Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow Dish on 'This Is 40'

Actor discusses subbing as director's surrogate on-screen.
10:48 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow Dish on 'This Is 40'
Do you need to get outside board isn't playing outside. -- you can being found you don't have -- at night it's. That doesn't -- pen -- your friends and -- Us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Empty house is didn't Palin thinks. -- with. You in Charlotte can have a lemonade stand. Then look for dead bodies. But that's to deal get a tire and then just -- -- -- and run on the street with a scrap its 2012. Need 1090. Check the back down. Everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and if you wanna laugh at the movies -- if you are just. It uncomfortable to you've got to see -- that -- this is forty starring Paul Rudd as some people say they are the same person. I don't know that myself so that's why they're both here -- -- well. Thank you I don't think you've ever really outside of the business been seen in the same room together of this immigrant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Better get our is -- series. Dry ice and that appears to be well. What is what is it like to be this man after -- I mean you've done it twice and more times and I even. They're probably thinking partly and -- and really it's. That poverty -- -- -- -- -- it's not -- And a -- you think that I -- Alter ego. -- I would think that it's like a bizarre Frankenstein monster more. All of our worst attributes. Some good -- but I think I would -- of -- A combo leaning more Paul. But maybe I'm just rational thought yeah I would -- -- Well you gotta do it though I guess I don't really have charisma or. -- Well you've just named two things I don't. -- both definitely. -- -- You know it's it's it's weird because I keep getting asked this question to only is it strange to work on. This movie where you know I'm opposite. Your -- Grandfather your kids. And -- standing ten feet away and -- think. -- -- maybe is that it isn't weird at all. But those who used to think at this point in we've worked it and now several times so. It doesn't feel comfortable or strange. And and and I think that you know like anything you work with people more than once. You start to. Approach -- material all the stuff from the same point of view I think -- you know. -- doesn't necessarily need to finish the sentence -- calling it. Then I'm assuming though that the hemorrhoids in the movie is college -- publicity that was transferred to -- Oh yeah and one of those in my life and and I was like oh my god this is the my dad he's talked about and that it never happens again I was very happy and used to products. And and it was over there was -- Yet you made -- -- for the meant exactly but this thank god for that that we're. Red paper my kids' school -- but that's a solution that stays with everyone and -- -- unfortunately yet it. Or not you know like -- -- an it was a thing that we were kind of something that in. Writing the script you -- leader on the laughing about this idea. That would have been you know and it took remove the pan and and I'm everything you like oh this is funny like it would be very funny and and when. It when you're kind of doing these things I think in the context of the movie in the characters right McDill Sheen -- -- and there's no way you can have any vanity. Stuff but I did. I do remember that shooting that scene and after -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But so lake was -- real and once sprayed once -- Israel it once it was real ballots that they -- howls away. What is that right away that it doesn't have to start to decompose something we're not puts you because I don't want reading it and ethics law yet with -- -- long time oh lead. Yours say it's good spray real -- -- and that. All those scenes you -- they were you that they could thirtieth through silliest moments are meant to symbolize something. Deeper which is -- everything he wouldn't do on -- first date. If everything that you you don't do while the romance is alive and -- when -- with -- -- really long time. The rules -- changed and you're also depressed that they. Romance is changing. And you are comfortable asking somebody to look at something but this -- that they might result of that fifth. SAL -- N in it I think -- in a good healthy marriage there will be times when you have to ask your spouse you know. What is that if this. What does that look like and I mean there's something beautiful in the intimacy of that in and they might be you know disgusting or four. Embarrassing but it's pretty incredible that you could feel comfortable enough from somebody -- saying check this out. There he is the -- -- the director and he's saying you're going to be me but I wonder. If there must be a little yet. Well I mean there is you know. There -- aspects of my own. Marriage that are -- -- that were knocked -- that. That anger seemed to be somewhat universal for. Couples can you give us and it and it is -- -- but as for specifics. The fantasy baseball -- -- knocked out there were some there was some specific stuff but. But we spent a lot of time. And have spent a lot of time over the years. You know getting together. And talking about this stuff what are some things and in our -- that we contend with what -- some things about us that -- Wives don't like and you know judge possible. Is it possible is it that your wives don't like. But that's -- one thing that -- that in the movie is a lot of hiding hiding feelings. Hiding when things go wrong not going to be ashamed of not doing well. That's something that there's a common -- -- not to remember that scene with you and Leslie where you snuck off to the movies. Without. I would do that but I think about doing. I think it's worse at the end they -- exactly I think I think I could think I'm meeting. And -- -- master again. And that I never do it again I'm so scared the GSM technology -- -- myself. Officials say he does still think you all have that -- -- our phone where we you know worried about the proper equipment. But really -- just give us the AMC theater but definitely added you know reasonableness and answer. Well -- -- it's always how busy are we with the kids and a we balancing work load you know I've been god and you know hanging out having fun -- in the -- and on top of that. Zero dark thirty but -- -- I don't I don't get bad free that -- path. Thank you can't even -- an uncanny because here on stage and grace -- so. What time do you have please -- that we -- the play at night that it -- as your days free but -- that's a myth that we really need I don't. I don't feel lately and -- -- You know revolves around play -- two little kids so. -- -- The around during today like I'm -- -- -- you know I want you I would love you having seen the master once then have details. No it's it's. It's true that's the biggest drag I think about like. Just busy schedules and you know there's I love having children but it's really cut into my -- -- -- -- It's crazy but he's -- linguine eleven. Get rid of them. I want to go back to that first thing I want you both to recreate that first moment we -- you two met each other. It must be so dramatic. -- -- many years ago I was at a dinner and I was talking fake means. And how I think -- with a really great fake name is it its own specific kind of talent and excellent I think the funniest fake name. Is -- -- which was from Steve -- record where he said that that was his real name. And somebody to dinners that explains jet after house email address I knew Judd was. Because -- think at that time you'd done freaks and geeks. And another. What have you done under Clinton I was in the middle. OK senator Ben Stiller show and I'm I -- But and it anyway I'd. I went home and then just emailed him and said way to go on the Steve Martin reference for your email address. And and then you email -- back. And only kept in touch -- -- a year -- so. The early on about that -- -- -- shows. Dinner for five you know. And that's right when we were casting. Anchorman met Paul I make -- this I hadn't had his name is as we like winning into the room to -- for anchorman that you were there. And about. I was for my -- you but I felt as if I'd like had and now they're -- And it was. The media earlier. Your Asian and how effective -- -- big -- blue dream teams from my computer. And that. For all wounds. The fugitives -- being looked a little a little harder to put the beat.

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{"id":18078016,"title":"Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow Dish on 'This Is 40'","duration":"10:48","description":"Actor discusses subbing as director's surrogate on-screen.","url":"/Entertainment/video/paul-rudd-judd-apatow-interview-2012-actor-director-18078016","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}