Omarosa Manigault on Her Role in the White House, 'Engagement' With Black Community

The former "Apprentice" star discussed her role in the Trump administration.
7:35 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Omarosa Manigault on Her Role in the White House, 'Engagement' With Black Community
They know can't rule lawman you know we don't have one our next guest is actually working for the trap administration. America first Menem Rosa as these super Mellon up the first season of the apprentice and now she's rescued him again. Acts as assistant to know never heard about Rosa super though I do they like yeah. Yeah. Eight as the director of communications. For the office of public liaison. And please welcome camera sock. Very nice wearing red today. So you working for to dot all this is. First time back and thirteen years I'll have a first season. And fly it my mentor and who I call plays that the legend of TV Barbara Walters was here when I last was here. Or. Yeah. You working and the White House that the president what what exactly are doing and do you Jenny it's like to the morning that's what I want yeah. Again do you what do you do well. So I am director of communication spread the offer the public liaison and really we are the face the coordination between the different groups. That want to have a ways and to inform the policy that's happening with this administration and so I'm honored to serve all of the different groups who want to engage. But this administration in fact right now pinning our Black History Month program that's gonna. Be extravagant. Well. Black History Month and M. One of your job during the campaign was too reach out to be African American community rector of African American or gay teenage boy and a truck heads campaign right but 94% of black Whitman did not vote for Donald Trump they voted for. Hillary Clinton and how do you respond to the criticism. That Donald Trump doesn't really understand the black community doesn't really put it I can't waste this very question what I'm any questions because at about the rate at or picked the criticism has bid. That he's just using you for optics and that he doesn't let me can't. What first led and then we can go through each step first of all African Americans traditionally vote democratic let's just establish historical. Precedent they they vote for act. The Democrat. 9495%. So that's no different but Donald Trump got a third channel percent of the African American vote he doubled what Romney got. As he is very very excited about engage with the African American keeping. Now your second at their question I really didn't here's if you want to sort through those kind of criticism has been in the African American community that Donald Trump doesn't really care about the community and in fact he's just using you as has opted to bundle when he was this man. For the first and foremost let me just tell you a little bit about myself and then you can understand how I got right down. I grouping Youngstown Ohio and west lake projects a housing projects eye Indian body movements of the American dream microphone welfare. On section eight housing. My father was killed when I was seven years so I went to public schools. I went to censure of Ohio got to Howard university and started to work in politics. So I urge my way to sit in the White House that when gave me anything okay. Pets. When you start talking about the African American community you know the last administration decided not to aggressively do African American hours they felt that if they helped all Americans. Then the black community would be help in that you know that really isn't your personal were taking. We have a very strategic plan of engaging his community we see what's happening in the inner cities. We see that 56%. Of African American in under thirty are either unemployed eight or not in school. And we want to work to change that we see the violence that's happening in Chicago it's unacceptable assay is still argue that it bow to see how about the amount of murders that are happening want second right. Because what's happening in Chicago and there's not an uproar. That so many people are dying at being shot to. It's un except you know I don't need a car and going to address that. And this president already but he's got to wait it out announce I don't know about trying to I want him to do anything there is to do. To make sure that no family goes there what my family with my brother was murdered not even five years ago. Shot dead in his own home when I see these families Chicago's seven or eight hundreds pales had two goals throughout my family went through I had to sit in the courtroom. But that may at that murdered my brother this is more than just politics for me joy this is like pat. Ryan is damages saying I'm questioning why do you think you're able to make it and all these are the people could not that's the bigger question than four very witnesses and have anyone to do without. And and there are a lot of historical things that has happened that you can bet other people could answer I'm Linda tell you about my life. And my Larry I think Fred I was gonna make it when Mike and Renton avenue they didn't make it because my mother. Make sure that we weren't the church that Christ was the head of our lives that education I was at the top of every single thing that we did I think and a white summit panelists out of in the rubble and outlets strip house and that's why I've made I can't speak because we're not all of monolith the African American community is so diverse. But my mother and the sacrifice he made after mark my father was murdered is the reason that I have success and I don't know it all those things that you say and hats off for all of your hard working getting to where you are today. I guess my question is. What is it about Donald Trump president trump. That you see. It will help change the way in which African Americans are in our community I think that you have got to know him as a business mogul. As. And we entertainer reality stuff as a reality start now as the president of the United States I cannot but I know him. I don't got to burn your low I'm yeah. Really really hard after. You know the last year and a half of all the things that you set about Donald to see him sitting in the Oval Office and it was going to be hard for you I have to tell you like that I don't get as mayor is about and I know it does that but here is here's the great thing. You all know him as the president Idaho I'm as a friend. I know his heart I know the things that he's seen has never been reported on a probably folks whenever a loss of thousands of what he says I'm talking about my experience joined now you can listen to what you want you have decided to continue to hit hit hit hit hit and not even get my chances for. I'm waiting I'm not and I apologize. Asking though I just you want who wanted him to apologize for all the things said about you up to now not in May not make a better place and John McCain own and they hang you'll have to do is say no. It has about. Firstly about school choice about opportunity about jobs I think that message did gets a lot of people and that's why a lot of African Americans a lot of people who work. In poverty people of all genders races came out not my issue as battered him to knock out Saddam JK not. More than a Republican in the past and that makes it and you had gotten credit that I didn't like I I think. The move from campaign up he's the president offered no longer campaigning. Those same lines sound really know how how do you bring the people Lin who who are saying you know what no matter what we're doomed to are refusing to listen to the fact that a lot of these programs in my opinion will bring opportunity. How do you make those people who aren't any plans when we come back too much longer resonate gossip for commercial women comebacks can answer your question.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"The former \"Apprentice\" star discussed her role in the Trump administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45094144","title":"Omarosa Manigault on Her Role in the White House, 'Engagement' With Black Community","url":"/Entertainment/video/omarosa-manigault-role-white-house-engagement-black-community-45094144"}