Olympic figure skaters Mirai Nagasu and Adam Rippon talk Oscars

Nagasu and Rippon show off their medals and talk Oscars picks on the red carpet.
6:14 | 03/04/18

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Transcript for Olympic figure skaters Mirai Nagasu and Adam Rippon talk Oscars
I'm not paid it is. Thank you so much he looked beautiful. It's not deeds did and our elected that we have a good energy it's the chemistry. So I'm so excited. Accident saying. I was a little story about you guys taking out your outfits and I think I love what you'd show them why did you go with this gorgeous Atlantic. Ash sand end to it represented attacked again as I. You can and can't thank you might records. Why did you expect her shirt underneath that I'd really. Valued at this is the Oscars and I don't look like it kicks off my first red card around when an ever do that you write it well. Not now assignment that they domestic come closer but you're closer let's get real like in here yeah. Now hey guys know me on the you've outlined I was asking why it went where for an. Artists what is heartening the it's a straight up artists. Yeah. Hot loans to healthy how he knows she's telling that heard was I've been saying it like this event like last week and he. Hello I think you need I had nothing to do it that this is all Jeremy Scott me is that guy is amazing so. Things here yeah wow what's harder. Skating or the blocking him high heels. Acts and make my way I'd say is an. Ad attacking Hank forget what I'm saying like. At least have made and the have yet to pick it up. I'm loving expecting him to elaborate tax evening so regulate gonna get the job done we're going to be great we're going to be perfect and whereas having a blast and then. Red carpet so unseeded have a bigger movie. Well you know we're skaters so we love I Tonya but right that he favorites. Yes that plays the music the sound and it had planned but I did and that's kinda slumping Coco wins. A lot of give a lot of Coco fans around here and I Tonya ways. What an epic and it was amazing news so that it had the drama and had you know the comedy it's one of my favorite movies this year. Is there any maybe you guys are really excited to see young Rick Irving isn't a lot of people excited to see you. Recently yes I I can't connect yes yes yes that counts completely. I am hoping I run its male street. Well and this is the Merrill street invitational announcer enunciated tell anyone nominees and I know she's insane at they're gonna renamed it actually. Hispanic and yeah they're renaming it embarrassing if it's ice. And keep them low brow beaten and asking me and I'm happy now playing it that. Down. Let up any avenue east in yet Philip has not we can't happen it's. Yeah I agree image does it matter of time for yet it's only a matter of time did anyone here excited to see. I am excited to us that he can't and yelling where everybody at us any attacks and I had like these just touched my metal. And I got no land but. Angry at them. It because I need to be. I. This night if they did. Lines wrapped up in an app came like over there. Yes I don't have like a couple of sound like he just brought a nap and it's yeah and you like it I did everything he. Yes he paid apps contest in I don't know I had somebody in the name of fame. We act look at kids yeah. Think you know the fifteen who blew big. This is pure news and well deserved by you guys I love that you have and you presume the good stuff. It's nine dollars. And that I dollars and doesn't and I always have soon and hold a dictionary now. Yeah. He was and I think you did some snacks from from up above liking us and we're excited for the rains. And I'm nice. Making its advantage and a rarity I'll absolutely blow kisses. But the event in my producer Robert is that he had in the Atlantic. And athletes here Robert I told Larry Anaheim while adding everybody reunite. And met them in January after nationals. So much I told her about my own acts that owns the jacuzzi. Yeah and and hey six. Mike Allen that accuse the long story we'll talk about it later. Right somebody's attic and then mean that I thought. Everything. Well. We do like an after hours the form I think yeah diet I agree. That's only thing. It didn't read out I have to and media. Look. Finance. Yeah details. Wow. That's fantastic I'm so glad I get sacked as the highlight. My damn I needed I need to keep that energy up. You have sent to find fine thank you so much for being here and they are representing us in the Olympics I'm really proud. I think it is eight. It's true. Soon a proud American yet. Again in July he's. They I just might. Like standing here and now they're taking self being. Partner our producer Robert let me introduce everybody to them at the Olympics and yeah very close. Really fun to see everybody.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"Nagasu and Rippon show off their medals and talk Oscars picks on the red carpet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"53505377","title":"Olympic figure skaters Mirai Nagasu and Adam Rippon talk Oscars","url":"/Entertainment/video/olympic-figure-skaters-mirai-nagasu-adam-rippon-talk-53505377"}