Pres. Candidate Gary Johnson Talks Religion, Gun Regulation, Marijuana Legalization

The Libertarian Party presidential candidate answers questions about various issues affecting the nation.
6:03 | 09/08/16

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Transcript for Pres. Candidate Gary Johnson Talks Religion, Gun Regulation, Marijuana Legalization
I know joy had mentioned her opinion you are a spoiler. And Timmy you're not a spoiler this two party system has failed so many people in the US someone who stands for found. And grace and you know what it takes Allston this Warner takes us about it forces those candidates the better candidate. And it makes this country better that your voice of thank you for being petty also starting. From the younger people 33 and under on FaceBook you have it win here. Aren't your people where the Bernie supporters this is the next best guy where are these people that I know what I'm prince with YYP. Getting called to be. Well I. Actually think that this is growing and and a big way. Analytics. Washington Post just two days ago posted that we are a 13% in the polls. We're at 15% plus and fifteen states where it 19%. Plus in six states and 42 states were above 10%. Maybe after here is glad you're lobbying two. Be able to get on that debate stage the president yeah they expect to in order to do that you have to be at 15%. Of votes and right now you're hovering at just below 12% so what is the game plan to get on at staging get. Well we have we have we actually have have money to spend right now and and we're spending it in 21 states that we think that it we think we're gonna make it and by the way if you're dis if you if don't make the first debate that doesn't close the door for subsequent debates. And a 15% as not in stone I think when you. When that 12% you're representing. You know 1617. Million people 1617 million voters that that should deserve. Place on stage so much. Because you know it it. The two party system may have found a lot of people but it's been in the system that I grew up went. And I'm actually pretty good with a lot of the stuff that has happened. Now is not perfect system is not perfect country you know and I I get that but so let's say now. You get the momentum and you're in. How much contact have you had with all of this kind of crazy press staff where their. In your underwear look at me your garbage do it stump and men should do and and you get him to. Thought the presidency and your face with a congress that. Say. Obama sat in our congress and senate that's had we not doing and Jack. For yet there yeah well in that the pitches is that if either Clinton or trump our elected looked as anybody believe that the polarity that exists in congress. Is going to get any better. Now we all know what I do acknowledge went out and I don't know how you I want to know and we'll let you now question what's your you know well because if it it's because if you're serious this is slight you know you've got and you've got to know that's what's your comment and to well so you elect a couple of libertarians couple of former Republican governors that served in heavily Democrat states. That served two terms each. Being fiscally conservative socially inclusive. I think. And and hiring a bipartisan administration Democrats and Republicans in that in neither side's going to be able to call out the fact that this is partisan. Libertarians everybody's going to be libertarian leaning. I'm but I think that what I just pointed out as that third option has a real opportunity. To be able to call out both sides to come to the table and how you will be in how you gonna get these. At some completely you're gonna bring in I'm talking about the folks that are in there now and what as you can plant all you could call out Republicans by saying look if you really want smaller government let's not start with Planned Parenthood let's not even put that on the table and how about let's deal with entitlement. For Medicare Medicaid is really serious issues that we're facing. Social Security look if we don't reform Social Security it is headed. To a fiscal cliff. And on the Democrat side let's just aren't into that might start with so it's not having a orleans' problems. We have the highest incarceration rates of any country and yeah. I understand where you stand politically but can I ask you personally ERU a man of faith. Yes well yes I am and from that standpoint that I have lived my life that by the golden world do unto others as you would have others do onto you. A raised a Christian. But I don't I don't ever Wear that on my sleeve either I do believe in the separation of church it's. You. On the issues I actually think you'd be getting great traction in the selection particularly young people if you answer me just one sentence me to give you an issue and tell me. How do you feel about it when we talk about immigration wal or no wall. No wall we should embrace immigration we should make and it's easier. Fifth again on. The government's responsible for an immigration crafts or another it is. Like trying to change should we be funding efforts to combat climate change are not. Climate change exists a funding it look we're 16% of the prominent story these are just one sentence answers but. Can invest again Obama's as the most terrifying thing about time to legalize heat or. Late legalize yeah. Abortion pro choice pro life pro choice and same sex marriage. Probes same sex marriage. Yeah they allowed to have they ar fifteens. Well about a pro Second Amendment a ar fifteens is in the same category as a hunting rifles so if you're gonna ban air there was one in the have a lot of ammunition that can shoot a lot of people on timing youthful and I felt it on I'm not automatic weapons and those have been banned now for. A couple of decades there's a there's a number of web sites to get all of the information for what she stands on please if you. Like Gary Johnson do it you can't thanks to governor Gary Johnson we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"The Libertarian Party presidential candidate answers questions about various issues affecting the nation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41951390","title":"Pres. Candidate Gary Johnson Talks Religion, Gun Regulation, Marijuana Legalization","url":"/Entertainment/video/pres-candidate-gary-johnson-talks-religion-gun-regulation-41951390"}