Olivia Holt Talks 'I Didn't Do It'

Disney star gearing up for new season of hit comedy series.
6:08 | 03/10/15

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Transcript for Olivia Holt Talks 'I Didn't Do It'
You shake five inseparable friends he put them together in high school you toss in a few hilarious plots. And what you have and on the season a Disney channel's I didn't do it. No the combination but I'm not gonna tell you why not can be explained to me that I do everything for you I'm actually her new. We always hope each other that's what we do it into the twin thing. Eased slightly to have a special lines. And shocked. The gang is back emissions is ever we are delighted to have one of Disney's biggest prize cuts of this in the studio today it would be able thanks for stopping by letting fat. Hanging of course we're very proud of the fact that ABC is part of Disney family Al. That's the amount of success you've had so far is just mind. Not it's it's also answer I feel like it's and I feel like I'm only as I mentioned in my gaming because it is like it's it's so I'm well Amy in the fact and seventeen and and then on this incredible and crazy amazing journeys of science and to process. BG DUI mean it just kind of going off your body of port their Disney X these kicking it also that there is a made for TV film Grover since monster and such young age and so many titles on your. It. Yeah I mean super Great Falls in the run up to me that especially at Disney mean me. They've been such an amazing family and me and and hope and I'm with them forever as it has not been some local what was your big break. My big break let's take an under XTI it was that was twelve I started the shallow and finish. The agent. Fifteen and sixteen and and I start at I didn't do any harm us that we its assessment. It's enough for the new season you you're on your sophomore year rule of hate it. We think what it says some of the big surprise I mean and that we would have seen your brother there who is. Somewhat. The I don't think air head of the group way it is is that he's the build the lighter weight. Undoubtedly and I think that that's I think they net because I am. We're twins site we're fraternal twins I think they kind of bounce a check out in the low against the very late laid back low scheme like Philip the flood type of guy and Wendy's and warm ousted in invention is son. Super like upbeat and positive all the time and that I think that they kind of bounced out and says clinical played that part. So what we compare kicking in which oversee different have a call out to get them. And you're going to something like I didn't do it I mean it's it's a much more complex and it was and what was it more challenging role than the kind of go through that kind of switch jobs. Yeah I feel I mean Bob Rose relevant I was in the play because they're not necessarily an enlightening to act like we do have some similarities but going from like a kick but confident hang with the did cite type of girl on taken it and then go to that five best friends like going there you know high school experience as an honest crazy shenanigans that they get themselves into is. Definitely a different a different. Type of care can anywhere labor force. So in a new season coming up as well in Boston and an album coming out and pray I just and a pilot back Anthony licking my respect and right now congratulations how's it going so great I mean it's. Once again and so Israel from hanging music legend and I think so locked themselves safe and make it actually spend time working on music and my talent and then. Fighting hand songs are not war and colitis and hands and Republicans really cool intelligent and just being processed and and I knew how much they went into it and seven spending a lot of time in the recording studio working on an amnesty super happy. He keeps you want to steer career into that direction do you wanna even more varied. Time now I feel like you know I music is definitely a different part of me and I feel like music is definitely all me it's an in the plane Carrick Darren stepping in as somebody else and she is that making it you know. My this I feel like ninety definitely want those two different prayers in a telephone so much that an advocate against an. That you voted to come in as well OK and I dissident found prepare pictures on same kind of different is me. And it was such an amazing experience I mean there's nothing quite like and paying taxes spends and on sat with such scenes and in secret contact there isn't. I just kind have to soak up all the signs and they haven't had the opportunity to and set content and and just enjoyed it Siad. If you've also done some voice over work as well the major Morgan. Right and laying out how that's gonna get to a different experts as well because you don't. You lawyer recession one element exactly of your of your your anger adding that you can bring life to a pair here in the act. It was it was worried about was actually the first was over it at projects an average and average back and so the Israeli and just seeing that agreement. Not necessarily do the actual action that you're having me do you only can you your waist and nation that action is yes and can. It was really or live find it telling because I wasn't just playing you know a girl I was playing a fury it and read it. I had defining the rights hone the right thank you she moldaschi young HE hacked or she sad like it's in the have to find all of that in your voice up an interesting process. And then you put that in conjunction with spider grew on Disney XT marvel ultimate spider memories and a totally different pair drove regularly. And that was really quotes him because I was. Once again displaying a rod planes superhero balloon cakes and ended me. It's like the confident link he typed out and it was just really any that was excess are happening too it's different here and. And it and it's it's it's on your priest full schedule but what's next we want to work. I mean. I'm just me I mean honestly I honestly going with well and you know being me and I actually the things of Wal-Mart jeans right now into the clothing line ferry analysis and see if fault and in. At fashion that's comfortable and affordable alliances and it's just closing a constant and pedestal outside the small island sentiment happened to be apart and that actual act. Very cool breath at the ink that new season of I didn't do it that can channel that beautiful thank you for studying.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Disney star gearing up for new season of hit comedy series. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"29529987","title":"Olivia Holt Talks 'I Didn't Do It'","url":"/Entertainment/video/olivia-holt-talks-29529987"}