Outrageous Rump-Shaking 'Bubble Butt' Song Goes Viral

Major Lazer's bizarre song makes it to No. 1 spot on Spotify's Top 5 list.
5:15 | 06/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Outrageous Rump-Shaking 'Bubble Butt' Song Goes Viral
They're the most viral songs the weak spot -- top five list and got imported joining me now. With the list. Spotify its top five is Shannon cook Spotify trend expert -- always great to see you see at a fund list we have this week I -- -- -- -- we get to number one. I'll call you bitterly about the practice then when you get to number one apps are remembered by bill let's build up the anticipation to it -- -- it by two chains in wiz Khalifa. As he may have -- an album. This is the same song. From these. In the latest which has -- The last couple weeks -- nice. It sounds like. He mayor why you watching me I'm -- -- -- that's going to be enough maybe we should go with double dates of the I couldn't feel that I managed to avoid seeing a single second. The entire franchise and -- -- keep hearing wouldn't. You think might be too late to jump into it now. No commitment to it it's justice system Mike and I got you -- but the -- great though is and it may never fought they they're holding soundtracks of pretty pretty. Pretty driving habits and that was -- really bad tourists -- Three point eight -- -- -- this number on the -- take me by TS though in this is hot track. I feel like -- -- on. JJ CF that action now because his wife yes. -- -- -- -- -- It is and very exactly the person basis he does DJ he very well. And so and I -- singing he's on this track she's in her name is kind of England. And she's missing assignments from the -- and no way that risky actions in them. -- -- -- hearing -- restrain him but -- -- -- Young it's a great song to run to as well when you need Killinger only I have I have yet -- just talking. Have done for exercising New Zealand only got pretty is that fantastical. What is likely to make the Spotify -- Next week if -- a -- -- -- five on one and only -- exercise. Every -- we needed Princeton sized plane is saying -- visited the -- but another idea for a planet. Number three and lives in the perennial favorite now -- lower royals. -- this is the sixteen year old singer songwriter from New Zealand he -- he will not leave Elvira similar happy to have been there. Values as their -- -- the learning. She is some -- yeah. Seriously think it's been quite seriously considers herself a rye town Melissa doesn't sing she's been writing -- since she was to allegedly -- poet. How many he listens and. Experience there's there's some poetic they're beautiful city -- have memorized every leader on condition I think it's great because the kids got good -- got good feet good cadence to -- -- -- I kind of wish sit down uses -- sensitive sharing some of her of the songs around because she does have a few others that are yes well now she does is a very talented artists and the talented artists. Robin thick blurred lines and other paper. Song. Isn't yet known -- Favorite announcement of business and this -- actually just became the fastest selling well in the case of it's been really well everywhere own brand on it. It's really been -- strength lately like excellent line. I don't know whether Crockett wrestling you play this in the meantime. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When it. Fannie you can see you can say that I can't say that I'll get criticized for that but I'm -- I'm -- someone had to bring that out number one as we've been seeing an anticipation. Going -- is bubble but by major laser. Featuring Bruno Mars two chains tiger and mystic with us. Yeah. And you know we -- -- that Clinton. Comparing -- I -- if it was really difficult and find suitable place right again and I'm not surely didn't -- -- -- Clinton could. Family cremation. Is memories of media I've seen in a long -- it kind of it reminds -- saw this -- reminds me standing. Yeah yeah back in the day has claimed that homelessness is that this this is baby got back physical fitness here absolutely and hit the -- -- -- -- -- articles you done it recently. I'm not -- -- -- -- -- nine -- pregnant you look at them but I think limited ultra. We caught -- on Spotify has. If -- -- -- -- that level I -- I just try I think humanity and I just can't and gravitate toward Shannon cook always a pleasure great to see who.

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{"id":19322658,"title":"Outrageous Rump-Shaking 'Bubble Butt' Song Goes Viral","duration":"5:15","description":"Major Lazer's bizarre song makes it to No. 1 spot on Spotify's Top 5 list.","url":"/Entertainment/video/outrageous-rump-shaking-bubble-butt-song-viral-19322658","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}