Did Pence's Performance at Vice Presidential Debate Outshine Trump?

"The View" co-hosts talk about Mike Pence's performance at the VP debate.
4:44 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Did Pence's Performance at Vice Presidential Debate Outshine Trump?
I mean everybody is talking about how pence was presidential that's my job is setting up supposed to do that. I'm sure it turned green a little aren't hiring I. Even if they don't I don't think he was jealous that you actually look at what he I would I was getting through by watching what Hillary was tweeting at what Donald Trump was between three and Mary at a time very pretty gratifying excellent and other Asian elaborate on the edification edification. Had to do that but I actually agree that he was probably sitting back because he doesn't seem to want to ever be upstaged as you're watching the first response I had a tight almost was believing everything patents was saying. Like as he. I didn't even have to at first when in fact checking and just watching and he does have something about and that makes you kind of wanted to. Asked him and they are like any reason I think Cain kept interrupting I could relate to what it's like we had Kellyanne Conway here. And she kept saying the same life that trump says he want to interrupt does it that's a trip now that's not true though that's a trip and you thought you start to look like a Jack rabbit which is McCain look like but that's what he was doing. A better every time he opened his my outlook he could not out of the battle that is it doesn't look good because when you are doing that and you're going against someone who is measured and does look balanced you look he looked rattled again he looked like he. He looked like he didn't have it together and I can almost. I think most people didn't steal that when they felt that he was in slept in too much but I think that's why they are awarding him. High praises on substance we look at I see it here because he knew what he was talking about any you know. Here's how I'm going it yet okay here's how I'm going to send him deal with all of it. I'm going to wait and see the next time pence and chopper together. And I want to see if pens can say anything because the last time they were together that they would ask my present question. That's from an accident. Yeah it's it's one thing to be able to answer. One on one life that. Yeah but when your other person is there are I want to see how they deal with you yet now I think he's set up a run for our point one. And that would have that was a Smart thing to do cause and there's no way you can defend anything so he jas I sort of spoke in he now while yes eating. He doesn't want to be on records and gotten some of the crazy things that come out and then he's gonna be hell yeah. What I think I'm probably was jealous I want to point because I think thought I'd. I think he's the kind of guy that would rather see pens allowed into what bad job so everyone can say trump did it better than half his actual and day out. And -- points for the team I don't think he's a team right now you like Dennis Conner Fella. Yeah. How tense is ebitda should know if you look up his policy record he has even more right wing than tropical ever anything. Yeah earlier survey and I think that his judgment is in question the fact that he is his running mate might they have is judgment is that question. Getting sick. I said yes. I'm I did not agree with anything he says I can't defend a big opportunity and Ashley and he's trying to put himself out there is someone for the future to say I don't honestly I don't know what pence mind so much the people looking at it and say I wanna flip the ticket because that people are going to be looking selling you know what next time we'll do it right and it. It will pick this up I have to self serving candidates on lands you don't seem to want about him I mean this guy. And if there's one person I would want to be it it was him because yes because he is backed into a court here you are trying to defend the indefensible. Because I'm your boss' comments and he still maintained his calm. His cool he was or tequila that he did her up and I think like you said earlier he's the one that walked away looking presidential whereas entertainment vice President Bill Clinton to beat on dividends from. When he was president yeah. Eat some better writers when they have these politicians come out because there was a point where an and I think it's kept calling teen out animal that was how long did you work on that one. There was no way worries like to he won a vote for the hired president rather than fighter present and can laugh that I thought he got either deliver those lines a little more like human dropped to the side as they just as they even their like you're gonna plot apparently nobody. You know that at and Dan you know didn't think it was it was insisting it was different. You know I I didn't last the whole thing I'm not a lot like did it ever. And let you don't have any effect on why don't I cannot be able at will be homes all bent. Donna wool may be licences my pants but again. You see how well he'll isn't zoom when he went to gab. So happy to have. How much do you think he's going to be effective suck but you know we that was it a 119 to how many nasal 34 saying. Somebody needs to win this battle yeah. I'm headed up to here.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts talk about Mike Pence's performance at the VP debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42591437","title":"Did Pence's Performance at Vice Presidential Debate Outshine Trump?","url":"/Entertainment/video/pences-performance-vice-presidential-debate-outshine-trump-42591437"}