'Petunia' Star Christine Lahti Says 'Love Is Love and It Doesn't Matter'

Actress gets teary-eyed talking about new Prop 8 ruling allowing same-sex couples to marry.
5:36 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for 'Petunia' Star Christine Lahti Says 'Love Is Love and It Doesn't Matter'
Dick do you understand what I'm -- here to march. -- Can't. We want you. When there's. Into just just who I am a couple of drinks and an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. -- family dysfunction at its best. A pot smoking therapist who tries -- to -- for crumbling marriage but apparently helped save her kids. Sex lives. As well as indicated and that if the new dark comedy picture yet they just hit theaters and with -- is -- talented -- and Academy Award winning. Christine -- thank you so much for being with us today -- this film -- I've seen -- compared. To -- to Woody Allen. A very dark very real film what attracts you this role. The fact is dark and real guy and I went and it's apart that I've never played before and a decision my career really -- just. Being scared in the best sense of the word of I don't know I don't have a clue how to play this part. And the key is not to judge her because she is more than a helicopter mom she's like a fleet of helicopters seized -- equipment controlling everything she again. But to find why it and then the truth when she was just her marriage was kind of loveless and she was just desperate to be loved. And get attention so she put -- honor her kids which is not the best thing to do. Why do you think films. And even TV shows Broadway shows when you -- films about therapy always resonate with audiences. That's a good question. I think films about dysfunctional families weather this therapy involved or not hopefully there they're in for. But I think -- -- universal but everybody can relate to that everyone. Has some form of dysfunction and their ticket I've never met anybody -- that perfect. Now that's ever Willis -- on the on the outset but then when you get introduced to that family you always get that side conversation. Oh by the way aren't so and so or my mother has a tendency to do this beyond the look out -- always. A be on the -- You've -- TV Broadway film what is your preferred medium. Honestly stage -- yeah. If you put a gun in my head I'd have to say stage even though they're all of what I really love is great material great writing so wherever that is I will follow. It will and then this film has amazing writing but and we are talking about this -- earlier it -- that there was such an organic and such a natural relationship between the characters that it seemed like. He wouldn't even feel like you're going to work at all and -- penis. Well the good news is -- Christians who directed is also an actors -- he really understood how to work with actors we -- a lot of rehearsing impromptu try to. Find the relationships of flesh that -- so. Yet it was -- it was a labor of love because we didn't make I don't think I'm dying honestly pat. We all actually love this material and we love these characters and I think people really fun. Identify even though we are. Very darkly dysfunctional I think people want -- Take away some it -- -- take a little comfort knowing that there are other people that are like Cuba there are other people that are -- office equipment that it's all relative. Oh did ask you about eight -- production that she did a few years back about the historic proposition eight trial in California. It was a star studded cast since available on line and of course the recent ruling by the Supreme Court -- strike down. Proposition eight -- same sex marriages have now resumed in the state of California what was your reaction when your wife and Supreme Court decision come. It's just so moving. You know to realize that we were a tiny bit of a top tiny bit little part helping create awareness about this. This issue and it's so historic that that finally. They know that people are recognizing that love this and it doesn't matter what shape -- -- or color or. Sexual preference love -- love and really. You know beats out hate what will with a message that you delivered in apes. Do you stand back as a performer and say I hope I could have other performances or other work that would have that kind of an impact. And that kind of a movement yes I'm always on the look out for that. As an activist. As a feminist I always look for projects are -- I was successful in finding them back. That's number one. -- number one is good writing and number two is that it puts a positive. Image of of women of the woman and into the -- into the universe. I feel as an artist I don't believe in. Censorship but I do believe in accountability. So when I put out there I think is for me. I think a lot of people are certainly appreciative of the fact that the -- that you put into -- and obviously to. To get little comic relief. In petunias -- if you think you've hit it. I don't know nothing political about Virginia -- just about I got a good left and Atlanta next Thanksgiving -- gonna look a little different around the -- around the family table and maybe people will be counting their -- that they're not like the -- -- -- papers are much we appreciate it thank you.

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{"id":19549263,"title":"'Petunia' Star Christine Lahti Says 'Love Is Love and It Doesn't Matter'","duration":"5:36","description":"Actress gets teary-eyed talking about new Prop 8 ruling allowing same-sex couples to marry.","url":"/Entertainment/video/petunia-star-christine-lahti-love-love-matter-19549263","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}