Pop Sensation on the Rise

Jasmine Villegas talks new music, new album.
9:13 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for Pop Sensation on the Rise
Powerful -- Didn't mean it. From pop singer jasmine BA guess who is. Hope that the charts again with her on the -- that's me right there in -- and -- in the studio with us today -- thanks for being with us -- -- congratulations on the success and now on this new collaboration with Kendrick -- how does this come about out. My guide aids. Been a blessing Paris and -- sabres to -- -- even have a -- Kendrick. Live in -- and discover discuss many years ago congratulations. Kia and ever is is that I've been working -- -- -- -- according now playing Atlanta. Miami. He now recording -- on that. -- life is that what you're saying the president to -- So what some -- does this come about Kendrick just called weapons they had any -- on this next project. Well actually in. -- -- record and that's me and isn't feature on anonymity was at meaning he -- Could be it -- collapse. And it would make sense we're naming people -- -- bending at Ken Dixon eyman and these stocks is like. -- -- -- -- And that in and out of sight that's gonna be really hard because Kendrick is he now we're Amazon's. News can and I -- anything -- -- project. -- -- -- -- -- like -- -- on the sign -- in my head I'm like. -- -- -- Prejudiced they can tend to play and oh -- wreck happened at I don't account may -- for -- -- and the situation right so. I waited patiently signing that you don't -- very excited via -- -- -- average years of zany show her house blues. To her as saying -- in just like any you know listen to this through quickly the song AG to prove it now is like -- -- -- -- -- did you. I think this isn't boot camp and being -- -- that he doesn't okay. I'm Alison anime has a camera is now taking picture news and -- -- me I'm just standing in -- room only what is not avert panic that's happening. I heard that at a -- Amazon and for the first time and even smile I mean -- happy being in dislike. So excited I'm just stuck in -- on line. I can see where this is your right -- again on the spot kind of surprised right I was so -- -- so happy and -- let them and I was like you either -- and indeed he Alice like. -- you here Kendrick -- yet. -- so -- so the thing is is that your songs are deeply personal. Didn't mean it is about your own life experiences. Tell me a little bit about that about having the courage to be able to reflect on your own events and about your own personal life and be able to share it with your friends. -- political salon in music and in music videos a lot -- an artist. And upcoming -- there's anybody you. China that the to achieve personal life out there for people in the -- Ballet I'd like this on this specific situation -- -- to a couple of years ago invented domestic -- relationship for every hand in the ex boyfriend. I for the -- thing about it that thousands and in some really great said. You know turned negative into positive that can be helping somebody who's gonna go through -- -- user rating going -- somebody -- highs on. And -- closure and still these insecurities so when we did the did it mean Nvidia and he put the hotline and that's not what the and that -- respected 3%. So just the -- and it is chairman sir and -- somebody because at the time. I know how to go about my situation -- never told anybody about it now so scared -- I was going to be the -- for ever. And just all the things that went through that realizing the signs. So I started going selling high schools and I would talk to my fans and do in -- -- about like how to discover the signs that these -- asking questions. About my situation I was -- open with them. What did you learn from that because that's a huge transition from keeping it inside. To then share -- and trying to help others. I'm will elect lands in the situation is I feel like for me it -- never happens but in me need a stronger person in -- Amy Ryan today. And just being -- CU shared by visiting Anaheim they're gonna take -- anger over a minute because a lot of -- ot visit anybody's going to be negative his. And even -- some -- negative about in some people. Will be positive and on it a lot of it like you're faking yankees -- sentence and I was like if the did you get I'll of course because I got that from ex -- hoping they try to make it seem that I -- today I want attention and and in my head I was like what I'm beginning gain off of you if I wanted attention like years bank who -- gain something from and trying to help other people. And talk about my story instead of you know the whole year -- held -- in for so long that once he got about it. Yet the the thing is is that in the I want to play a little bit me right there because that's what you've been working -- recently. -- -- So how long the process is that. Other brain processed it take the whole yes and scout we need new -- a lot of -- action before leaving -- that's -- -- there. And Nancy got to that's on -- -- news and indeed the single off the top never -- and it found. Pacers Humi -- meals super sounds in guys attending Friday's -- so glad that we all got sent. There scanning. -- -- is is is so it's it's getting a lot of play now you're coming out with an album as well yes still working on as well. These -- things that you -- talking about how. When your first trip for your career you're trying to kind of pull back any kind of personal experience because you what people did you wanna see you what people to see sort of your vocal ability and -- -- that you have at the same time. A lot of people know the fact that you had dated Justin Bieber now with that difficult -- that that overshadow your career do you think that kind of attention. You know what's crazy is when that whole thing -- 1080 Nvidia so when now looking happy and and it out six in his fifteen so they're really young it was -- anything secrecy areas and in you know we -- and take its theories are just two kids that just hung out and you know are on the scene -- and -- -- -- like once every four months -- -- -- we're really cool their friends. -- dating thing onto the ticket. More serious than it really was red and -- -- I've got to act is at the time I was and nobody I mean I'm still working. Act where I want to be but he was. You know upcoming superstar was just somebody was opening for him so I mean it anything like when I was on the -- -- -- -- my career a lot -- will always be thankful for it. -- and every obviously -- -- the fact that he -- kind of criticized and scrutinized very publicly -- you still friends with him now. Yes I am actually I -- I'm I don't -- all the time but I do every now and then and I. Really do you make it seem to be a bigger deal what he's doing in uses it's used on exactly just hanging out and it's not as Don is anybody's making. -- you think -- -- gotten the wrong idea about him. Can't because you know when it comes it -- like that when -- in the spotlight. You know there's. -- -- all over the tabloids magazines and he's talking about it. And I feel like it's it's hard for his. And be -- celebrity but I mean anybody knows that they get themselves into you when needed for a start you work so hard to get to appoint be -- fun. Radishes it say just said mixture and like when. Is the right time. To show second. So the -- -- -- now you're working -- album what's next. -- -- and the is -- that's not enough to. Well the single is out -- came out today on nights in assembling excited about and we're opening up the EP this five songs and then he shot -- music video -- -- have it mean cash and the media -- so not becoming our next couple weeks. And them them -- -- an album after the EP with more songs. And I'm going to be hopefully pat mining are opening up until parents and go out -- and. We will -- we will be looking forward to that I think that in fact that is probably going to happen. I wouldn't doubt that it they obviously we -- the entire time. The single -- that's me right there jasmine V thanks so much for stopping by having me.

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{"duration":"9:13","description":"Jasmine Villegas talks new music, new album.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"24865980","title":"Pop Sensation on the Rise","url":"/Entertainment/video/pop-sensation-jasmine-villegas-rise-24865980"}