Power of Women: Life in the Spotlight

ABC News' Sabina Ghebremedhin speaks with Natasha Gregson Wagner, the daughter of actress Natalie Wood, about her mother and life in Hollywood.
11:52 | 11/18/16

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Transcript for Power of Women: Life in the Spotlight
Hi it's been now with ABC news I'm back with the power women Ceres with awesome women doing awesome thing. And I'm he air with Natasha Gregson Wagner. That one and only Natalie wood's daughter. And I'm so happy that you invited me to see you at your beautiful house looks. Last time we met you had just launched Natalie a fragrance. Honored in honor of your mom and sell. Just tell me where you are now you have actually now continue Ed and because you know an entrepreneur. It's very big east from the spring to now I have never been so busy in my whole life. We had such an amazing response to the fragrance and people were so excited about it. That we decided to work on it can't all. Am I Hearst's role on I change the packaging to make it a little more. I'm specific to my mom and the gold of her name and the guard Kenya. And then coincidentally her the book that I had been working on admin Alan Bowman came out in October. So and working on new fragrance effort twine the seventeen. You had some never before seen as a mountain cracked. Yes so we have this gigantic storage room. That's been sitting there for sort of thirty years and we haven't. Spent a lot of time going through it and them. When Manila Boeing bombing came to my dad and my apps talk about the Spock. I took him into the storage for him and he couldn't leave how how many photographs were there. And it was helpful to have somebody that wasn't as close to it. You look through everything. And then we decided together which as we showed to the public because there are so many every time and our family. And I think that her fans really want to see another side of this now lifestyle brand that you had lunged from the refused to them opt to pick candles. On Spain. You're preserving the memories of your Hmong. And Tammy if you own and I got NA can make me emotional just talking about it because. My memories of her are still. They're so indelibly ingrained incited me and when I talk to people and people talk to me about how much they loved her. It's almost like she's. And added one other thing that we did is we worked with Macy's on an exclusive get sat that's available. He's nine and act at 34 street store and here in Culver City. Am and this is Ian my mom is in two movies that took place in me sees Mair caught on forestry. And let with the proper strangers so. This isn't really important this was a real labor of let me took me. Pain when we. Had just that one perfume and honor your mom. To keep them and knowledge that you have. This whole lifestyle and ready to go today I mean incredible I love that question and answer the truthful answer is no I just thought. I'm either gonna have a lot of perfume to get to my friends. Eyes at all our people again and rediscover my mom. Which is what happened and they. I'm leave brat and left to create beautiful things and have a beautiful environments so. Creating fragrance and packaging it feels like it's coming really actually. You aren't act stress the night entrepreneur and business element. And what. Advice can you did two other women or other people out there if they want to start their own brands like you. OK so I think my advice would be to feel really secure and confident about what it is that you're creating. So that you do all the work before you take it out into the public to make sure that. That what it is is solid and fat ass and they hear a 100% behind. And then. You'd just start to move forward with. For me everything just started all the right people were filing into place as I would move forward with it and I felt like the universe I mean my mom as kind of pushing me. Forward with its so I would say that you need to believe in doing so much. Even if somebody says now like yes you know and that's me. A mom legendary actor. What's some of the child. Easily think obviously Natalie is when it Kenya. That you think when you actually eat it. Well so. I I think a lot about holidays when I think of my mom because my mom didn't get to have. I really fulfilling a childhood because she was always adamant east and so one of her things that was so important what was so important to her was to give. My sister and I really. Rich child head with lots of memories and sell anytime there is a holiday she totally celebrated its health and so. Now we're having on Thanksgiving and Christmas and I was just looking through all these amazing Christmas photographs that were imposed on our honor Og. And I just remember her in the add them and her love her family. And holiday and she was still beautiful and just went to show the coffee table book that you ever before seen photos. End some of the view on all new look. Favorites art that is the family album in the back because my my dad was constantly taking pictures we were growing app and so there's some really really areas lions. He really get a sense at. Who she well as what relentless like that my Wagner. How she was a month there what kind of reference he wets out that that's my favorite part of the but there's also a piece that she wrote for ladies' home journal in 1966 that was never published. And it's really interesting there's many she's sounding the kind of think she was like. Still ahead of her time as a feminist because she had to fight so hard in the studio system. To be treated equal to a lot of them then and to not be pushed around and she was it and if she was alive today she waited. I would say you were when he of the very first. Found. Hair you're very. What are some of the memories. Something about Natalie Wood that we all should know about that may be someone doesn't. I'll pay. Was she was not America. Matty that you know I give up there. She is not very good singer. Guy she really loved to seeing and we later allowed again she was really. She left to play games with her children so we alleys. It's not frightened him right hand. And I have a record a victory of a singing I am. Courtney and mine and I and I listened to me its Q because she's just as childlike as we ER. In accord. Ending may be because she was too beauty eighty people realize that she had this child light. In easy ads and joy that. Or me. She was such a dam Ian to glom. Write such a family oriented woman I mean that's what you'll see a lot and ease ease them photos is just all the staff pleaded. One year we read to an RV and Ichiro. Aren't we. My sister my dad and art dot potatoes. Cano. And we where. Having so much by and that we got back into the RV and we are halfway home and realized we had forgotten potatoes. It got it though and it high and it ain't cap. And potatoes of the okay. Okay he came home he was not match as he. But I'm. But that was when it. And that app that. About that there are a lot of funny things. Implored next year and what are your plans for learn your lifestyle brand. And I talked about the curfew. What other things that you may be next semester organ work I. Putting out and body cream acts now and we're doing something very special and exclusive her Mother's Day. And then I'll sell am I have this news rose fragrance that will be. Christmas time at 2017. That is very much homage to her Rahm. Gypsy. She seamlessly. Back and then you know ancillary products related to act and my. Sister Courtney really wants to work. Like charcoal it's because she eyes are something that's. So we're starting to think about that how can do it. Natalie. That family business now. It. If this evening movies IBM that EU. Stop lots and you want it's OK well that's a great question because this month of November my mom is start them on Turner Classic Movies and my dad and I introduced twelve of her films. So I watched twelve of them in October. And the ones that stand out for me at this moment. Is as. Depending on different phases and that in my life differently these matters as a right now. Tomorrow is forever because she was just so adorable little German accent an. She's acting opposite Orson Welles this was first found she's just incredible I was blown way. And she does become the green promised where she. Had to work with these baby I am my mom. And they couldn't find any black. I am so eat them. In between every day she I'll. Clean up our hands she was a profession all. I'm changed and then you know. Gypsy West Side Story as it is. Watched those fracture but the way I acted. Most recently is with the proper stranger. ST it's just it's so topical its weight issue is all. What they're dealing with you can imagine he began. Their performances are. That one of the Hillary each should be watching for Christmas. Is there another one for Christmas box. When he ran for Christmas called Mir on 34 street and. Now for humans ever heard about it but it does the most theme as the line it doubling puts you in the holiday spear. I'll be watching that one I sat and tonight. And Splendor in the Grass web sites story of with the proper stranger behind turner classic east Easter. Where's. If you're just tuning end where here with the power when in Ceres where with the legendary actress Natalie wood's daughter. It's hush Hendrickson Wagner has the comment. Dear friend and sell honored that your hair if we eat anything of that man left out that you want to tell us about. I just tell you that I love what you're doing would be at this power of women I think it's so great and I completely honored to be part of it and thank you for your support. Good luck with everything we love a powerful woman Friday about. If you're tuning and apparel and in theory is often women doing awesome thinks I'm Sidney now. In van. ABC news.

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{"duration":"11:52","description":"ABC News' Sabina Ghebremedhin speaks with Natasha Gregson Wagner, the daughter of actress Natalie Wood, about her mother and life in Hollywood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43640005","title":"Power of Women: Life in the Spotlight","url":"/Entertainment/video/power-women-life-spotlight-43640005"}