Oscars introduce a new category for popular movies

Expect a few other changes, too.
0:28 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for Oscars introduce a new category for popular movies
Changes are coming to the Oscars the awards show is adding eight popular film category movie that. Become box office hits often nab awards in technical categories but. They don't typically take home the night's biggest honor best picture on the new category creates more opportunities for fan favorites to be recognized organizers. Also say next year's Oscars will be more globally accessible. And make sure. Three hour. Telecasts in Batman.

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{"duration":"0:28","description":"Expect a few other changes, too.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"57116810","title":"Oscars introduce a new category for popular movies","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscars-introduce-category-popular-movies-57116810"}