Prince George turns 6 years old

Kensington Palace releases new photos of the eldest son of Prince William and Duchess Kate ahead of his royal birthday celebrations.
2:21 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for Prince George turns 6 years old
Finally today we had overheard across the pond for a six year old birthday it royal style prince William and duchess Kate. I'm reviewing this picture of their little one the palace us saying this picture was taken by his mother princess Kate. They're celebrating prince George today he six years old will Revis in Monday and for us so well. These new pictures taken by the duchess that's that's sort of a new tradition right. Yeah every year Devin we start to see. You know how old these royals are getting of course a keen interest. Not only in the US but here at home in in the UK George this new pictures splashed everywhere here's one paper here's another. Here's a third and I have you know five more that I that I could show he is. That new photo is splashed everywhere. Across media here released by his mother the duchess of Cambridge and it is yes as you said a tradition. That these photos get released on his birthday every year and second year in a row. That George is reportedly spending his birthday in paradise. And has seen some reports in those two tabloids he had their well that perhaps as a lot of or rough housing maybe send junk food in store for this birthday what we know about how he's celebrating. Well yes George is with his family and his maternal grandparents the middle tends on the island of mystique reportedly in the Caribbean it's a very private island favored. By the royals for that reason and probably because. It's an island in the Caribbean I think that that is enough to tip the scales in favor of fairly birthday vacation in July away from rainy London even if this be very hot here. This week it Georgia's celebrating of reportedly by swimming and having ice cream and just generally enjoying life as six year olds are. Allowed to end I think supposed to dip. Sear your headed that way soon well I ticket down to the RD battalion. Yes I am trying Tiffany go my way talking autism here seeing if if I can get on a plane to the Caribbean not. Working just yet but I think have to stay in large but us posted QI will I want to check in if I do get to mystique where George just turned six connect. All right we'll report some on the takes a much in the six year olds. Royal birthday today over there across the pond well thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Kensington Palace releases new photos of the eldest son of Prince William and Duchess Kate ahead of his royal birthday celebrations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"64489682","title":"Prince George turns 6 years old ","url":"/Entertainment/video/prince-george-turns-years-64489682"}