'NY Housewife' Aviva Drescher Haunted By Ghostwriter Feud

Aviva comes clean! Did she hire a ghostwriter for her tell-all book?
3:00 | 03/31/14

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Transcript for 'NY Housewife' Aviva Drescher Haunted By Ghostwriter Feud
An all -- season -- -- is real housewives of New York City is simple back in a ladies. -- bring it for season six big fund big drama and a few big surprises. Yeah shot -- -- -- I think it added. They -- -- Thursday. Night like I'm losing my virginity. Cheers it's fun. Not that bad there's so -- -- it's a big deal. I think I've I've -- much worse -- -- that pick -- truck full disclaimer there. -- have real housewives cast ever -- -- Dresser here back congratulations seasons six in or out with a memoir leggy blonde. I want to get the look at for second but season six people so much time is just. Flown by. It's a long time since we've been on air and season six's. Easy it is not up to say at least I don't -- I have been keeping up with it and there are a lot of fireworks going on the season. You seem to be at sort of being kind of piled on by everyone else. It I'm I'm a drama magnet and -- since it started off what -- -- -- -- An accident and even on the show I'm -- constantly either causing drama are receiving. It is probably only started filming they put on a piece of paper on my back as he -- me. -- Apparently certain guys -- ladies are actually taking that to heart. -- wanted to go and it's you know the thing is is that you know we we watch it and it's taped like six months seven months at a time. When you're watching these fights you're watching this drama play out first stop when editing process is taking place I mean your from your compact and weeks' worth of time into and -- -- so it's like not every minute is that. Blood currently. Is unknown man and they are taking it to 85 hours of film for a for a few minutes a week and they are extrapolating. Us -- our most heinous moments. Without so when -- so when -- watch -- and -- six or seven months later and whether or not you've you've sort of settle scores -- -- kind of you know. It had everything kind of water under the bridge is it painful went to rekindle -- and -- -- It is it's not it's not -- it's not by -- and it just brings it back all over again and it's some of its ugly and it's just not fun to watch. -- -- -- What at one of the biggest controversy is happening right now is between Carol ray as well one -- the -- housewives. Accusations back and forth you both have memoirs accusations that both the view had used ghost writers to write your memoir and this is what Carol said. -- Good Morning America -- -- at this -- restricts or find out what what the real deal with its. One of the women makes it we -- ridiculous accusations economists can't scandalous and really about my career and and -- was that I that I was backed up deep respect for. And I -- -- you got hit crazy crazy and you know. And you green in there and in use in Iraq and the audience to figure out you know why she's saying exactly what she does and I -- and it's pretty easy. So what started this act -- what what sort of this back and forth about about. About you claim that she had a ghost writer and then she coming back and -- to go -- -- memoir. That we sat and had a lunch and -- all was. Pretty sour at the lunch -- and -- just we started talking about books I brought up books on purpose and I -- up. Her book in my book to talk about our books on national television Friday and she just started saying to me. Oh did you hire a writer -- -- -- a ghost writer. I was really shocked because. A ghost writer is called a ghost writer because it's supposed to be invisible right and I was really shocked that she was asking me. You know about the title of my below what it's about how I felt doing the books so I'm just very taken aback at that luncheon. I just figured maybe you know I did he is someone who -- my book I did not use a ghost writer still. At the lunch I ate ice look kill I guess -- must have used a ghost writer for her first book I innocently asked her did you as a ghost writer. As he said now. She's a writer. And and I have heard something from my publishing house that was very dichotomy as to which -- that I was really upset about the whole thing. And I went two -- -- to sort of you know let it all come out. About what I heard and I was playing an activist. Was trying to get my hands on at all and -- whole thing exploded you know it everyone heard everything through the grapevine on exploded on. It's lesser house warming party which was at my -- my -- around -- -- -- it it got to the point in I was just wondering about this you sometimes when these confrontations happened they can get very borderline physical do you ever get to the point where you say. This is verbally it's ugly already but. What's the next level. I did I did at one point feel. I thought Carol really really snapped and she one point grabbed my face on the stairwell and I bounces -- so perfect. And I was really taken aback I never felt that before. -- -- can be a bit effusive and Heather can be pretty you know gangster like sometimes she's a little bit scary but. I don't think real housewives of New York ever come to blows. Yet and I actually -- a little bit as well a lot I say that it -- With the -- let Clinton but for to get back so you have not used to ghost -- use them editor. I use an editor. It's been a very long process I had -- wonderful opening -- Frankel. Who I love she's -- -- item which is also -- she was a -- editor -- at Allure Magazine. And she really helped me decide what to keep in what not to Providence. What was boring and -- also GOP lot with the order of things I would not necessarily started with the accident and I've Hollywood started I was you know born. Red Sea without a warrant and start with the accidentally at the end -- -- cents. And and yes it's it's I -- to give credit where credit is -- and I don't I don't profess to do. Anything -- myself you know I don't think any of us housewives you know look as natural as we do -- -- -- -- Botox and hair color rather than that. -- I think you know a conclusion this whole thing it's just really sad to me that two women. I take blame for my part couldn't just get together and support each other and -- really teach other about their books -- they have both threatened whether. -- wherever they are and that in there lives in interns -- their writing skills or lack there -- life stories it would have been nice as to have a look at each other. I why why do I wanna talk about the book because the fact matters that you start off talking about the accident at the age of six. I don't -- a lot of them have a lot of strong memories at the age of six yours is is very detailed very vivid obviously from something that is as dramatic as it is when you were going back and they're like you that process of being. Painful to recall and I mean -- you do you try to suppress that memory. I I don't try to suppress and I've always remembered. I've always remember this the day that it happened and and this summer that I spent in the hospital. And when I was writing -- book. I a had to relive it and I had to really. You know to think about it wanna leave anything out as -- -- warm warm memories that popped up as I was you know writing and thinking about it so. Intently. Yeah if you talk about divorce you talk about parents struggling with addiction. It's a very brutally honest book. When you look at it now when you read it he read the reviews of their parts you wish you would have left out because you don't -- -- be criticized for that or people to know you. As having that component of your life. I think I went just far enough. I it was very careful about discussing the parents of my children my ex husband my reads ex wife. And I'm really an open book and it's why can be and a reality show. I feel. I feel as though I have nothing to be ashamed of we're all human beings we all make mistakes and you know everyone has baggage. And I want to share mine so that people could avoid making the same mistakes and I mean and perhaps learn from my successes in deal -- -- hope. -- and let's ask you about that because that is winning when you -- initiative to raw. Personal narrative. There is -- do what what do you get out of it because you share those kinds of experiences with someone else was this a catharsis. It was very cathartic I actually can't believe how normal I am having gone before I went -- -- I was thinking about and as I was writing I would turn my husband and I like oh -- -- I forgot about this I forgot about this public. Can't live on -- having gone there -- I -- I think each one of my stories is enough but what lifetime. Drama and and adversity. But it was it was really cathartic because IAE. -- was -- -- -- to look at the whole span of my life and how I dealt with everything I was able also to see. You know I really shouldn't have done that now I'm 43 years old and I I was able to to realize that. You know I should have done it that way I should've done things differently is not have actually more clarity going forward with things what's next. -- next I have a well next you know I feel. Also a lot of lot a lot of peace having written a book and so I just like -- comments that Taylor now a lot more calm a lot more. Just a lot more acceptance. It it's it really is an amazing read because like this I think district from the very get go at the age of six the the experiences. And the the that this struck residents you've got -- are probably a lot of things what people just wouldn't know and we would realize. They see you on television and they see you as having this fantastic life and is this does this glamorous. But there's been a lot of pain and along the way. Yes yes and you know. When you see that person that character on television who's doing in being a goof ball on going to parties and doing all all this you know. For me the most beautiful part about it all is that you wouldn't really now that I have an artificial leg and I get so many calls from people who I've helped. And emails and messages saying you know I was laying in the hospital and I just have my leg amputated because of you know diabetes -- -- that I saw you getting into a pool with from Elena. And I knew I could go on. And it's bats. It's that way that I help people by example that. I think is the most powerful. It is that section low on the look at it really maybe stopping give pause because obviously anyway has that kind of understanding is you and you answer a lot of very intimate questions that people would be very afraid to -- yes I mean it's it's it's very empowering and I think it speaks volumes to the two to the strength that you that you come through years thanking well we certainly for. Leggy -- in bookstores now of course he's a six real housewives which is I'm. The DVR just can't hit plate -- -- much thank you Dan thank you so much.

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