Does Political Correctness Cause More Harm Than Good?

"The View" co-hosts discuss why many politicians are hesitant to use the term Islamic extremism.
3:09 | 01/17/17

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Transcript for Does Political Correctness Cause More Harm Than Good?
When last we met that's what. A conversation was about to happen about. What does PC me let's rejoin the latest attack. I could. So what it means because whenever I hear people say you're not tired of I don't have to be politically correct in Iraq as Donald Trump. It is going to be the president I feel like people than hiding behind that and saying not to say all the races Nancy beings connect yeah today. Com at. And I can and now I have a license to settle a lot of times our first national security and people feel there's a reluctance to call terrorism terrorism to say got its Islamic extremism that there's been a precedence to what you see a lot of reports in the news something happens a lot of reports in the news that comes out that went to. Terrorism that there's been hesitant on the part of the Obama administration is in the opinion many. To say that to call it what it is so it is clear and happy I was at oddly is outlast. Simply because. We don't want to jump to conclusions. Is that because I got kind of feel like the last time we did that. We started a war. And there were no. Weapons of mass destruction that we could find out after so I wonder if people are reluctant to say let us to make sure we know what we're saying. What I don't wanna if Obama didn't want to inflate. Of the indeed religion that is mom. With the terrorists and so he was careful what you say that's so as not to aggravate people for no res acts choose I aggravates people think any of Renault. That's what. That's trouble when when you find out that something is linked to Islamic extremism I think I've noticed several speeches or last Harry cares that there's been hesitant to say that's where it comes I look at what does not think so now that's not to say I don't know it's up front well split the point you're making about some people potentially using that as an excuse his ankle Randall horrific things have to suppose are that happens but I think there are a lot of good people out there that say you know what. Let's just call something what it is let's not walk on excellent we feel a lot of politicians walk financials and don't think you're being very specific and I I love that about and I appreciate that about you because you're not just throwing words out but when Donald Trump starts talking about being politically correct and not wanting to be. Politically correct he's not talking just about managed to not Jeff if you suddenly got out. So I I. All I think everybody you know watt that's true yeah well and at and that's that's what he thought I would and I think every president should do that I think every president. Should not just spout authors say that's when it looks likes to make I think they should weigh in and say you know it is terrorism. You know we don't know who's involved you don't know until you text of people and don't know so I think it's I think it's went to better and I you know as far as being PC you know listen. DC only means. Something if there's not U they're talking about half. You know so I think people who practice is -- don't want to be referred to that would because that's when people say you can't do what is locked out there without. Attaching terrorism to at some maybe that's why he doesn't look or he didn't leak to do that but in August he doesn't get the benefit of the doubt.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss why many politicians are hesitant to use the term Islamic extremism. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44833611","title":"Does Political Correctness Cause More Harm Than Good?","url":"/Entertainment/video/political-correctness-harm-good-44833611"}