Omari Hardwick on the final season of 'Power'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about wrapping up his crime drama series after six seasons.
18:25 | 01/24/20

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Transcript for Omari Hardwick on the final season of 'Power'
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn neatly with pop and in the culture. And Mike yesterday at march Hartley gave in theory. Called power that is finishing up finishing up this is when I'm an old in and Craig almost all of the not quite or. Peter it could be where's yours your meeting me at the take off that made him about it Inco of course we talked about elevation we thought we. Off off camera you guys while watching Doug about. Aaron not talking area it's not that I know you but Wheeler but the fact eases. This is six seasons of this year. Very and now as we're watching the in every. Day should it wants you are cared debt. So once and beauty and reel handle for you when you're watching it. But each of these kind of left. I have the west and that's why we have to I don't wanna spoil things for its own and I don't know about what. Hi. I mean computer you lived it I was you know the united that in in much of it up orchestral string. Point but to mid season finale and that to me was the finale which is episodes hit me so happy see what happens conceit but if I don't trust. I don't know that you catch. I don't believe anything. And by using the C it's I think I am in debt has been a columnist and actively now. I wouldn't people most viewers of popcorn with Peter Travers witness their only use it was popping in the codes. You wouldn't really be popping as much as you have been spanning across different age groups of colleges and if you worse not so cynical it's will move you have to be. What's an owner of if actor. That you have interest in talking to be it would be. Doing due diligence to the characters that we come to portray aware if it was analogous to where cold and I don't know we would do that with sets. Passion and and you know being invigorated as much as we are when we approach the guarantee that we were equally as cynical look at it and go. Even if we happens to do with the fate that which the creator producer director has decided the fate of the care. We still have not judgment of that care we came in not judge so we don't pay it we can't do it couldn't get anything that works in any art. It doesn't know anything is it you can go in cynical. But if it works now you just like this. So I'm the same as do I think I looked at it in a way of light wire all of these people coming up to my care and that was why I wasn't that. If anything I thought he was the got it was trying to get everybody to fly good from the he was opposite Bryan Cranston bill brilliant turn of want to like he was breaking good from being bad that that being a kid from the port as part. Like the song get things under fifty did so what would dictate them. In this on record as to projects in Jackson he states I'm from a big which now we know men had to be says. But I'm just from the port where that every shot it right you can hear it right every month slight. Or not slight but lack thereof of opportunities that I could've had but I didn't in my life would have been OK if I didn't have. These mishaps goes would have been OK so he's still to me felt like the hero but anti Hugo obviously there is the bad him in the good him. Yeah and that it cares. Fascinating idea to care yes sure is ghost. And extremely dead he wants to be somebody else did and he wants to be on that other signs it was BJ and you this is the best tribute to Peyton your performances. Is that you and I see him in the act of inventing himself. I'll do parts of our but it's likely that we traditional I want me. And can I be. You know because we're all making it up as we sure sure. But it's rare to see that in a character who's been on four seasons on this team ship still right up to the last episode. Who am I an idea to try going back. Yeah exactly the pair of Courtney hope that theater she came in with Tara Kemp you are Courtney killed whose creator and show run. She came would have you can and impress me being a writer pressed me being a kid who's from a very black neighborhood and that being Decatur Georgia but dingle into an all white high school. That was my reality of life from thirteen years old to 1718 years of age so. The amalgamation of sorts. And which I had to juggle my own perspectives and and perceptions and realities of of journey. Or or lack. Whenever I had a life and also the things I didn't have. Coming to a carriage of my goals it in afforded me the things that were in me to be actually explodes from me community here you say that which is saying is. So Marty one afraid in a very brave way. To bring you to bring you. Married to of course Corning's parent which immediately will this guy to be somebody who we saw is flawed. But was trying to fly straight. And so we literally and it mirrors to the show them you see shattered mirrors or broken mirrors and every time weird interesting you know looks of ghost. At himself within the mirror sometimes military's top ship you can head there Tommy catching views of themselves. So there was the reality that what we find attractive about human beings is that. Not just the fall but that wind is the fault I think a lot of us perhaps not the majority of people in a room. But maybe close to the majority of people in a room are rooting for the person Peter who was phone. Where almost negatively. Extending our own in England they act in Nokia I want everyone else well so goals was always kind of he was getting up and he's on he's given up. I literally fall literally falling but we. To root for the you have to be human you have to and the fact is it lot of people a lot of stuff that I see in movies or on television right. They want to be one thing they're basically gonna yeah political bills right this is a wet one note yet. And don't confuse the audience but we're all around and around confused we. And an audio don't know what is it you're completely Gregg it kind of undermines the the audience aptitude. Can you like there's an audience members and a brighter than others but for the most part an audience in all I know he's okay just come in listening test taunt that have never seen power sure let's talk to them. For a minute and a half love and let's say. Who is this guy that you play when. The dep who know nothing about cowardly dog and a big watch it like crazy entity. A young man. Let's make him eleven. Rules. Mother flies the coop early. His father battles with alcoholism his father runs a nightclub a very small. Mom and pop type of speak -- of sorts. In Southside Jamaica queens. He's a bright kid he knows that he's. Perhaps anointed for something but he can't put his finger out what that may be. He is in love with a young girl who grew up with he and Tommy Tommy is his brother. I would human caused on the Euphrates raise with this Irish he would get raises Brothers. The bomb that end up raising them. Is Tommy's dysfunctional. Drugged out mother. While the father that raises them Khatami has no father is girls' father who battles with drugs Debian alcohol. So these two young men are trying to figure life out of course goes this Angel of sorts on the side named Angela who goes a high school with them. She then gets an opportunity to go awaited child. So she goes away. So flash forward he becomes a very big drug. He does well that pharmaceutical narcotics field illegally distributed. Due to greater parts of New York pharmaceuticals the word that makes it off it sounds that it really got me and so. He goes into that world what Tommy and so. And the two of them become very very good within the big rich down. Having come from the ports part of it. When he opens a club he feels great about that truth after that there is this moment where he sees the girl down at the bottom. Of the club in the girl that catches his attention obviously outside of his wife and in nabbing -- is Angela the same girl that got away. When he was although it's yours and go home at of that thing about what that way to go. You artists and see it it is accessible to tighten. I don't necessarily know we saw a sociopath spectrum or narcissistic spectrum at the time we saw in. Eager typical guy who's confidant who loves is kitten. It is into his kids because he didn't feel that from his father from his mother. Or Tommy's mother but he definitely is somebody that believes. In the power of acquisition this city say that and so. The same thing that all of the colonizers of from Australia to America to New Zealand to South Africa to different parts of the world as saying. Simply whether it be. Synopsys is a more Scioscia put the oral would have you he's. He has got enough Peter he possesses that and up to go. I want that I want acquired and he wants but he still needs ghosts. His new musical number that's out there that and that's the problem he and show Angela Jaime that you speak of yet but he can't show. Angela goals and so for the viewer who's never seen the show that's what the viewer comes to you come to him at a crossroads. How much of goals throughout leave on the side of the table and how much it goes to bring to the table how much of Jamie to leave 'cause Jamie solved a love struck. So Jamie might weaken mob polls in life is going so he's trying to figure out how to divvy it what to leave almost. Jekyll and Hyde thing great subject you know it is rated and that's what we're seeing as this show ends as it comes to an and and it's not a spoiler to say that right theme right. Him be shot yet seem to tumble backward yes that's the end which I'm still cynical about. Hut we've seen that happen and we see all these people lined up to do it. Including. Your ex wife. Including your century. Including that rubber rich who was. On these PL comment after you how. How do you negotiate. Does the you have in your own head not how it really happens because you don't wanna spoil yes but there and ending with there's somebody in your head that you thought might have been the one to blow this. Character away well two years ago I mean four years ago would have been coming out of my guess is close of five news wouldn't coming out of season one. Which means muted nobody in the world saw the show at that point because we haven't shown the show we're going into the summer after season one. I'm going in the season two I'm jogging in Boston listening to a folk band slash blues band and it's a song in my earphones called wanted me. At that point having one goals as a coat and in the very little local parts of new York and in the cold figurative ones of who this guy was. I decided that he truly was a wanted man not necessarily by the likes of the people would it changes for midget and those coming for him. But by other faculties of life on dial Baghdad a Dennis the Menace at a high steroid level people want him pharmaceuticals deficit and so I brought up. In an email to Courtney and to Joseph only share it with those who couldn't share with Curtis and I said I see this guy. Taken a bullet had it I saw the fate of the so that's literally only need in season 15 years ago I saw him taken a bullet. But it was almost like dickens' tale. And man on fire button when Denzel had to give a life. For life to save his client right in them as a security guard at the highest level type of security art. He has to give a life for life. I've made that day I made that Tommy gets and hot water. And that goes by the end of this one whether it was eight seasons Peter went it was twenty season goes head to give his life to save his brother has this for an. I didn't think about the development relationship as close as life or death that's what I want a given the joke given to court papers given to Joseph Joseph goes. Otis will be special. Joseph added but I killed so. I go you kill yourself. Joseph goes yes well really Romeo. I can't live without you. The romance I can't live without you knew that was of romance by going into season two we've established it as such. So Joseph adds Jones events to Peter goes. I die two we die that way and I thought it. So are we that far from it and goes me a shot not necessarily but it's very different things so I did receive. And not dis similar but it wasn't necessarily this it. It's the end you think could behind it's something you know guardian life for it over to actual they goodbye what did you take. I think it's Higgins who is every so what that would be good yet this suit that sparked it to describe you gotta have arbitrary you please if you look at everything. It is me I tried it I would definitely higher I gotta shout out and you know jab him on the side of Israel's can't wait one of our producers that embarked when rich he told me. It was told me about frank Fleming who designed us in terms of what we Wear francs a bar has your library of clothing he is going to ship it to you. And I'm still waiting for the them abroad that you know he look on eBay and he obviously it's a car that probably. Output at mandala it is emotion. A most what happened the way they use her last seen how is that those hogs. I think it after the hour you're saying good bye to everything. People that you work with buttons which could that impact your and you're with a as the locker room. And he is saying go by right and that's intimate part of it. While Nikki kept saying over wildwood maybe it's not the end maybe there's going to be is an whether us there are spin offs but I don't know there. There was already the world. Of power as we know it. And that being the focal. Reality of the goals done so if and there is a spin off that makes sense for ghosts to remain in its the prequel. I'd be ready did you see that as our vehicle and I think I think that is more akin to what Curtis is speaking about when he talks about spinoffs I think. If I'm not mistaken he gravitate towards this tale of the beginning of the story now a blows you got a lot of worlds to conquer the united he really do mean that I do you. Worked with people David Byrne saying he's elegantly to ripped that thing early are likely early look right yeah you'd be a great people that's it really is you decide to hook up with his right then that doing. I have to ask a few questions from online. Okay so do it let's see what they say mr. Lewis Marla team your show will go down as when in my favorites what was your favorite scene to tape. Over all with more does hardball actually know. Move now no you cannot have. Not. One of the great scenes for me. Was coming to the aid of Tommy. Want to win. He killed how. When he didn't know what the heck he had just done and he kills her. That was a very. Cool only in interest easy and I also had sued notice when you go there body watching would say come on. The pilot episode what you see Eagles go down from the club. Africa and and then we take on and off. And try to negotiate with somebody goes is not like Tommy never really wants to put a bullet and somebody to negotiate with the guys speak in Spanish you gentlemen. Telling him you know ESCO ESCO that you choose in the guise is I'm not afraid to died. Gosselin okay I'm not a particularly in nimbly and blood everywhere and Ingles movement at all about getting back take in his deep breath. In England back in the club and secondly that enhances its like that kept that was that was amazing you know but also allegedly and in a pilot and missiles aren't. But the scene in the last season that you do Tommy and we say no more I don't want you don't get that through that's I can't see well killer shakes all right one more of which one more question from him he. Any plans for you and fifty to work together on another project absolutely. Absolutely can V there are plans. They'll not pay their plan that we haven't necessarily fleshed out yet but he and I talked immediately about it and some of those plans include it. Terms of stage OK you don't have been asking the first time he'd been shot them first and Manny. You know Rudy would do this is there are wide you know we need I need important was it would that we have with the kit from a game of throws that threat he became ugly and needed therapy and my bare minimum dynamite up illegals gonna do need every Sunday night out got. Institutionalized. Something like that but you know this show always and where he guessed that do little bit it's wrong but I have to eat them now okay. I hear that you've done something musically where you've done to you poetry and music here yet but you'd do a little bit of when he home. Right OK but you're doing it you're. I don't know what the music would be but I'm just wanting to listen and music and mine will be plan. Okay. Concrete hit my street. Wake up look for the son feel the heat trying to shake it up. Trying to break machine use pin trying to find a better parts of my men. Trying to figure out how to say to god a man. I'm a little bit of Peter a little bit oh. I got little bitty cheetah trying to that your vast snow. Is Peter Travers a morning show I'm trying to navigate between cop and a hero. But here I am just drop in this little lines on popcorn. With Peter Travers here we go peace. I you go how we'll break and give me what else.

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