -- -- You know and I'm sure they're kind of biting their nails behind. The wall looking to see how we feel but you know everyone it was a really really solid collection in New York is great especially it's my favorite city. Just because the emphasis is on wearable clothing -- like real fashion like we it would -- things that women are gonna Wear off the runway as well. Right which is it was but a bit of a diversion from what you see in Milan or Paris or London. -- what where the beat outrageous looks -- yes it is wearable but at the same time there's got to be some kind of shock factor there's always -- Actor I would see a lot of the shock -- -- now put into the production in kind of like the talk walls are among -- you know without water company and read the crazy cool like. Models coming in from every single angle. I would say you know there are some interesting issues for sure -- with bells on them which would -- when you walk problem -- which I live you know -- -- statement when he walked in -- we also had a heels had shin guards Alexander ranks he could probably play soccer. Feel safe OK -- I think you know. Walk -- fashionable and nutritional. But I switching most of the most outrageous moments came outside the tent outside -- -- shows right now street -- having such a big moment the of a lot of people who. Dressed to be photographed for street style so. I -- -- -- people it's but it's not polar vortex. Quite polar vortex but -- we defeat at. -- the foot of snow and there -- women and -- -- yes there lay -- I saw one woman tank top and I just wanted to -- give them some types give her like wrestling gators snagging an assailant seriously. Critical to our parliament for five Modesto -- -- exactly exactly exactly but the big I want to -- on a street where as well. Under the with a once of those in it that was in Brooklyn you think -- Seymour to push going over amicus and now that hipster can kind of have that double edged sword. Think it definitely worked for Alexander -- is his audience is -- the -- downtown girls the downtown models they're all in Brooklyn anyway right so I'm. I would say it took me twelve minutes to get to it was at the Brooklyn navy yards from union -- to -- twelve minutes. But the way that venue set up it took an -- have to get back because there -- like we were all crawling out so I'm. The show is worth it -- the super cool and was one of my favorites of the season but. I think you know the great thing about Lincoln center's and it's so easy to get to -- and also like transportation is everywhere so I don't know progress he. Quite yet and I don't know that we're gonna see such but uptown designers for instance like Oscar dollar and -- -- I think -- the -- like. Uptown ladylike upper east side just -- -- I don't know he might not be showing in Williams. Probably not gonna slip out there live online shaven with a flannel shirt -- like and I ask where I sat 6 o'clock we're probably not what the -- brown Fashion Week to have you seen that -- The years -- I think if anything it's just Fashion Week is just becoming bigger and bigger thanks to social media thinks instead Graham. Just thanks to you noted that the celebrities involved in Fashion Week so. You know I just I think it's but I think it's great -- fashion section industry -- attention business and so many people. -- supported by -- that the more attention that are especially in New York especially in my hometown. There is an especially -- that it's not just a designers as the manufacturers the retailers as all of those secondary. -- companies and businesses supported by that it's not just a matter of beautiful people beautiful clothes walking down right -- -- as a result Izzo. The whole. It that as a whole industry around it and really the number of people like it's also the lighting designer -- the prop designers of the set designer to -- -- assisting agents. Fashion is such a huge part of New York City you know. Business right -- it's a great time and it's wonderful to -- it really could take center stage for of one and half weeks. And it's it's also good for the liquor vendors as well I mean let's just be honest about that it's and it's not a bad thing I think -- -- -- and there's nothing really happy as there are probably a lot of corks popped last night at the last manifestly I can only imagine now you're on to your odds of -- -- Salon next and then parents and hopefully it I heard that it's 55 degrees so -- forty degrees warmer than it is here are some really happy that -- might be able to -- not. Sneakers and collapses a lot of that you can actually take the plastic bags -- -- -- -- on exactly exactly favorite -- from Lucky Magazine always great to see religious by being here.

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