President Obama, Bloomberg Speak at DNC

"The View" co-hosts discuss the speeches on night 3 of the Democratic National Convention.
10:40 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for President Obama, Bloomberg Speak at DNC
That and tonight. Wednesday night three at the DNC and the president of the United States brought back housed Allen as powerful endorsement of Hillary Clinton take a look. There has never been any men or a woman. Not me not bill nobody. More qualified. Than Hillary Clinton. Hope you don't mind bill but the film true. I'm hub here. Was giving his speech and he said at one point during a speech that someone had said maybe we. We elected the wrong Clinton Everett reference to another office I was waiting and waiting for him to say she back. Lee better and in heat that it lacked diet that make all the speeches was so fantastic I actually loved what people sort of move will weigh about trumpet he said don't. Woo votes and foods like gay got room and I. Generous you know yeah yeah that's what he exudes as his generosity of spirit he could've used the time to tout his legacy the taco battle of the things he's done. But instead he was after Hillary and of course you know let's be real it is his legacy also if she continues to do what he's been you know. But it's also the the idea. That listen. Coming from which is coming from right now. She is more. Ready than I was Gambill was too because she's had. Many more have satin and going into this so he's taught you know he's talking with. And also you know Mike bishop turn that's what I've found he was like okay is short term she's also attacked. It struck me that he sent she's been in the rooms with these important decisions have been made as she sees what the processes. And what also struck me was his speech could've been a Republican speech because Republicans are supposed to be the Party of Lincoln right at that Republicans are about family values. Heat even talked about Reagan he quoted Reagan in his speech. He said Reagan who called America's shining city on the hill trump call that a divided crime scene. And then he went on to talk of yeah I mean that that was hardest face and he also went on to talk about values and that really resonated with me because I like to think that I principle that I like to think that. The that the values that my parents taught me are the values that I am teaching my kids that he sipped his parents didn't have my and his grandparents didn't admire Brecher to bullies. They didn't respect mean spiritedness instead they value chains like honesty hard work kindness courtesy humility responsibility in helping each other out. Who can't get on board with bash I had. Is what he does really really well and I think you know it it was interesting to me that he quoted Reagan because I sought as an outreach opportunity and I saw him numerous times in the speech. Speaking to people like me who have set. I can't vote for Donald Trump I think he was trying to to appeal to us and quote Ronald Reagan quote. This sense of optimism looking forward now quite yet and city get today gets a not for Hillary yeah. I want everything of the reasons he's being optimistic remember that was because it is his legacy he's coming off of eight years and he can't be pessimistic about his own policies so of course you know that but I think there was an effort to kind of bring people together. And Britain for mean he had Ronald Reagan are probably two of the best. Politicians in terms of delivery that we've seen our country's history so with a nice how welcoming to acknowledge. John Kennedy was good I don't know day you know he and I mean he didn't flat out I'm not. Credit Agassi twenty. Referring to the Republican National Committee said it wasn't particularly. Particularly conservative either he was almost bay apps forever weeping Democrats and Republicans this year it's something where this campaign something different there's like. Trump and the Democrats and other Castel at eight that was an interesting distinction is. He was demanding more from both sides I think that was him calling out Republicans because I do think President Obama is someone who can Wear spats. A certain type of Republican I think he probably sits at home and can respect Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan was a guy who reach across the trial he was charismatic. He he developed a really strong support base but I think that he is also someone who will call out in his own party and the other party when he sees. Someone who's not be genuine or something someone it's betraying. What the message of the party should be so I think what about yes. Because you know it's it's important that the president remember who we are GAAP as a nation and that we have to reflect that and you're now. But you know it's he. Let. He did. What it took a lot of other people long time again. He understood you know he's like look I'm no. You know I ran against her. Best lap put her ankle that no she no. This she knows something about that which isn't just things are to me at least I had enough anyone's read that team of rivals. Like Doris Kearns she's a wonderful writer Pulitzer prizes writer and historian. She wrote this book called team of rivals the political genius of Abraham Lincoln and we know that President Obama loves and Myers president Lincoln in his presidency. And what we are seeing I think from this president is putting together a team of rivals he put. Hillary Clinton yeah hot into his cabinet just something that link instantly can put three people it to his cabinet that ran against him yeah we saw Joseph Biden who was going to run for president. Speak on behalf. Both of Hillary Clinton so we saw Michael Bloomberg he never said it was wild ride he rang out ever say it was a the people wanted him yeah I don't know 36 certainly looked into it I am I have to tell you I think. With him going through. You know asks us. I don't think this was one iPhone app. I mean I know is that he he knew people want an end to but I don't think they I don't think he ever thought but I didn't have gone into another rival like I do believe that Hillary it will what would use of earning that yes. Marching well that's how I that would that's how you're supposed to its coast to use both sigh yeah because that's the only way you can make it move forward and somehow we have forgotten. That would not just one party or the other Wareham. Conglomeration of parties and that we all have to do this together it's kind of cold in what may be maybe it'll happen won't know but the president's speech also had. Very optimistic tone to it. But honing. He woman may have. Hit the fifty. My Bloomberg. It does he just put it right out on a table in dissent when he met up to check an act that I've. Built the business and I didn't start it with a million dollar check from my father. Trump says he wants to run the nation like he's running his business. God help us. I'm in New York. And I know what kind when I see one. At. Pocket it was a brilliance. A tactic may buy any new reality it billion Mary well you know and it's like all. So did he did he wait too long to speak out has it been speaking out enough for everybody that very question yes I think he regrets that he didn't run for president and maybe this bat I'll have. He has been on he's a real milk and this solid money they can't trump was still does is tax returns so window now that's real money a monopoly on that he's talking. Coming from. A successful. Business person who's a billionaire who made his own way and remember this is someone who was a Democrat turned Republican who's now an independent. So I think his message can resonate with with people across party lines. And and I think what's also important is that he has experienced because he ran he ran New York City. So he's someone that I think people believe me I was saying emitting Chuck Todd this morning. Anderson you say was saying. That the people who are voting for trop and there is a nice chunk of them. Then a hat I have not had success of the past eight probably sixteen years. With this economy the way it is so why would they want to vote for someone who who was plot back. Lack of success but I that is what Rick that is what Hillary is not wish which lack of success because I. Again I remember when I remember the end of bush act my name out tarmac for a white and was taken and not. End end you know. On the railroad tracks there was an Abilene but they believe Nanette K it for a winds took that would do as you say don't act but they continued child. So they still had not been able to catch up and the technology. Revolution has been not not kind to that would again why. So so you'd radler. As have key. Going forward you want to stop because to me what happened. Any Isabel at the end of bet was I didn't understand it everywhere everything was teetering. On the brink of annihilate not disaster I got asked if so the fact that it was a disaster are. Eight years ago and it's not. Much of that is as well yeah. All that etiquette. There's a lot of people though who saw there there health insurance costs rise as a result of Obama can't there's a lot of people who are discouraged workers meaning you may see gotta wonder break it down that number goes down because a lot of people have given up and stop looking for not just. What simulate being added that what they mean a lot of what we get out there what they don't want it is that what they think it's not Democrats and Republicans this named Donald Trump so they know they didn't do well when device they you know they didn't do well under Obama this guy is and not analyst he's gonna blow everything. Exactly I yeah. I think they're gonna be fumbled and his mom is the wild card that they've been on and I want to save. Very quickly Dennis driving me crazy saying that everybody is that everybody's pension health insurance is going up to you understand the twenty million Americans now have health insurance and didn't have a. I don't pray and I think it's true that Americans were looking at their bills and saying. My numbers have gone it wasn't just a million people. Like Obama I can't help you are now sold dollar whistle does better quality of care was sold as. But there are people you can't ignore in this country that have lots. And apple boys don't line he's have a voice steady hand outs and a pat.

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