Oscar Winner Dustin Lance Black talks LGBT Issues and the DNC

The award-winning screenwriter and director talks with ABC News' LZ Granderson over ice cream.
22:49 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Oscar Winner Dustin Lance Black talks LGBT Issues and the DNC
David Espinoza grams of ABC and I am old city and that would help you. Protesters as right it was a break its Rutgers team anyway. I posted an Adobe it is extremely hot and what you do when it's not just an Isaac who lost and we don't quickly apparent. What is local consultant will. Besides his vocation and an old city where everything happened in the country just doing particulars. Eighteen bank bag is an epic storm has been a leather goods store has been an erotic bakery what is. Well ladies when he does it take for your party this is where you used to go go get our. Since 2004 has been Franklin Bronson writes apartments are these fantastic labor's inspector its ethnic flavors. I have a waiver and splat right next bat well here you may remember him. Oscar winning screenwriter and film broke through very impassioned speech Jerry here doing deep and expediency when you tell me why you're here applies to connect regret. I mean this is the priority now. I don't know if you can I don't know if you can feel that it is like. Thousand please. It is an argument is them who are maximizing. Yeah I'll tell you all about it sir again. Oh my goodness so much about this over. This would address this means war as being part of sort of. So it's beautiful isn't actually I mean. You know when you come when you come to Philadelphia and that's part of the beauty place. You feel the history flying in yesterday I was looking down and I thought about what was it like the Benjamin Franklin who's been coming here are horrors. And and then when I was a little bit as have to do it liars. OK as a teenager my family was was wouldn't out of Virginia my stuff that's and is feeling come up here and I go to and swear. Remember seeing where the constitution. For the liberty bell blues. And I remember all too clearly none of those have nothing to do. I felt strongly about constitution includes me. Emblem. And a lot of shame. When young man batsman. And and I felt left out. Also today was this really beautiful they were kind of place that has so much history. And him and dedicated a memorial. I'm mean the place where. Some of our forefathers inform others in the LG BT movement came together and said hey it's time marks for full federal home. Customers and doesn't like that ultimately some people that liberty bell is one of our emblems. Story and write for the acts were part of our country what's right and went on to write. Cheers and related I mean you know freaking me. And Barbara getting some were doing animals suffer Madison's society that helped inspire. A little more proud little question. Emboldened enough to fight back at Stonewall you know it was almost on the shoulders of the folks who are watching here in the sixties with some things this. That some homosexuals should be treated as. It's easy to do that. No you march for equality for LG BT one of the sixties or be labeled mentally ill and a funny. And in these these people interest. Worried about discrimination happened and bad words shouted out or just losing their job they were saying things like electroshock. Chris. They marched up there with those signs. It's great to come to Philly on the heels of Michael bird of balanced federal Supreme Court decisions knowing we're starting to have full federal equality. Two. People some of this history along. Times. Told about eight lot over the past two weeks. Yards T and then of course here. You see currencies and you could hear what was sentenced basically it was their credit you're. Think that both parties now we welcome me ask welcome. Do you think we're was 1 morning. Work work shall. No I think frankly. In Cleveland. As an openly gay man can get up there for playing Paula if you have enough money to live equally. I am and it's you know it's it's one thing to be a wealthy gay white man in this country. Can a four. He doesn't have to worry about losing into his need to worry about being picked up an apartment complex. Yes he might feel more equal. Than others might feel who don't have. Apparently concerned and so I'm proud of him for getting up and saying. I applaud him for us from. But we have to be of people who embrace diversity. The Republican Party did not do that is not doing that protecting. Put a different case here. For seniors and nominee's. Record and. I'll leave it without you talked about fighting for equality on that stage the crowd applauded. He acknowledged there applaud. Applause relevance to revert. You know and what is that platform. No the platform that I read. Is still missing and let's go beyond just LG BT equality because the quality is interrelated. If you're willing to save a black lives matter in this country you're also not LG BT equality. As they're African American GBT people what's well for part of every community. Diversity. And the success of diversity and quality is how interconnected as social justice movements. Until the Republican Party nominees for everyone. For every. Regardless of the color of the skin. The patriots who. Or who they love he's not for any. Of those and social justice movement that does not understand. Interconnected. So don't just say LT BT for an applause line after attacking people of. Us. Talk sacrifice. That you hugs. Going to very passionate about it because. I feel like you know I've been fighting. All of recession. As I saw this story. Activism. Stepped away from moviemaking five years the quality. And and I and I feel like one of the things that gets us. In her fight. It is our Brothers and sisters this justice and eyes. It's this the Republican Party divided. Court. It's an element of an applause like this because that's ultimately keep people yes you know we've made great it's. People. I really really upsets me and LG BT people become myopic about you know equality and forget about the Brothers and sisters and other social justice movements. Really upsets me. Parties that. And they can influence him to say how students eating out Whalen. Treating women some things he's. Six. And and and people. As. I understand. You know and my fears that he knows. He's trying to steer them to find. The Pentagon announced it would harm review of the and I did America get married he didn't it is and as you should just write what you know expert who off. And I get. But and then step and cut me. So small. Statistics aren't. Yeah. We need. And are hoping that. We'll go right that there was this your favorite concoction. Green team went after him select which. Currently. Like all. I do. There are probably do that. Saturday. Hard you worked here. But all sorts of she. Mock. Grave matters the story you've worked Texas parks is right next door breakfast. Miles per hour. S history something sincerely Hastert to. Speaking of history that you heard march. Thank you. If you took. Frequent question I understand you're working foreign aid documentary. Or series for ABC news yeah have been about gay yes sure. It's it's a mini series silence you know in the tradition of the home ground ABC miniseries. It's. Dramatization. He real stories and it's. It's called and school when we runs. Out hard when your eyes from. We're and it's it's really I spent about a year. People who live pot could bring the story diversity of social justice movements. Why I was really looking for people who are kind of in the grass roots hands them. Group of folks who were fighting women's equality and black civil rights and peace movement mechanism. Wheels happened county community. I really think it's where we need to be its. Themselves and to me it's important for people understand. You know how these movements and fragility of if they see. Com and except when I was so completely doing them for awhile sixty news and news. Seems like I'm so. I want to bring us right back like so yes there's isn't about a dozen real stories this whole loans. It is for treatment. It was the claims the young man. Was part politically. We've got to know little to no it's no more this. Cool thing please my mom always called him. Horse now. It was like. You know right column my gaze out like he was always. In them right or difficult place. At the exact. Right moment talk moment. And most often. So he you know funniest characters are able to stay activist. From 1970 one's. I have to stay movement it's not easy being an excellent justice movement. Not just surviving it is the size. But you know there's a lot disagreement amongst you. It puts forth like that meant it really narrowed the field and I ended up with. Enrollment. Young man Kent Jones. We Jones with a mean people like us. Some stories come together we add characters go on as the eyes trams movement. Tell you who are how it ends with we don't watch with. Argument weight rumors yes. Hurricanes can tell us. Which world world war effectively he requested. Very existence of a plot to meet these bad as yeah. And there. It was a mind. Commitments if. Hillary. But he's wrong me you know your theory that you or about the shock you. Michael. I mean. Some its its actors playing. Isn't that right but it's these treatments right now so it was and the reserves. Ran. I mean. Some means. Really is about. How. Small. Group of people was the beginning of this news. And how difficult it was for them to work. Again you know the things I've found relief. Was contingent on African American guys signed through it. Was game. So you. Did fought for his country. He was brave enough. He was brave enough to. Come out. In San Francisco once he was stationed on Treasure Island there. And you know as a veteran as a guy who in the military his job was working to segregating the military better. When he tried to go into the Castro which she'd heard either cash there's this place where you can be free and can deal with. Realizes that an anticipated to 1973 Harvey Milk had a camera shot there. And he goes down to the Castro is trying get to the bars and Aggie and one's notices. Our house is getting. This shows is I didn't have had enough to the barn and the bartender IDs and again. So what's this about you already know. What's up and then they frisk him. And even then they say it's nice not to have him. It was because it was a black. So that racism even in the early seventies was alive. And another social justice moved today. And so understanding that he had to fight on two fronts and that so many people. You know come to reality T movement. As members of other minority groups are still have to tighten access. I thought that was really revealing it's not. You know it's my experience I've had doesn't like him and I didn't know that. That's it I think untold story when one of Armenians. From mountain to struggle. Audiences first and will be a lot of repair work. Done inside the community and to get rid of racism to me to still can be get rid of the signs and news. You know the. So that gay and lesbian people works again. That was not a reality and early seventies gay men and lesbian. Women or you know very far apart their streets cast as she was far away from Valencia street. San Francisco to starting to understand how much work went into creating this LGB team and speaking of work. Don't you think. Forget about intentions were getting questions actually face but about relationship. With the receipt. All he. How does this it is to be national. I'm going around its. Especially after what we saw a. With the national security. Well I think. You know. Personal. Win when we. We're kind of real crossroads here right now I think in the country we could see very clearly you watch the Republican Convention and now this convention so far. And that crossroads is are we going to be a nation. That is led by fear. And that positions of power gained by dividing. Com or we going to be a nation. That. Finds opportunities and finds advantage in diversity. And that includes. Embracing. Understanding. And making one. Was Muslim Americans. You know about not shutting people out to a different things we might not who who who believe differently since very differently than us. What I think there's a danger when its back on its. A lot of people talking while we need to come together we need to conference about assistance from one of steps that actually shows that accident demonstrates that we. I mean. One of them the law first and forms has gotten help us even Oakland. And for LG BT people obviously and equality act passed in congress. So that you. You know make you can get married on a Sunday they would get fired and among the upcoming I don't think these days. Think that there is equality because marriage is right literacy collecting you can. Literally at your wedding and ask any local news and such. On Monday get married on Sunday you going to work he put the picture after work on a desk. Your Boston comment and see that you marry someone of the same gender and Larry legally and in most states in this country. Today your spouse and maybe putting your apartment legally. In most states in this country. Oh no that's well. I mean this is what but so we have to decide what kind of leadership we gonna happen in this country we'll kind of language is going to be news. So are we going to have language which is about division which is about buildings. Which is about keeping people out who were different. Because somehow different scares us about someone trying to gain leadership by making. A certain group of people in this country feel like hey maybe there's someone I can pick up. That's gonna make me feel. I'm sorry but those are tactics used by people like Mussolini and the Iraq. Is that the kind of country and is that the kind of rhetoric warning. We're that we want to hear inclusive. Words from our leaders and that's right starts leadership. Is important this election is important because the words we hear from a mouse leaders. I'm gonna influence how we treat and how we understand. How inclusive will their administrations. How many we invite you Harvey Milk inspired so many LG BT people because he was brought to a position of leadership. Position of admiration or sudden it was okay to admire. I gave me was new I was new life there's good news. We need to continue to do that. Six countries including Muslim Americans and and I think we start to make it safer nation. Division makes us less sick and pictures. So if it. Or to be. It's. No matter what happens next to White House it looks there's there's a very good chance that congress when it hit me square. Democrats hope public statements and it but if that happens. Phillips middle school this legislative process it's gonna be. Steel. Supplies home. How do you talk to me. Those were holds important quality so that it's just as his. Because no matter who the president is if you don't have domestic processors were treated at you can actually outlaws. So true I think you know I I stepped away from making movies for about a half a decade. To fight for marriage equality and when. Toughest and smartest decisions we ever made was to have that case led by titles. Titles and is the Supreme Court lawyer who won the case for George W. Bush. It's important and it's right and so it's really about understanding. That if we want to improve things. For people in this country. To create a more diverse country we have to be willing as Democrats or as a progressive to reach across the aisle. Tell us stories. And define our allies even unexpected allies. Unexpected allies in churches. And unexpected allies across the aisle. In the Republican Party and they are. And there are many who want to do the right thing and we have to help them. Find the courage to do what they are needed. She. I believe the majority of the people in congress believe that the Al ball action. A and opportunities. Officers ride many members only resident of her. And aspects. Can ask about a secret celebrity marriage it's. Here is there. That was what about Palin what is your take the politics and her role in this large that's. Well I mean I you know I I think Kaman certainly is open to conversation. About. Transitions. And an awareness. About trans people it's important I don't agree with her on her politics that's our I you know I don't understand them frankly. I'm glad America's hearts and I've never I've never immaculate. You know I can and when we rise we portray a great many. Trance characters and it was important to me it would cast trans actors and actresses played its part and I'm going to be honest you know I thought I knew. Good bit about you know the trans struggle in this country as well thank you.

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