How to plan the perfect wedding

ABC News' Charli James reports on the latest wedding trends with fashion editor Lindsay Peoples at New York magazine's annual New York Weddings Event.
30:16 | 03/29/17

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Transcript for How to plan the perfect wedding
Every country teams you're watching ABC news digital if you Larry writes that he or room to be carried out letting your and a lot of science and it's. That we are here that need New York magazine planning events at maiden lane in New York City it is a huge that you. Filled with everything you ever want weddings and here it's the art is he quotes. And added there really aren't. Our magazine. On the Christmas talent. I'd put this event on Clinton's. Here cry that. Well as a prank personally I think this is it really hit our teens are really. Get all the options and see without apparent that the best thing about it is actually. C approved vendors that we weren't swing that we know and love. And actually figure out you know what's best for your wedding CPI things to talk to the vendors. Next to me get the experience here without adding exit will read Scott's amendment worry. A one stop shop cookies made and here is that everything from. Literally eat from your photographer into your hand to your wedding cake senior wedding dress glitter leap from top to bottom line here. There's lots here at its a lot of skill and son and he's in order brides like yours now. You're wearing any and it did it here. On doing that. I just thought this band and I was like a little luck admittedly limited and incident to evening I think this is having options you can either sick ED theater opera band here. You can talk to them and see how much they are what the ride I think he says. I like having eyes and it. So this. In the game kind of an event centered around Austin. Around. Now. I'm in. You're going to panic you. Can't look at them on it. And just this is one of the new. Thing that you have this year it's the experts him. Well and we actually have the editor and New York wedding. Right off site that it. Tell that there aren't here this is what makes it different from all the other I don't have it Shearson we like to think. That is kind of weird obsessive. Get cool friends has already been through this. I gave you advice as opposed. Sort of your generic threat opening. You know in this fishing week. Hot hot and letting her apartment a full guide lines any. Professional brides need. We have a feature on new Jeep screens now the chickens gone out of business wouldn't do that morning it's not take. Breaking news now take you letting it revitalized it got so they. I'm Ryan budget letters mother option. I don't I'm out there. New featuring ads and doing this wedding that then the act the act very near London act very. What. What kind of questions are expecting from com and riot. I'm expecting very specific questions I imagine that neglected things play I have. Now I want fifty people. I mean they've fifty people don't wanna get made by the water got really my budget is. Maybe they'll ask questions about what to do a month want. You want another thing I did compromise this whole package that kind of compromise that's huge my thinking and living I hate you can't. Didn't even happened I have I have I guess they also and have your homework again you want to start off but the first question I have so many neon at the elegant and look good luck. And rapped on the new. Well. At an elephant to the public at. That you're here six. That. That good luck that this yeah they. The architect of some of them are now our first stop at night then there's a lot of Hewitt there. Here is that it's. Didn't he. A lot eleven. The vendors we actually shrank still need any court September quarter. Events he would like their facilities and yes even think my name it. You did in a lot of things like elective senate that's that's that's so it's like get in the he personally didn't mean we're like theater is it means you that we know are we do and provide that payments. We feel comfortable saying you know if you look at our magazine rightful. Feel you know feel good about actually looking of people would not be worried that they're not show up right enactment. National or whenever it. So he'll find it is that this event a lot of kind of quirky or interest staying option. Out of the box here we have. It's that. French background and any. Bender at you aren't eating species not honor and I am one of the but the Mac is so beautiful tell us a little bit plan. Rising rooms come to you. Quiet for a wedding and special stuff for them when they asked him. I mean as from my experience. That was his didn't have to customize their ordinance that they can. Magic with the theme of delaying that there is. They want to put their own signature. Something on its over there isn't easy. The date of the wedding. This thing around it other than they. This is. What they're looking particularly when they're coming to us and we eat and we're confident that that committee. Ups and we have. Museum around many different flavors of my. Isn't. You know keep it going at it but others and we gave the option to bring customized feed on them when they keep an. Honey is finally bring my camera and on that they need some of these beautiful options that you guys out here and Kansas and like. And I think you know I didn't hear him right now you you can print media almost anything you want to immediate mean anything. Even begin to deepen like other oppressive and it's are. That's. That you can also mean. Again it in his face and you name it needs that day. It's. It's very very very anything there some pretty. That he would be the kind of been an alternative style wedding cake here and also these little boxes either party favorite. Yeah a majority of that kept the company enthusiast. Favorable since the again attended the event for this wedding cake something that people are fun and Manny and it lit. That it's really you know once we put this thing it's his it's a magnet for the privileges Taylor did they were by the way this. Have estimated that it has become they. The events constantly facing its people is likely hearing it's not exactly the wedding making it's it's resident. His season isn't that that this. A group that kind of thing that people does famine and thinking. I think they're getting their friends you know try anything in his sleep at all gathering in his main thing than any team in the event. Thanksgiving. It out of. Well I think Glenn didn't we should not let. Let's fast clip in your opinion here. It. An. It. It. Yeah yeah. And clearly it reminds me. Knitting and. An idea. Let me take pain and like. It's like pop art. Tell us tomorrow. I. But rocks. And it's not like pop conflicts look at him now and they're beautiful out millions meaning neglect. Thank. You so let you know. Thank you Thelma thank you. So we're gonna go from. Albert the draft them saying. It's not that actually two birds actually specialize in bridesmaids dresses helped load the Arab public Dini. Okay I'm two Barrett frightening and so you guys name the average mom. Debatable. And Antonin mourning over fifteen. Besides it's perfect water bodies paints. Onstage like creamy. But it looks like in one. Half of London and lemont. We can take up it just it's Alan there's the jumpsuit virgin Mary night in the slick very James CNN. We the in times and it's going on re Max Payne pretty. And apparently the end. Explain a little bit like flag no one of the biggest problems you've ever been a bride's name is that you might have women. All different sizes and shapes and stint on and it's very hard to. You address where his style that every human life and this kind of help mediate that problem. Absolutely sit addresses only to. Fact is I think it's easier things well. The needs of working in 24. Suggests he tied full coverage for sleeves they also offer in that was going to eat read that Barack. Otherwise you have. The auction its diet and on different name and there never clouded your bodies in the past. Really. Every grade up ready to become cents and that very happy. And it works for pregnant. Right and like them that you think about it. Eight credit rating and our Eagles comfort foods and making everything at being comfortable. Tell us a little bit about it you guys come out with new colors are different seasons letter sent your most popular we can actually go over here. At a line up. Of a bunch of different colors it is time slick but. But most popular and let's and a hot for the game. And still are most happy. Color and it's safe always is I'm rose water. Listening. Us. Winds have let teens began willing to burn any bridges in need Hollinger. And sapphire. And I intend to upgrade it. We'll probably Pakistan's actions and adding new colors are taken at pine valley mean we also do custom colors. Found. Need we really. Let action. And a lot of questions and your friends and about right means but what some of the things that you continue. To kind of politics air that people. Aren't happy and when you need comfort that you want them dancing the night. Yes I mean I've actually been to Pittsburgh serving as ever really nice relaxing environment. If anything else has ever been hit really merited an anxious when wedeman in aware comment and a look. You know you may have one write me that's a double. Finding out. What each of them really want to Wear in some type of semblance and that's I think it works so well because it. You have one of what I really want to Wear a halter in the media that have been and I haven't added that once holding patents need to happen. They can still feel like themselves and feel like they're not buying expressed dust or you can open something they would actually where. This isn't wearing. The ultimate are proud parents stressing how heavy spending money on on a four month it's really nice jacket parent again. You guys haven't shown it here in New York went in but it definitely watching it and New York. That we eat. Look up and moving vehicles and CEO of early losses pounds news. Yeah. Country. It happening. Yeah thank you know unseen and giving them look at the draft this. I'm so we're gonna go from dresses to jewelry he heard a lot every here and lock. DEA. Events you can see everything from here in the cooling cables adding that they literally out. Are. A wedding isn't we're gonna over it's diet and green hi there. I'm funny thing is stuck on. Again. Sentenced. It that. Hillary's. It's in the package Hillary. Cisco NX and as basic needs work so we've been in business since Jan ten. It is our country back Valerie Harper went online wedding consultations. It's a really nice sentiment adding she's really. I mean this evening on alternative right now so they're looking for some traditional we're not really different for you he has a lot of colored stones. Her brown diamonds are really popular. Show you. I don't know I never even around it's. Water accident ends its round diamonds and black hand underneath. It's a really wanted to see. Yeah. This the way the fans. We kind of have a range of different. Sizes and eight years. It's really an Edmunds man Spitzer. It. Plastic sheets. Yes. That we did my taxes. And I thought yeah. Hammered. Analysts and a writer and any illnesses and he's eating your world. It's kind of like accidents accidents it's really settlement in the classics where she. Then he has this thing. And obviously at an event like that. A lot of people are coming here already and stay here focusing parents knowing them. Eighties winning. Yeah winning evening causing an accident he had just snow plus. As well. Yes mainly. And we've seen them matching yeah. I'm. They're really and again this exchange with this taxpayer. And that he. I'm doing an excellent. Hands and I. Mean. Same time I'm on it and they have a little at a moment much to ask. Let. Clinton. Friends Cutler's eating he wouldn't mind. Eight. Lightning Sistani is unnerving because people really going to let morning's rain and mountain that handling. Traditional. The plane ride and I love and intolerance and I have my son Andy gives it some more modern and a friend's bridal and I think insists these warrants and personality and handed me. Don't let me ask. Let me eat. When modular designs is that parents and citizens. Hello balding fat bears secondary doubt in mind very easy winner. Meaning it's is linked to their ability and her body that we want even if we're hearing every game. It's a and design. Is to it but the hands. On me. Him. And it's really talking Imus and his mind this evening the yeah. Yeah definitely hanging you know we all their products. And alone. It. You aren't New York City have a website needs it's just because you enact it isn't doing his consultations Gaza under these time of the season so. We didn't ask his loved ones. Do you visit Messina contacted Kathy and her disappearance. Thank you so much. Hey. Having everything here can't rest until. And yeah. Yeah. I'm here. Yeah other items that you can't have a little medical off the bombing plot. I'll talk more about. Not the events. And bargaining. Other there's people aren't yeah. Man in that time sign on the elephants PR. Time for diamonds. Such big Mac come on yeah. Landing. Pad. Like eighty. Yeah. In fact they really long process because you have the heat. In invading someone's mean what people are wants me. And what's really demand out there there's a lot of really cool and many things out there but they may not happen as reservists they need not be able to handle. Weddings a different sizes so it's a lot of trial here. And I'm pretty long process was carrying out what vendors need want seen at right. You're last year and I like that. Seeing a lot of yeah on it didn't even last here. Sit up here now we need advice from her ending Gainsbourg you know they're against the team they haven't been hearing gave me. An accountant eat you know both times in the teens mine something they acting thing that's totally wrong. Next up we're gonna make it actually a Hong Kong office. Yeah. We get them out now and it presents an instant crap like movement type thing you'll see that the act and he learned. That's. We'll definitely see all of your instinct and ended up people now when his car. And there planning weddings looking for something that's really good yeah. I mean I think it's especially with social media it's made it so much harder it's actually crying like. The really really cool things you haven't seen but I can get I don't feel a lot of tenant is and you can see something and then you. A little bit researching like McCain has not worked for my wedding because of these three reasons alert. Maybe that person is an in the scenery your prom or wherever it a lot of reasons but. Adding that flight school to come to this event beat his you can now holding a paint they Oxford is it that you can be happening and that in not. Just kind of searching online and not really knowing you know what you're dealing. I can smell. And unloaded and ends up off. Every parent and you haven't seen these before they haven't you a few urchins that there snow. So they haven't seen here is. They quietly. I have what it looked right. Really cool and and not let. Him out there. Yes so these are Hong Kong style waffles serve it ice game and a tipping topping that a lot of our customers like that in order to be bombs and bullets he. So very considerable to live there. The states decide if elected bodies let's let you know wedding events. On adults do like apples as long bull parties in the event school. Kind of know. But I really excited because it he's going to let's. We loved it but it was only really big and suspect this to a wider. Diverse culture. Within the opening coastal and lower east side this Friday. So it I think it's out there. He hasn't actually let us come up I am an outlet that hammering out there they're gonna let us come and watch Clinton get name it. Here for the whole process so we're gonna sneak back stains that. And watch the process so it well we watch the Laughlin. I was gonna hire you as my wedding night when it people want. It is coming out with that is your honor that is currently. He he had client that had like particularly concerned that the whole waffled home. But then that time that would apply it the third on the time frame. But on dessert comes what like that. And that's great and it also weren't into a couple planning leaner and about 2 in the morning. You can't bring out all the others that and everybody all the put Hungary. And he can sign him. I could definitely see myself being very excited and ends saying you're anything. Times. We record our clients in need victories has put Islam. Our original was always there it's our days are modular is apparently bolted chocolate Cleveland. Let it rip bonds and other equipment quietly let them into the labor rights that they play. Also. They pick things up and myself entered and exit. It's odd that there. And here so there's a curfew and a lot of that her name and gets organized. If this is our final curtain closer finals that putting that ice cream in here it's rainy night. So this is Vanilla ice cream but republic beat the Vanilla ice cream pies every vehicle. People especially nowadays on this very. You know another day and he's been. I've got to answer and I talking about outlet. And so we can put there at lucky day. And. Maria. It's quiet. He gets thick. And I. I have been anything. That attack on let it out happy. It is evident. There. Not no wedding day yeah. On Friday. Yeah. It's thinner and Canada its. On his lawful electricity and the outside consultants and in it now lots and his novels have been soon. Five minutes. As. Tank then wobbled in the light and it's not happening. Pass. And again right yeah of the desired and want to have a full heavy long. That these mobile light crispy and oldest. I'm. Out. It. Evidently not here. Now. And it. One not bring it out here. There it. That is. This is actually one pound we are coming. At. You think it's on its. At. And parents that once something different. Screens she's. But it is and she's not in New York City and ARD. That he likes me. It primary I think. You can't thank. Lay the wedding cake and making. Our she and having. That eyewitness I can't out. Are people. And that payment but. At the map. Exactly. People mean I think having speaker Nancy here exit but to gathered hours like. And having customizing man and then we sort of start developing a program and this is what came out of bed sound we're watching it officially tonight eat and I really excited about it and pumping. It happened and uncaring. Parent doesn't ring it's totally up to the right thing green's statement a lot of people I there. Want to do it because it like C three overs Eaton is opening alternative that has just read those cookies. But something in addition to some things eat so they entities component and then they have something like. Then select me so something. Com. Hi I'm flat but I. I. Don't I use your records he sees you and admits con men Neil and one of the season but nothing but confidence and a where the line tonight I'm paying I have. Eight. My ads either way it totally sweet and Eastlund that we are Cherie. Definitely the minds think one thing that I find that people don't realize is what their favorite cheese looks like at the Hilton. It's always very interesting how that coverage season that's for example. Feel of having done in the development. Bill it says the real thing nine. News. So I wouldn't personally recommend one our wedding but there's always teases that mitnick sleeper style that you really of them can hope that. Yeah. Mark Bryant who are watching aren't in New York very if it's they take care that was mountain. Exactly airlines in this and we are gonna put it on a bad thing as well as options indefinitely. If you're outside Iraq. It it. That's probably but I especially in right Bradley. And you know deliver everything right here and you. Very unique also be on. Eight native see. Behind me. I am proud parent they really go with different personalities seeing happening in the each one of these tiles three lots of really bring your and personality. That. Thing. Me and again that's Marines she's not. Mind. We've wrapped up front adults who work here he's not though there are so many great listeners that we were not able. And it's unlike. It's it. Didn't I think back to the public yes it certainly I'm still think it's. Here in New York he maiden lane. Downtown at. Com our. Elected to end Clint and hanging behind her and apparently it didn't so proudly over here by the key you know. I think want to. I'm here I'm not an act that he didn't need it's. Means getting in. I understand it everywhere. And everywhere in pound. Learn more about what your magazine. Prepared or right. At any moment in the eastern alliance joining us on this important congratulations. Yeah Atlanta is getting in on so. Yeah our knowledge Spanish. Can't use that might be joining me it means it's time apparently.

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{"duration":"30:16","description":"ABC News' Charli James reports on the latest wedding trends with fashion editor Lindsay Peoples at New York magazine's annual New York Weddings Event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"46440909","title":"How to plan the perfect wedding","url":"/Entertainment/video/plan-perfect-wedding-46440909"}