Paul Ryan Denies He Called Trump a Racist

"The View" co-hosts debate the difference between racism and racist comments.
5:58 | 12/02/16

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Transcript for Paul Ryan Denies He Called Trump a Racist
OK so we're talking about this one person has cozying up to trump these days and that is speaker Paul Ryan. I was always a fan but he denied that they have a set term as a racist his but he did say back illnesses then watch. I disavow these were comments I regret those comments that he made I don't think it. Claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. So he's saying basically that that was a racist comment. But that Donald Trump is not a racist then discussed. Gotten us. How. Monster seldom good treated it had gotten out whatever don't talk to us let me talk to their what do you think I think you can make a comment that it's deemed racially insensitive or racist and not be racist yourself when you give an example Joseph Biden 2007 said this about president all about crop Obama listened to be President Obama. I mean you got the first mainstream African American who was articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy I mean that's a storybook man. When I heard that got robbed you know wrong not right now to turn my stomach and it sounded racist to me but I think Joseph Biden as an individual is a racist now. I think he misspoke I think he misrepresented what he intended to say I think trump did not a lot of the a lot of people done a lot I think he'd hold accountable an apple went insane whole lot of second. That sounds racist people in this country have been fighting against that for decades ha but I don't think it necessarily. Dawkins the whole person as a racist and in a. I say I also think we over used the term racist and it especially. In this climate of this particular campaign. This second you got on the topic of it eat if you were questioning anything it was wielding your race test. That's a dangerous term because what happens as we're deluding it for when it actually applies so was it was it racist of Donald Trump when he and his fall though we're excluding. African Americans from but getting a process is there anything. They've got great invitation only against one of the great yeah I did to the definition of erases as a person who believes that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others I think we used Reese's outing in places where discrimination. And where. And well and I don't want to write a note saying I want I want out of my building will be closed. That's what part of the definition of racism is also using that perception it using that I ideology. To discriminate. And to prescribe and justify the inferior treatment of those gavel yet. I'm not defending it but. Specifically when we talk about trump voters for example we only his jump to this racist think the problem here is there are rhesus. And we're gonna lose that conversation if we overuse until the try to get that but in a 20% I heard this today. 20% of the exit poll of voters pay people to exit polls as polls are who voted for trop said that the minorities get. Too many benefits. That sounds that sounds racist thing. I don't minorities in terms might. Undocumented immigrants is that live from doing until they know Ivana eight outings I just think do we know like in what context because a lot of these acts of walls. I mean that you can you can read aloud to the situation and I I do agree with you I think you can say something. Racist and not your racist and an example of this is my daughter Riley Caroline had a cell and Gene Chizik mummy you might call me knowing I said. You're not knowing but what your do need isn't going if you do it again and you will be at night. But you know I think the behavior maybe exactly it's it's cut it's like to separate state got a proposition diet I. Never met a racist it says yes I embraced Cessna had I had. Leon this panel out of all of the folks I'm the one that has received this treatment yes create a more and so I will tell you I do believe that. There are people bit make uninformed bigoted comments that may not be racists. And how ever once you're put on notice that that was a racist comment I and you continue to do that now you are showing me who you are. And where hard. About Donald. He if I'm certain put on notice that the things that he worked was saying work bigoted where racists where besides mystic. And he continued in mice in my view to to say those things and and and to do those things at and I think when people tell you who they are. Repeatedly and they make those kind of comments then that's who they are an and I'm offended that Paul Ryan. Called it like he's on it and now is being ranked Boise currently hitting call him a racist he called hot right last but not cities that he's. Writing history I don't an pants because we're we're seeing the same type definitely anything you may. Sorry didn't the distinction between. They're they're sometimes and ignorance or lack of exposure can say something that you don't hear yourself you're right because then there is a different federal out of French Open once you point that out. These he got I didn't realize that yeah capital intense yeah. And that highest and I would criticize president I'm criticized President Obama not personally but a policy issue and you know how many times I got the word racist thrown on he was spotted I think I'm so far from race I didn't want to raise all rigs and I ask us a little time that's the frustration of people who feel. From from my position look I I said is yes it was quite as they come but I sometimes feel like if I can't make up a criticism on someone. Who happens to be African American they can be you need to be biking. But I'm criticizing policy that got word is thrown back at me and many are free to speak your Mike let you right there aren't racist and they need to be condemned every right away and also are people who are criticizing policy. And practicality god curse. May be why do you not lucky BM what are its public fixed where it.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts debate the difference between racism and racist comments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43932218","title":"Paul Ryan Denies He Called Trump a Racist","url":"/Entertainment/video/paul-ryan-denies-called-trump-racist-43932218"}