Patrick Dempsey on Life After 'Grey's Anatomy'

Dempsey appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about his new role in the film 'Bridget Jones's Baby.'
17:33 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Patrick Dempsey on Life After 'Grey's Anatomy'
Pump. City's debt equity and so glad that began fences and unique and want to limit what. Teens think. Moon. Said this is data you. And meet Kim. Hudson tag could be hit this is a unique and wonderful amendments. Before we stop would you like to nip this X we should be. More capable. I hope born eight. Now I. Home for my ruling. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers. And welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called Bridget Jones is baby. Boy. And I'm not gonna say anything my guest Patrick Dempsey might but I'm guessing he's now I can tell you who the father of the baby is either. But he's a newcomer to this franchise that this year's you haven't seen him in the first to and now he's here so Patrick welcome. Thank you you're welcome it's nice to be here thank you yes of scene had. We dream is gone. Yes he's gone past. And your back into this movie world what was it about Bridget Jones's baby that you. Somehow tweet. Well it was I think it was really. After coming up for the show and certainly the way in which we left the audience I think people are that is his that this was a nice step moving forward. Also I think bringing that fan base along in a gentle way it happened to come at the right time and they were willing to work around my race he scheduled. And I really like the script that there was some great stuff and then the command as the American you know it's a great challenge who has this. He Jack Quant is set a billionaire who has created a dating bass and an algorithm that will bring people together. And and that's who he has any finds himself there and he meets Bridget face down in the mine and that was the inner faith down in the mud as it yeah. Did you feel in any way like the outsider. No kid Renee or Collins saying. You know. Here in whatever they don't have really added a I'm had gone by where everybody was very nervous. And what was really refreshing is that we had an opportunity to do a proper table read and man rehearsals in discussions about. But he what's working what is the NYC here. I had the ups and really listen to Colin written game. Discuss their characters and it was nice to be in that process taking the time to be asked the questions and hopefully it. So we you a fan of the bridges John Sears had watched that first and second I mean it's it's. I was very much aware of it I didn't. Realize how profound impact it has around the world for so many people I mean. One thing is that we don't have that many female characters like this and cinnamon. And Renee does such a beautiful job in her ability to use the comic timing the slapstick and also bring the emotional moments the film. That I think people really identified in and everybody can only two bridges but then went. And when I just got back from traveling around the world and no matter what country it's good people love which is understandable. Did you always have I was gonna do my and boy gushing about him by mean but you know when you grow up on them and sir. You know it's that thing you always. This kind of natural affinity. For com yes. Why is often bundled through that's why you now and I wrote a small ten is that your parents just sold to up to a vaudeville so yeah I went to this Christmas. And a fifteen actually. And I think a lot of the physical timing and and that type comedy started really early on an expert from its. He was the juggler and sort of old schooled by bill was how it started. I love that you were juggler yes I also control I've dabbled with them. Apple is that you can't do that now we can't yet English it's much harder mounted to do that. Do you still doesn't really it was out there I do dig a little bit. As much pleased and now is my salvation it was. They never really quite fitting in in school and I can perform on the weekends and before that I was ski racing in and that's why I think I like the racing cars so much is my goal in life is to be an Olympic ski race. And I are learned that by the year cycle to improve my balance because. There was this fear in my stand mark who's. The best at the time there was an ABC a close and personal lives they ABC levels which used the U. And during his trial in training was right in the units like this I figured that would improve my balance and that was sort of my ticket into this vaudeville. When I learn juggling in music when those scales. I mean can't buy me love it's the first I've seen on screen where does my first he knew it moved so anything that came before we talk. Well I would I start up might break with Harvey's varsity hired me for torso and villages on state onstage and I took over for Johnny crier. He was doing it and and I did. The road company of that. And of course that whole generation Fisher Stevens. Matthew. And Johnny and myself we'll came out of you know that we went on to Brighton Beach memoirs. And divisions weakness that was. In the air and theater where millennium actress and starts that you had the itch to do go back to do you know I was it was funny because I talked to Kevin Spacey secular combat theaters in and I'm like I'm not cherishes the couple months ago. And it's got back from London and and I had some time to kill way around right around the corner from Mattel that was planned and I took my two boys in the theater. And that was the first time where I was like you know why I have a little bit of now get back on stage certainly certainly and one. I think and a lot of works do you. Work in my voice and stuff but have you could challenge. Nothing you could have done what you were doing this year's that's for. Now that you don't you aids is ten months out of the year when you donor network shows 24 point five at this if it's long hours it's an ensemble think guys do you you have some time off but. The last thing you wanted to use compact in you need a break and recharge and recover. And for me the racing was something Angela. And there was a time it's my anonymity because he didn't have the time to do the process correctly you know you really have time to go in and enjoy it. As bluntly I want to me like. You've spoken before about you know being diagnosed as dyslexic right where Howell. It was quietly it wasn't until the junior high schools which was well past the point damage had been done yet that to my wife's a teacher and she teaches kids who have guests have some learning disability if you catch it. Really early you can do stuff but is it still affecting and oh yeah I mean for me table read sir. I really painful. Because. For so after really manage my emotions and slow down and focus in this kind of read it in a way without any. Inflection or anything just to kind of get through it step two read anything it takes me two or three times ticket through an audition process and there was a ten year period where. Auditioning was horrible because I'd have to memorize these scenes and an that you might. An hour and ten years of not getting it. It was just terribly to do. Yeah I think that that's something that's certainly Townsend for comment were caught by. I like this Haines. The lines are one thing but it's what's going on underneath it's much more important to me that he has I've. What's always anti with a writers' likely to say this and last why are we saying what's underneath I if I say everything is not in play this field is insolvent state. There's no reports agree. But it's easy gotten better over the years for you. With this is still out there I've learned how to work when you know they're still at times in technology today makes it really easy and it's the ironies here texting everybody. So you know I'm working on my head off on all. As I read on a technology thank god it'll events. Stabile than of the year I'll just be sitting here with you and we'll be texting won't be out at City Hall it at Atlantic they'll be a popcorn here and there will be nothing else except well you're seeing that if you look at the technology equipment. What that you're generally I mean can feel the difference. I think you did one of those who did a big Michael patrons who I love working Michael Bay and get them out it was a great opportunity to play character that was a little leaves a bad guy in the I. You don't I hope I thought it might careers been based on specific are part archetype which is there is usually the prints based in the romantic lead and yeah that's one side in my nature but you know there's a lot more for me to explore and hopefully. You need the right material in the right direction to give you that opportunity we need to generate you need to create that content himself so that's what you're doing that's exactly. Last year. Between the racing and and and my departure from the show has been. Putting about it if you projects and you know various forms its. Isn't satisfied and it's very satisfied yeah. Yes because you know what you wanna do what you're capable. And said yeah abilities him. Yes and I again at really chief what I want to achieve as an acting. But there's a good thing it's a great thing S. They don't there because while I'm looking at you and it's kind of be irritating that you get better looking as you get home after. At a boat they how is that happening but it is happening. Right so the racing and that discipline that has helped me tremendously and Salmonella paneling and physically is in the process of its Q and working with portion of brand like that. EUU focused on the team in the objective and and what we need to do to achieve articles. And and there's no ego and it's it's a collective it's it's really focusing on what is the best outcome for the team. Even on a bad day we all lose together we all win together and I think. That mentality and that experience and that belief that they have given me and putting me in the world endurance championship and a a push ours ours it's the very highest level road racing in the world. And that support in the films that we need to on the side are related tremendously creative as has been transformed it from me on some and levels. So now I need to make that experience and that feeling and take that into. My career I guess is that as an actor and produce those of us that don't race right look at or. Imagine what it right it scenes pure adrenaline and exhilaration. But I'm assuming what goes on in there is also about control it's a control of your emotions you need to be at a certain point emotionally. To be up on the wheel to be aggressive to be emotionally charged but. You cannot lose control of your motion is then the repercussions could be catastrophic. But in terms of your career. What happens you do these movies they're basically comedies. Right. What the best agent Weldon and gives you the options to do that comes at you normally would get a chance because you are then. Considered bankable in the sense he can play that card on something that will allow you. To stretch of it hopefully in theory wouldn't you think he stretched the most on during that period where you would be in. What should learn from. You learn from every one of them I think for me the show is great in in the discipline of today in and he attitudes. Really showing up in being present in in making whatever they give you honest and work. You know that I think that's could I don't think about that counts not to the level that I had in the racing room I haven't had that in my career. When you do with teenage years like Grayson. It's exactly what I think it powerful it there it's powerful in terms of how people will see it yes your images yes and you've done it for what general of currencies was at eleven or twelve seasons since it continues to do its thriving so it's gonna continue you want to. I'd I'd unit to be honest I don't enjoy watching myself I enjoy the process but it down I'll watch it with you not on I don't know I didn't really watch on. At that point and in the first couple seasons a first here if and then after us so we all know much more. It YL going odds yet I mean I respect affected units its beloved by so many people it's constant now because of the technologies being rediscovered and like all of us want to show and we can binge watch we can watch the entire five or six seasons. Well it's. So win it becomes more than a performance when you become doctor me to read me. It stinks and so I'm sure people say it is up constantly and that won't go away and that's just the latter. It's better than being ignored forgotten absolutely and great after that and it's been an incredible platform for me. And this has been successful around the world and in institutes shot his courage he's created some great shots with some really iconic characters that are diverse and powerful strong women and and that's great you know. And that's the power on this world. You're on the cover of People Magazine right now with the quote that is ahead to change my life yes what was that basic thing it's never one thing I think it was just it was time was I doubt that period had common it was time to move on and there's the seduction of keeping the money in the paycheck and the consistency of having a job and sometimes creatively you need to move on an emotionally you need to move on then. And you know that's what happened to find it to your marriage and you're never home and then I was racing on top of that goes in on and then. Year your created you you want more creatively you wanna eat like challengers have we want to stretch more it's not there in. These things become frustrating me one now it's time to make a transition. So you feel better about yourself and life at this point by target field yes you can Topsfield route not immediately taken into sort of be much more thoughtful choice to send me before here on such a treadmill you're just minus keep up it's like running a marathon is trying to get to the finish line. And that's not to be disrespectful for the opportunity to negate on the ballot you don't I don't view. But it's just you know he people don't quite sometimes understand. And that you know you need to change and move on so wit how are you critical of yourself. Are you tough on stuff when you see yourself when you look at Bridget Jones's baby is here in thirty seconds remaining and use the team that you can the union tagged out really close to what I wanted to achieve in home the other moments where one were all three together and work you know that the bridge scene unit and the physical comedy Indian the timing of that those users to. Because it was very little on the page something we discovered as the rebel. And there was improper there was of that was the ability to go off well in in play. They were there to throw you into another direction and you there was some safety. Complete safety yet without question. What this is your first time on the show Patrick so it's a pleasure it ends what is always wish I don't know what I'd like adult earning the tape I. Yes it's good idea but critics it's a tremendous responsibility and to be able to do it well is it is as a testament wired the grounds players and well respected that you do. Approach in a way where you know it it's informative and constructive. We can't buy back to be truly want to do that but I think just what you said about racing that was surprising it's also an emotional response for right you have as you don't have the emotional response then you can't turn it into something else right so if you don't react and in this a lot of formula. And right there's a lot of do the same thing 'cause it was successful us of course so we'll go do it again that. Dozen college need to have that exuberance that you feel right when you were. Behind the wheel or you're in front of the camera. Doing it the way you wanted to do it right so that's exactly apply tears and actor. You know you're taking negate for the money has yet to pay the bills you know working actor. The change and unity you can give your notes but it falls on deaf ears and then ultimately the ended today gentlemen like yourself we'll. Called him out but it's them to let you will go back and revisit. But I was setting you up with the and gifted people that have been on the show always know that we ended song. What's not juggling a little bit of song to your yes I would need to teach you must I don't know singing ability let's raiders well that's I don't even better. Leave me in the something awful leads you into something. Him I mean not gators that movie that started you off The Beatles. To. And five mean you can do it. And you can get your life I want my part I know you do it I inaccurate view on this man you have role of good. Used me to a puddle of found it. Even in what was that would be and Redd hit it happy together yet like that both pop songs yet. And yet it it was before he became red hit. Yes but still there was that I don't know. That that now now I can't think either unwilling to do it with you get if I have its own answer in with. Extra is that there. And now now you want this audience to say goodbye to you thinking it was something you couldn't do that that's fine because I'm not perfectly. Are. I can't I'm giving up but I don't want I'm not gonna make it torture for you but the next time your on this I promise you that I will come prepared and I will sing it's the thank you think the planet thanks Bratton.

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