Priyanka Chopra Talks Successes in Hollywood and Bollywood, Body Image

The "Quanitco" star stopped by "The View" to discuss the show and life in Hollywood.
7:15 | 11/11/16

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Transcript for Priyanka Chopra Talks Successes in Hollywood and Bollywood, Body Image
And it. That was big barges freon could show Brett getting exotic wood pickle she also brings that drama every week on the hit show Quantico. And she's about to hit the beach in the big screen virgin. A Baywatch please welcome three picture Brack. It's. Yeah I. Stunningly gorgeous extremely sounded this man one heck of the year for you right. Been feeling the hit TV series and me. Time magazine hundred most influential. So I can basket lurk mount up and I guess what it means to you. I'm I was shocking because my show aired September last year which is the first time and it's just literally been here for Meehan. I asked for Bob history diet adjustments and he's sure it's time was a tie means and motivate and choosing me but as I can keep if that happens he might have meant a lot especially seeing that other influences. On the list it was. Now will you are certainly a household name in India over fifty Bollywood films your own production company updating my yeah. It's such a young age in the EU have low self esteem. As a kid you talked about it so what did you do to get over that could become a woman that you want while as teenagers teenage your dollars and he has always difficult for everyone you know you remember that. All your life and I was a booking tee NATO's an American actually raised in high school here in Massachusetts Massachusetts New York. Cedar Rapids also put Iowa. I moved out of it went family moved that. From twelve to about sixteen in the U don't know what you are you'd. I used I was scorpio is key mean. Hectic crazy long fifty paired out of control at matches. I don't know I'm people made me feel awkward because it and look like everyone at that point and Carol all they want to do is look like. You plus finance you know you figure out that's what I did I figured out what. Looks best of my phase how to dress how to speak. And how to be the best of bush and I mean not try to be like some mountains and that's and I was and you we're telling you that we've folks saying you helped you. I think my mom is extremely. We shouldn't be. Hospital when she is and then over achiever extremely confident woman as anyone Vick had bounds I think. Having them make Shia put out excellent look up to like that really have been and I. And I was like I'm not gonna let anyone put me down and you haven't done yourself now because it's really easy. What was but it's very easy for the would put you down any honest. India you've achieved so much and you we one miss India when you weren't just a teenager right and went on to be crowned miss world and to thousands. And you know in Iraq Nady is history that we reading today about miss so the run abrupt to miss Italy. She was being body chant not online. The even though she's a gorgeous woman to like yourself. She was being Gbaja because she was hired about size four T line. Exact and I I really am a disappointed and the Italians could you would expect all abouts to be expected and whatever we. God the lord and love. The land what I am yeah. I ever happens to all of us especially about business I think we're supposed to look a certain way you're supposed to justice that way. And yet you get the pressure for everyone around you saying. You used to put into the address last month that this month you don't Vedeno. I'm people who have reasons you your body of the axis that way and not just for people in the business that goes and gender. You have to look at certainly had if you look at what what do you say the girl to a BI I mean so many young who have been and including me. Well when I was younger. And I always Odom that used to figure out what your strengths. But the men of books and just focus on those all you weaknesses they just disappear after the new focus on what's good for you actually. It's Aussie dollar completed it's cowardice and this is beautiful button on line can't block the deactivated that they cannot Macedonia because I'm watchdog Quantico you are bad ass yeah our calories alone she is great the CIA and raining this year in August 1 at the FBI tired in the Siena airman and -- thirds Israel cannot anymore acronyms and America. Yeah and it asks as hair snap up. Up up up up at AS OS works but Randy didn't even want a new series in your initial intent was not to do yeah Havoc is also. Leaving my comes. Coming to completely different country vessel is difficult them load my family's pets are not here though. My costs always tries to make me feel really you know comfortable when it that we have the body in. You know holidays they always try to make it really festive for me it can't make up trailer is decorated because everyone knows them away from home but. That was Hud and televisions a huge commitment serving twenty years right here in the view so you know leaving a country coming him I wasn't shall. But. Quotable as this the kind of TV show I would like to watch. So why are you want to do it did and Molly what happened about once again we add to constantly get into the economy images one comes. You're on the its. You're also about his. This car and upcoming. They watch town Athens island. That was such a huge series here and he growing up and it being an Indian with a big an Indian is massing in the Atlantic Neverwinter that David Hasselhoff upcoming mother did the hassle of having written Pamela Anderson lives I. If your dad matters so people loved watching the show I guess it was a representation of the great American dream about dying his. What it down but they're closet lovers of the kids Aaron thank you there on the would have a put it down yet I find it amusing and I don't since I have been talking about the alleged academic. It's cheesy whatever. But around the world people love that show actually. You need to unite and Nadia did people I watch and expect I'm watching you have valid and I don't know anything you do in that accident you're forcing you to believe everything you sent him. And learn how we're yeah. Good morning I'm. Conversation at. Pagliuca in the watch Quantico every Sunday night. At 10 PM right here on ABC thank you again and we'll be right back this anchor.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"The \"Quanitco\" star stopped by \"The View\" to discuss the show and life in Hollywood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43472505","title":"Priyanka Chopra Talks Successes in Hollywood and Bollywood, Body Image","url":"/Entertainment/video/priyanka-chopra-talks-successes-hollywood-bollywood-body-image-43472505"}