Paula Newsome discusses her role on HBO's 'Barry' with Bill Hader

Paula Newsome discusses her new television projects.
15:02 | 04/03/18

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Transcript for Paula Newsome discusses her role on HBO's 'Barry' with Bill Hader
Candace Liz ABC radio I have an amazing woman sitting right across from navy one the only pollen knew somehow or you I'm very well can end this thing. Thank you am glad you're here because talking about an exceptional series on H people now call dairy can command anything it is kind of amazing and it's getting great reception great reviews nimble are loving it since. I want people be tuning in on Sunday night at 10:30 PM eastern standard time comes to what I I want us to jump right into it because you play a very interesting character. It is this. Janice mossy to detect this yes she. You think personality I ran elaborate more on on your character if you can't for people who are just gonna tune in maybe the sun haven't caught up as yet. I can give a little or so Barry basically is a series about this down on his luck hit man who's out of Ohio. He gets sent on a hit the Los Angeles he actually gets he has stead has hit is too. Basically take a contract out on an actor you. So he ends up in this acting class. Hit happens in my detective Janice Mans investigates the head. During this process it's I end up. Getting the favor of one Henry green color and with character name is Jeanne Jeanne -- now. So that kind of travel thing about Janice is that like most African American women that we we have a few since she's got a strength. But she's also. Kinda gets tripped up by this lovely. Town of flamboyant guy. Who likes car. And she trips into. This kind of thing here. Went with a ninth on whether Henry went color. He he he's not an iconic. Actor and I playing opposite him how that person meeting I mean it it does he have a natural chemistry at me clearly as an actress you know that's part of the job let me just seemed very authentic kind of the fund as a. It was just very easy you know when you when you get to work with other actors who are really good at what they do it's really easy. It's really fun and when I first met him. He's a very caring and giving and generous person he's you know he's the one is always say we should all get together and get to know one another you know he's just. Jason is a kind man. You know that's one thing of all often heard about payments help kind in which people like him because he's so kind. Have to talk about this series because it it it's it's it's. He didn't don't really weird isn't it hathead you know the idea of a bill Abrams seen for many many year Edmonton. You know playing its role which I think he's perfect for me and then you know he gets involved in these is the air these artists and everything like that. Odd when you first saw this at your thoughts like this is sell out and themselves only. I didn't think it was a scientist I thought I was a little taken by you know you just I was drawn into it has the writing. And if the writing is so flippant good. And because of that because the writing so good and so quirky in it's so dangerous and it's so funny and it so. It's brilliant. It's really brilliant that I was I was drawn and and and more import. And the fact that I get to play a woman in have been doing this long time. I've done Broadway. I'm done I'm done films. And work with Academy Award winners Tony award winners have done a song that you know have done a lot of staff. There's not a lot opportunities when you get to play as an African American when I get to play a woman who is so well grounded. You know she's strong. She's she's Smart she can she could handle you know a coping to steal. Also. She gets to be vulnerable. To gets to be loved. It gets to be funny. Kind of between per all of us were. Yes let's go well grounded in debt. Character and I think that that's amazing. On anything like your character I mean you mentioned it appears as he meant mentioned there are some attributes its you can understand a questionable different and in many lay Coca when you know who. You know to embody this role did you feel any connection where did you have to dates it to find this Carrington. She was very easy for me it is very easy because she's too Smart she's funny she's. But the hard part for me was two's sometimes just settle in to the vulnerability. I mean. If you happen to let. Her story my story because they are very much the same you know and have done a lot of style but also. Sometimes just laden yourself to be vulnerable in front of people. Listen do you leak. Kind of challenging sometimes but also. Pledged her. And perhaps who pleasure. And I've heard from my colleagues. You know. Even more snow you know look at this month when he read reviews than you you have your own opinion. Really increase your scared she she it's fine and the fact that. You know she is who she is pregnant sheep like you say she trips and she becomes involved in this at and it's it's very different it's never you don't imagine. I don't know about you. But I don't see much I. You I don't picking yourself volatile love with what Henry rink where you know what I mean. As wonderful as he is and I think that's the thing about love you. Sometimes fall into it in unexpected places. And to allow heard. Who continued to fall Newman is really. It's important for instance when. In that. Like to see your care to go throughout this season I mean I clearly you know. You do your ahead of the game you know what's gonna happen you know pounding the ball when you know speaking in front of Paula. Ticket to see your character to like to see her goal. You know obviously in this season although I'm sure you already know and eighty seasons ahead because I think she's very dynamic and very powerful in her own way. And what I what I love about tennis is on wanted to continue exactly where she is. This character is in really good hands. You know. I have so much faith in Bill Hader. And Alec berg and writers I mean how Berkeley he wrote on new Curb Your Enthusiasm in. And with with the with the Feinstein with Darius signed well yes it's time. You know so I. I do like this really do I really did it because there's not. There's not a lot of opportunities were stuff like this happens you know. I'm fine with trusting them absolutely. Amazing series on HBO and then yeah I backed up. But your also. Cast a new upcoming NBC pilot comments this at noon he needs a little bit about that because this is they. Wrong this is like you know actually you know and bull role for you and I and I love. Yeah. Suspicion it as written by B Jeff Goldberg. And the group of people. That. Are in this pilot Derek Luke. Gerry Ryan. I mean growl of arsonists and really really relate to their with a brother who's on he was on empire but chocolate skin. Gifted. So I. It's been a good time it's good of the time I didn't do in this alone Candace you know ticket at Brooke Dolan in CI AS with a rocky Carroll. You know I worked with highly on NC in Los in the prior. I worked with a merger. In on Broadway. In new. It's full circle doesn't feel that way I feel like you don't near an air something that just happened because his Mitt and it seemed like we watched you until indeed various roles and it didn't see it kind of come in this places is is settling in some ways that you feel that way I feel. At this point in alpha wanted to ask you about your character on suspicion if you tune improvement. Own. We'll circle. That. Comment I kind of get my work through a lot of prayer. You know I remain immigrant girl who you know. Soon so I just and when I will tell you is right before this was offered to me ice I knew it was going to be offered it to me. You. Soup full circle and I'll tell you this I started on this the same network it was my first television Trent. So yeah and that way full circle but I'd been doing in this first hole along Candace it's like. I. Just enjoy it I just enjoy it and the ruled and playing on suspicion. You know. And reminds me a lot of the of the film get out. Does it does it reminds me that way in that it's a very kind of dark Hitchcock he and a through learn that it's like a match in like a boa constrictor. Boa constrictor just like on your shoulders as a lovely necklace. And suddenly it's posted code could that it and then it's like you're like this. My character. It's the bone cancer. The anger and it can't lovable. Adolph Green house. Unlike get out. I am trying to feed apparently out. Eric weir okay let your church's main. Oh my care O hold on who campaigned so many different rules right now. Obama have to think about that in my Bologna personality I did I don't know whether Merrill are now. Behind me. Amendment right now you go have to ask again next time. Enough money as a liquid everything that you have going on I feel like. The natural progression for actors actresses. You know those. Olds who have this fine arts Howland. They even into producing and directing and that's something they you fourth seed you know able to afford and it still. Projects do you envision because they feel like you have. Is wide range. You know just you've been you did your hands only different themes and genres what would would you see next. I'm writing a book. I'm writing a book about the dating lives of African American women the union. And it's. It's a fun because and ever so myself as a writer. It's something my friend Lynn not a too soon Pulitzer Prize winning playwright. She really push me do it and I have been doing and it's something that comes very easy to me. In and hopefully be helpful. Books that look like me. And with that you know are you speaking to different remaining in offering their experiences Regis kind of talking about that narrative like how are you delving into. I'm coming into it applying science. In news. Evolutionary science. About the sperm in the neck and which you to site to be because you can be with chipper when you choose to be but if if if you choose to be the sperm to you have to ask that the sperm and you have to do meet someone that's more like Hank. Enhanced and that so many times have we find people who were like us. Find another sperm and it's like you both want to control and make it happen and take up you know and then a key find another egg. Then don't Lockett done you know because we sit around and look round didn't and pretty and Albright placed this man. I am very intriguing thing that's coming out maybe next year users are planning you know the thing about writing. As you need to have a deadline it's new to me so I've written quite a bit of it. So hopefully is to be done in about a year you know in particular afternoon worsened in Cannes. You know I feel like. You you big and pretty consistent with rolled means anything else coming up for you maybe more so in the film where right thing Alec we need senior general. Forms and you know we're always carries about what's coming up and of course Broadway we know they have experience and that around ballot anyway echoing over there I've some people to. Going to be about some cater. You know I haven't been in a long time I did. The cold Carolina changed her departure or twelfth in Los Angeles. Com. The silicon V who really kinda hard to go back. But noble thing I think. I'm sure wherever you land as you land beautifully you'll be in very well and happy because I think that energy comes from the role that you play you can you have the effervescent way of love for presenting you know your work of art and you know I I mentioned it to you prior to the interview but you know this tomorrow marks the fiftieth anniversary mean. The assassination of doctor Martin Luther king and I've been asking. Different and guess their thoughts on his legacy of where we are today. It's amazing to me about him is. When he was doing all of this mean to work he was in his twenty's and thirty's. And I look back and I was think he was in his fifties or sixties. It was in his twenty's and thirty's he died at 3900. And. If he can do them. That ain't. We need to take action you know each of us in small little ways. I followed a worker for shock Robinson. Who is a creator or he created their organization called the color change. I'm. I don't I don't see myself as a person who steps out and leads movements. I certainly do financially support them. You know and what I do is I contribute the organizations like that I just get my 25 dollar sometimes 35 dollars a month every month. So I look back that is an organization. His work. I support. They want the same things for our nation in the world than I do you know. Absolutely well. We appreciate you and we appreciate the fact that we're excited about the series because your help to make it vibrant and anxiety. And as you know it airs every Sunday that threatened theory I eight Ted and Dave PM eastern standard time and getting in yes you know what people are talking what's nice about it it's. I always like getting. I was sometimes I find things after a bye and like ask saw game up rounds like. Year three. It kind of amazing it is amazing and and you're a big part of that now. Police today. Net thank you so I think I'll and so for dropping by ABC radio and it's Kenneth Williams signing off my thinking.

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