Pnina Tornai Premieres New Collection During Bridal Fashion Week

ABC News' Mary Pflum gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the Pnina Tornai show at Kleinfeld's.
24:26 | 10/13/15

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Transcript for Pnina Tornai Premieres New Collection During Bridal Fashion Week
Every line I'm Mary Islamic ABC news and we're here live act states behind the scenes and behind the scenes at bridal Fashion Week. Here one of the most sought after coveted tickets and half are I'd actually opening next Friday ashes out. I mean it's my name the Israeli born designer has been designing here for client felt for ten years. This is their ten year anniversary show she famously design are owns injuries seasoned wedding gown. Combining America's did you see when she wet and soon. 2013. And we're here now with you than newest collection. Antonin has outdone herself once again right over here you can see we've got some of the latest Lux a crop top. He turned out lovely. This year the share can facts and and here we've got another one of the designs again latest hiding gags pun intended you can see the laser pots. One of the hottest flicks for the run my this year an across the bar at Nina is on the cutting ads. And this is something you don't get to see usually the behind the scenes. The moments before you go out for a bridal fashion show are unlike any other right ladies because you're not only going out on the on the runway. With the with the shortest therapy got to watch each other strains and I. How hard is it. Britain's we can do it. Sammy the heels can you semi higher ideals. And and you say this isn't that hard. Can fashion and at either of you ever trips. Stumbled yes pollen could. Actually help added using secret that. Pre I UUU finishing it where you in the front line up. For nukes money numbered 120 so I'm kind of in the mail and half hearted that he changed and a do you dress up did this on so it's gonna. And and in terms of the tap an adrenaline would when he offered party for for this long looks Lux argued that the service area. The long ones. Greg we're gonna go on appeared take a look at some of deluxe affinity. Italy's. Yet final preparation utter lack of bog down. And and in a ticket fully appreciate the grants are at the start. And that no likened stepped on a skirt and we're backstage with the which is easier said than done. Beautiful can you get. Last minute touch ups. Man. Who. Yeah. Yeah. Continued turnaround slightly. And sit back. I'm. Okay. So how comfortable as that. As an again Bradley eight. It's a it looks like the corset. Long skirt with a history and and and those that. And and how it and the city had some help getting into the yes I did at the team. Yet a second look for the so no this is it as it takes them months added this on so it's going. And how long it take you to get into this. About ten minutes at about ten million. Ten people by the ten minutes parents at an average gonna try not to step on you how hard is it to navigate in its. It's tricky adding a few years some east at nine but. Have you ever tripped up my mind no. And today hopefully not as well I think it would be. Beautiful we'll try to step crowns. Step around we can. Try to step carefully with a lot of trains. Yeah. So my last minute hot shots. And here we see it last Paris right going on up front. Last hot tubs. Anything. You weren't home. And what look are you going public make up to wet and Julie backpack and teachers at practice would drive away and do we. To create. Wind and water. I. Mean. I'd if LT Phil lighten do you. Oh. Circuit ever going to be about up here is addicted to rise. Literally many brides going down the aisle that beautiful. And we have a full line of the brides. Everyone's inning and this isn't. And marching artist for the riots as they were renting her saying is that there is supposed to feel as that they were on a boats sailing in the Mediterranean bright lights. Do you feel as it got about. You end up doing this. Beautiful. And Heidi off the Alley off that it. And pry yourself. You and how to sit down compared with your gown. I haven't isn't going down again this is the perfect. I'm looking. C think perhaps he goes shopping after. When is he ready get it's a few months it. And have not yet I am right. Doesn't make it mark fun. It did almost like dressing up but something that most little girls say about it is there's still some fantasy even pres and even as a model you still feel some of the fantasy cars apartments it. We'll keep going on out of it and peppers. Thank. So at nearly the whole show is that correct and what kind of precedent that but on yeah. And his friends with. And what what it did you have a name for your luck today. I think it's that in the letter. Yeah can you tonight rat bat. How challenging is it. Is it for you not to trip over your own draft than a bridal fashion show by two suit and a and against him just that against that it is confident that. He's done. Have you ever tripped over each other back saves. But. You know and hopefully. Not gonna happen. City questioned guys who. I don't think about it. About this no maintenance. And we have some more wonderful luck. Back we've messed the big. Ask you. Knowledge. Ready for the Mediterranean diet my tonight as. And back here we see. To elect as well. Up this news. If it is four Ivan C. Cuts holly. I tele. Plot had. And now you're about. And then there are six. And please be like. And I hear this at this bridal can't sit in the next summer and act. Ten. So Aaron. Everything goes for this season. OK we sit idle likes the look black. And how clever lines in the red ordered. And I and the final moments just before everyone goes out. I am on of the most sought after fashion show tech Ed since out. I mean it's trying to hang ten year anniversary for client felt she sent exclusively at find out Israeli born designer is not only decide ice is also a cook. Suspend our. Amass or cutting. And reality shows. And where the final moments about to go out about to take a position to see all of this is a troop reduction. Every moment carefully choreographed the model so they go out. Penciled that they're going to be seen first there was semi transparent curtain before they actually make that walk down the aisle. Guys. To Nat hot and how many minutes it. And and this is an actress. Client not how many years he didn't find out. I'm gonna claim that fifteen years but this is the tenth anniversary of the penis announcement produced and pettiness of some kind. And bank say that it collects anything it's about yet. And the and the inspiration we're gonna talk to Medina hopefully if not now then moments after the shout. The inspiration is she was explaining earlier I was says that its ratings. Jackson inspired by a wind and water. And you have the Wyndham a lot of different cap banks failed up please CNN our show tonight. I and so these downs could be ideal for I heard it obviously beach. And destination San that is as a popular now I see a lot a number of these sick and worked quite well on the beach around about. Absolutely wedding dresses now are so unconventional elements addition and he beware bogged down on the beat so late wearable again and get the job. So it's really no rules and my bag makes the rules and set the tone. In terms at the last minute preparations but what it what it's of the craziest things that you see in preparation for a bridal. Fashion Week fashion sense. I think the last minute preparation and all of outlet and an emergency alteration. Searching address on the model running in finding issues that you thought I was the dress but they're not anymore. And all the stuff like the seating arrangement. Which can be very difficult doesn't have adhered nationally and that thousands of people they feed. However it's still only the last minute thing that people are seeking slowly especially to the city intercepted everybody wants to get it. Everything always looks so perfect that we see these fashion says that behind the scenes it needs Tommy some incarcerated in had a bright good Donna I'll there but that you had a bride go down island Rong down our media out not make these show it all. We really time estimate is that everything is perfectly done so that alterations are on point the justice fit perfectly if we did ever have a huge crowd and he. We didn't have a problem was a huge problem and we were able to think that I anyway. Percent of Arafat writes it. Pack after irate right Palestinian annie's last minute and climate. Things. And it. Okay back to back packaging. And ankle got back in public for fitting in an app. One last look at all the models. They've. Maybe I'm. Maybe there. Yeah in. Me. And it. Carry on the last operation. Zgonina. Last preparations if it. Okay three it. Menino highlight the ABC it's an industrial lots box before that before the shadow. And very very exciting and I can't wait for the senate snacking on holidays through the science behind the scenes. At the highest minutes of of the year like waiting for the stresses to. Bring the message out there what I felt when I read this connection. And what what what were you feeling where relocate don't actually. This sketch and assign these particular counts my inspiration started in time and I was speaking. On the beats it was like there was no one around and I was looking at your eyes in the night. Something in the water from the wing. So my way my heart and that's how it started and you see the dress sizzle at its peak. Wind upon liner. When you look at this particular collection of downside is is a little bit like giving birth of these their babies in they've they've come to fruition sing on vacant accounts on the models. This is absentee. Like giving birth to 24 dresses. And it's not easy. And I have to say that I really I feel like you know maybe there won't be able come from my heart and I. I wish I hadn't dried out there to find the dress it means. That tiniest Carrick client outlets up and like. Ten years it kind it's really I I never believed I could make it ten years going back and forth flying for twelve hours. Every month to meet my brides in him very very happy for. And touched that I had. I write this time in this moment. And it's very very exciting needs you know it's starting thinking. And these last moments before the show what he thinking. I think Jane and I hope I won't lose my mind before at the present I'll go onstage. Not it is it's afternoon detailing I look at the dress vacuuming on patient may nation of me. Different races negation of you know holidays that's minute overnight days before. Footage shows. His speech in its its very. A lot of emotions. Get a favorite down in this particular collection. I have to think that my favorite he's the halftime that opens the show. It because I'm originally from Morocco so when very attached to to view of the end zone. Passion to that to the U2 lead when Catherine the pistons. He should leave women with and when they host Wendy. Wendy he of their loved to their families and friends so that's that the captain's mean. I think that's. That wonderful look at let but the sadly can't wait to see yet thank you very much thank you so much he can. Rules. So what this vote. It's all designed into the matter at ten minutes after all of that prep race at this sentiment diet but the act states festivities carry on appellate backstage. All of the model pride and navigate. It's instinct not physically in Atlanta. Yeah him. Thank. And I think ABC news and ask hey how are you. Plans the last days. It's going to be a major. This here permanently every day he still workable did not find a venue could approach events. S blaze that NASA is itsy out. It's easy to be liked that. Said. He's like to do just that. And it. One they the working with a nod is. Cities that give our ideas to America and American business I would just he's whereas those going to be ascendancy within days to look good in. And we have to ask us how high Syria has Phillip are all. She's doing a lot Bettis he's me. Big strides since licensees under bulletin right now but this didn't expect her immune system acidic incidents come back she's doing a lot better. And after asked us again on Friday of that it's gonna be that loud that's all that offers a world of human decency and good health we have our work. I think Kelly just think I see where is that I'm guessing she's excited locked out and a very miso is all about addressing the. This ago loop you can see them. Beautiful inside and out think you semis to congratulate sent me. We'll step on back days. Civic gets a mama Zgonina. I think you know. How is the only guy in these through extensive and things it. And I think it's the right thing. Funny part trust says and and Lincoln prize beauty sitting on top. Starting from tomorrow they can that the tanks and I pray and beautiful beautiful line at Ed some what's next for ULERD hard at work at S in the next election. There's never dominate it's never been working on new connections half times the working and new collection. Of new Chrysler addresses. And evening dresses there's never a dull moment for us. They'll look surprised continue to evolve and scenes we sign your slacks and something of a very very gorgeous looks can't see it. It hadn't seen its. Even rockers sorts are now hitting it sideways what do you think it's the sky's the limit for brides. Rising evolving faster than light and we need to keep up with noodles. With different notes that look for him right out there. Idol Fashion Week isn't the most important wicket weaken them in a battle fashion industry. Of course it is my passion is selling court did she meet every day working with Mike nights the is an important. Congratulations and a beautiful collection thinking so much for honoring. That line about expanding its financial. Take one last look behind this season seats behind the scenes on a models. Iron. I winding down post's fashion show. So again as this tree eyes and Aggies C. Moments ago all of these beautiful gowns where were on the models and how hope. They are not. Beautiful can factions that are coming Downey I'll. A little less chaotic. And all of these downs now we'll be going straight to be tell. Available surprised to purchase right here at client found you can see some of the bony. And some lies the boning his obviously a throwback to something Graham is a great grandmothers would have worn in the way of course that's. But the course it's obviously wouldn't have been sound walking down I'll quite this way so it's not quite the grandmother's wedding gowns. We still have a few downs. I'm so tell us I have to ask how was it that it actually locking down Al hunt you feel. I loved it had a great time this stressed that little tricky. I you know it's very day. It. And I. It. What we wives we boxes you're making your way down it looked like it was it was a tough was it tough to navigate a little bet is it. But she me hurts me stresses and easing. Is another nine. And we see issues at any solace. Mcginnis and lots of players lots like an island so it is it resident under scared as follows all the draft itself. It's and then its consulates there. Out so I got. Princess it. Could you run a message you had today. This they're. You could almost hate to get the ball down off right in almost out like a great little mini for your reception at its very neighbors. I'm it. And he. The pearl's worked and how does he didn't attack us. As it. And. Wow beautiful. And and where you from originally. I'm. And Maine Graham is counts that to me and it just as some scenes. Right now I am mentally in three years that it. It. Does it make you nervous when your sporting all these letting out a note he's he's support. I'm very let him I think you so much of the theater follow. And I so the last of the downs now making their ways IN CU the hangar is off the bride's. Where is so happy that you all they have a zionist today live behind the scenes behind the scenes bridal fashion we be most important week of the year. For our bridal fashion east as every whacked. And so for now I'm Mary plummet ABC news. Signing off from client out of bridal Fashion Week here any art.

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