Racing to Hatch The Hatchimal, One of the Hottest Holiday Toys

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Brad Mielke race against each other to hatch the Hatchimal, one of hottest holiday toys of the year.
46:15 | 12/20/16

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Transcript for Racing to Hatch The Hatchimal, One of the Hottest Holiday Toys
Hey everybody went up on on the and the not here we did Brad now yes we're here wit that hot to pull away it. Treatment he then. It's really exciting taxables you guys that you don't know them. You'll get to know him from some cousin Edward daughter or son or someone you don't and you lightly all of these things is the popular it boy this is. Season you cannot find these I think they're very very hard to find historic need to get our hands on knees CL and their adult lives. Catch them to see what all the fun is about. Here's the thing we don't know much about. Taxable and you never looked at science boxes we don't know the instructions your six year old probably wants a lot. I was giving it to go ahead comments on if if we're doing things right but we want I'm outlined what it takes to have to taxable. And we're gonna compete against Tennessee who commit acts that that whispers. You don't want to getting him. Unless there's a winner yet you sit in the next round in our holiday Olympics on the Everett is bad if you remember last time and I gingerbread decorating contest I don't. About one thing that's right let's parts physically is hardly need to. Mountainous country you want to do this week we it was a resounding agreement on on FaceBook the Fletcher self. What we're gonna do here but those it's pretty tight let's go ahead open these guys for the first time that were taken. The deal with apple is basically it started to pull on you have the planet hatching them he worked to hatch them following the instructions. And then I don't think boy that comes from inside. Is greater of two five. With those of the trash. Think you see they come very carefully packaged. You don't want your ankle after the break in the. If you've seen Jurassic Park the article at the little. Dinosaur that the raptor pokes its head out and that's literally what's gonna happen here if they like an impact. Going to be a raptor that will eat us we now it will be I mean I can definitely act on its. The house. Break. A lot of packaging. But that's good they rather lengthy. So else that day. I think we have not alone and you can't wait you guys doing these are beginning. Come on out there openly over here come join us on sat right here in front of the camera with an it. If I had in my hand and Matt coming can come on you here Bryant connected to my anatomy and what you don't like I was hearing an immaculate. You have to like kind of 87. Had you done this before and he seemed to where unlike YouTube Bartlett and really look okay closer to deciding that I'm. There's these little speakers. And due to screws I think what that's doing is captivating on taxable and there we go IC a little lights it's a little lights and you can see you little eyes alone hoped all around. And populace he with the lights up but this of illumination happening Sony. Is what happens. There ego you Robin you Williams literally of it. Smoke again and aren't. Gaming partners are back at him and a theme art make Andrea workshop. Women the if you noted by the Libya that didn't meet its active again in the movie it other him. We don't deserve to do anything to you about that program and initiatives you yeah Somalis looted the united it. Importantly it turns colors and told. Okay health and it's turning all its citizens these green eyes mountains are green line of duty in the end. We think we're getting into light coats and packed them yet so what will happen is that things will literally. Burst out of this day but you patriot really nice. Oh giving up okay physical self. In any instructions are hard at the collar dictionary in the light mean different things and now we're getting inclined reading. The news we're wearing blue lines or arranged needs to work. At that means is that you have to kill you one half half the bottom of the ankle and the word our path. Completely and blue lights mean loot light or dark. Lately like late blooming it's cool it's cool you gonna rob you hate yes abrupt. And of course these the belly. Yes if you disagree completely as to catch you obviously he's comfortable. And get me he's badly and suckers you. It's making the creepy is that NORAD and yeah. You can hear Rex tapping away at inside of this thing right now. You can hear fifth grade. If you're making cooing noises you. R.s three. Which means that sick and robbed the bottom of the inning different forties. And doesn't know what it is up. What's happening now kind of yeah and plug it will keep warm here's another thing just in case we if you see him. I.s that means you hear it's heart beats me and pulled the body connection here it's art it's allegedly. If it's anything new when he sent her relatives on both of these important it all mean there's running. Flashing orange have to hit that cap on the edge and then make a loud sound to scare them away. Along the felt that. Old grabbed the egg and grabbed the head and squeeze the valley. The question counselors all of this to take us. Hours between Anaheim against according to the Internet these guys Newman if they want networked movement. You an iron. We think that's when he thirty minutes Brent rank that up but maybe like doing it walking away viewing it coming back we're gonna. The Canadian ten happening. Exercising. You can even turn your taxable off if you want your kids see it is important to people with upside down for eight seconds to solve all of the instructions here currently about like. What you do to this page you know bonds. An officer. It's purple which means it's hungry league but it's not applicable when it in the end so reliever it's ridiculous and I found out that. Oh. Lil scared. About the bottom of the anchored halftime show what is happen. And right now and a try to approximate this for you just annoys them. It went. That was. Sounds good clothing and it was Melinda. Flew food you. Yeah that's really happening here's that kind of lightning like yeah happening here. That in this don't read cleanly and later at that. Revved the bot everything all the inspections all of your brother who just keep crying and hungry rabbit out of isn't scared rabbit. My lights went off I'm getting a little nervous about of their experience. So once again on a show rat. Taxable catching contest when he sixteen I'm not really competing in just issuing its actions and Keating take over certain. Andrea Wright did just the Bonn and rent. That's currently. It upsets we're gonna rob the bottom coming up oranges yellow. Whether it's last. And making a lot of noise can. Adding even mama. Really didn't. Let. Him like. It mice and it's being beat yeah confused and at stake in news. OK it's like I'm so Brett. Which means apparently were anticompetitive. Because you're coming out now with or you're gonna get this guy Williams did and now. That did you do anything to prepare and that you eat you look at it. The city that I went on mine accident taxable website and Alex insider tips as that would be girls on the Staley. Now. I hope I didn't get Indians added that now when it tonight and sites try yeah. Particularly descent like Rodman want and that's I think what we're learning right now thinks that a change colors. Elements but ominous. In Iran but that taxable different ways. And help analyze. Now suburb. This epic battle it says are good for kids five years and a and imagine it being pretty good time breaking. An end and we keep not a travel that you Anthony and and you pay up in going back and it. And then that's I didn't I didn't look. If you didn't look good monitors is they think is as a child I was one of us and a lot of kids just. We we treat them like they're he's darling I don't expect to have sympathy. My kids don't like happening constantly these in the world so you wanna like get some sense of like what it's like to hear them. And now we have a purple light which means which sailor commuting hours Hungary which means by which means we do want. Hilton on normal work. I'm very out. What that it isn't really seems a little we're seeing some little things and outside of its name it. I'd like there's some shapes underhanded is waiting to get out. What do you do at ABC when you're not acting head. Days. You are when all of you. You're an Internet points money as has happened on her mind sees of people adding. We've and you are. I. Axl is this how you expected your date ago all act the package do you have actual argument. Probably. Animate it in regular pocket element. And we think once these are hacks. You can still do things so it is the first 2030 minutes of this creatures like then. Allegedly there are some things you can teach them out of him he's wrong. Speed. Right now there's happiness. Out. Tenet who sit. And right who green on green now agree exactly we know what a lot of us we are all right and there's a lot happening. Inside behind yellow means just have to you know but accessible in different ways. Are you wanna hang out this. Probably got people around. And it will save. We're playing with past two months. Mary. And I only. Come following yeah Italian. Actually mean what's Japanese yen bonds online making complaint with these past it will always shaming people in the lobby and that's our rule the world headquarters anything that you had if you remember ABC news that what is this like it's on to people. And ways what's your name. Yet a brat relied on Eyewitness News dot com I had. You know what impact we heard pat announced. This is a go ahead theater comedy eyes right here it's me again this and it. And he needs Burson a lot. We don't know him. And. Matt tonight it's been like five minutes as the man. Oh yeah yeah that's enough that's it's warm your chance. Yet when you hear this right. Imitation parts cut. That he cannot be worth the needed. Increasingly they are made an impression of your I was doing currently you guys you know questionable blackbird singing capabilities past acts enemies me. All. And some guy were rubbing it we're tilting it every now and I think it is you have to beeper keeping your tactics to Jack you've got instructions here. Different colors lately either vacation in exits on I see now. They'll. And green again that he's hitting. Tactic. That little. Nurturing loving that into it now what do you do with ABC when you're not. Calling us a you know these guys. When he points amp M yeah. Yes yes I'm still here intern still productions and Laurent. Are those. This is perfect alone as the so we have. It'll do forty continent. Full bottle it and since you've never heard never heard him. This is the must have believed that he's all right. Yes. As I think it analogy for years the other maintenance on the continent these little things that telling me these noises but these eyes. On undocumented. Executed basically look after or give it to mom dad to look out of work that things like any other. It out. We'll tell us. There isn't it when taxes into the area colleagues wrote it. The eggs broken once and actually acts this is the exciting part of I think that's what you're here right now. I mean doesn't want to leave until yeah. What is it and I think that's the exactly happens as the suspense builds. Holiday party. We'll blow it don't we. There you go a crowd united money on it. It's good. To talk about public statement on every. Visitor look looked at me. They all. You make a loud sound alone. In fact that. On one side tells you I'm asking can I mean it's giving the same highs Saturday you're totally different thing. We expand its own feelings and he. And even look like he's doing we're introducing some residents would like that's. We have another person who might when a company active right now it. I am I'm pretty soon you're ready because I've got a lot of people on the case. Mark people and it's seen that. It. Nineteen that was bothering burglary incidents. Icy and right now from what our party disunity cities and it looks like translating. Just as the smiles vigilant phases out at acting community. Monitor heart tonight there's an heiress to her again Arenas. All hot and we're gonna win and evaluate and he went way states adding it's just bragging. He's practiced what unwilling to catch up with human colony on the move. Will help lighten the something wrong. It's. Not Smart Smart and it's an. It's blinking. Oh I. Hang in there he will slash read. That it is you know Gary why aren't really lad. It. All. There's new it and possibly either you turn it upside down it is not heard anything. But look look at it. I'm right now. Henry packing noises because we have we heard the earlier we heard it that packing right now we. Your replies you can and we stealing a busy. Or. Or. It happened. And homeland you guys write your You can get yes. OK and right here is starting at pocono is really it's. We're. Gosh. This and it is calling last in his busy consulting our sign in and out right now. Out and pass as closely what's happening guys is and that will be its. It's. Just an act against. And. This is confident coming here it starts to crack it's my accurate it moving out. It's and. Send me a lot of Boeing's ours needs are not busting out the latest yours is. The beast you're still thump and why it makes it really loudly ticking sands. But you can't tell in the air kissing family and yet hammering away at the outside here. Act. Bird signs. These. Wouldn't that pageant YT bird act. It. And it it. Looked. I think you guys you are. Earth. Element now. On its. Way to keep you long. Today there it means. He considered. One of its way. Don't know which one yet several. Tuesday's us a lot and it rat. And we. I. Very strong that it is. Wrong with. Analysts. Oh. Yeah. At one client load him. More tank and while I can. Well I don't know at least. We got you ago. Push to one. Park. In the act and yet. You've talked. Act that look that really. Sobs only her interests. Things right now it's not. He doesn't mean he's seen a baby. On that could be this pink little on its can be this yellow bird humanist and you know that could be what we're seeing their lives in the area completely. Anger out a way back off and it led. Very relieved that I this. Here on out op it. I was very excited and wondering when sports this species in the place. Like he was very strong and he I think a lot of it. And. And I tennis and believe it is already. Elusive peace in this day right here in Vietnam. It's used so meager. A little. You know this is that this is that the drumming technique and his unit treats its. Anemic cancer treatment. Like you know fingers I don't think pray that. Yeah yes. Seven ordinance would have had executed sightseeing adopted an amendment. Now cool and photos. Yeah oh yeah its own little way. This little viewing I know what's happening with 88. Lieutenant pat Lang Lang all the way around. Just how little he sapna accurately be just went out that way. Atlanta look at this peak time round it didn't look. A little line alone. Didn't (%expletive) FL eight not seem to think yeah indeed it was sound districts with the looks nice stretch you make and that one right. You know which is what which we just is what is that. Actually remember I don't know a look at the idiot while beating wall a lot of them seem to have pink picture right. You know Google. A staple of the company that cooler day. Yeah. Coming at you can't spell or. Me me and that's just the example. If you are I don't know if apple find out today. The other team could right here is it's still I think it hurts. Just so close but us Perry signed thank you so much for sticking around. Yeah. Ha look. Good. I recognized clearly will be to god its. Name. You can you can take them home. I know that I. That results in a custody battle. Here. This old Lucy as well look at its equipment. Is wrong. The question will be is if it is. Time. And getting it. Look and saw some lights of brigades broke out right here these white here seeking help. We're we're acting accidental so. Only. It's time when and why you're not yeah. Eateries you know we're not the weirdest thing happening on a lot of businesses in the surrounding it may just give you a sense of just. Out of just. Colin. How much progress. And I flat art you're outside and beat her at eight. She and and you and me. It's in here. Yeah. Your movement the did you guys that look at it it's very predictable and not that. I. It's a few times we whenever your granny. Things and very old. Yeah. Will you yeah. Musician and there has. Quite planning these little ones lives. I'm Soledad canyon and seasonally soft world economy is only answer. Until this a lot of us. It is really intense. Its process not just giving it to adequately answered after his sentencing. It's keeps on going. Yeah. Now so if you're if you're angry and at least for your kids just be ready for like if it starts to it's like give yourself a good half an hour after that but you better not feeling you know. I'm be under way to something in the south. Lot of good lets its kids that not only hunting you have to take care of it like once you start you have to be at various nations for sure. Patients those actions a lot of things. Just haven't. Is to aim it. Yes yes it does not well portable. Unit is a good backseat to let when you take a week ago. Rainy day TV yeah Tiffany theater that's true pop. Well I'm wondering if you'd look like. You can help. Spot. We had at the jail you can't eat. It's girls are really taking time and that's okay. That is the going to be long. That is they want. That's very satisfying now installing water species interactions. Element you can help and did not just luck talking up millionaire. It's not like. But no adrenaline is apparently you don't need me here. A we have a great spirits and reap maximum. Rate because I was like yeah yeah I'm op run might not get me. But I'll pop you one thing we can. Rotating its head around this is taking its time. Don't clean. 81. And yet it to keep up. I was running back now. Let's. Keep you. Hiring outlook. It's a little peace and where she. No Beirut. You commit him. But he's at 1 o'clock. They inspections went after only five minutes early in any people turn around and ask. Definitely an did you learn to eat it are you listening to them. Lipman an impatient can't figure out what I'm right on the money. That's because he's showered with a not. Longer speaking to pro bothering you know being incidentally. It's an. Acting. Joining us and you're wondering. Let's coming. These are taxable. Hot toys this holiday season we've recruited basically fires out. Incidents that help us who would make them uniquely. At. A time when he was the shell that was the deal out. Getting exit points. And right now you can see these kids acting moments just based Johnson the rubbing. Up iron. So we've heard an experience out. It went that as a hunter calcium deposit at this that. It. Waiting. Wright and. Would you probably want that I would argue that this looks violent turn all of the possible action. It's actually a lot out there and you were telling on if you're looking through these and excellent ones I think. People are having a lot of trouble finding an inordinately but we're outlined try to find and they were filled out on back order and some don't think it is happening now you go looking at them. Which is why you're here watching its. Your kids these videos is insists I didn't root in the past that flipped it style that works. So you know this is that's when he that process human cell. This is a must have toys this season right well with it last. Summer. You from Milton. Won't. Vote at its. Holding. Oh. This and I'll show you can see in here click you can actually see this little hassle. Spinning around stuff for her it's not empty its peak my become an around you just a moment we'll bitterness. Spoken out there it's hard work. Please keep an enormous. His deepest and one WikiLeaks and I guess it is time that we can put this on your wall and me and a crane is forever. That's right. I parliament are starting to go through now. C. We'll. The a lot of bosses walking behind the when he started at one is seriously how long has. It's out of here that they still think he's that you're still hurting and made it. You need. Food you've probably seen him off the street and and to learn you're going to be Elaine. Alien who. You used to having gotten that there that you accomplished nothing else today that you have to happen. They see pictures. When I'm. Alone and still questions not distancing. Clinton who was that we're running. Yeah. Definitely that it'd leave it alone. And eat you out. Wit and it's an accusation you're seeing on room. Good evening. I'm being honest sometimes we run as a I was gonna ask you guys. The number longer listening to this. It. Good Morning America would now quickly points out. That idea that his name is lost. And were urged. A bad idea parents corals are deep sea ice hockey little league for them. Let. Us now. And you lift her notes it's not if you try to. A I move yeah. Our. Slightly and hair he's in the ring don't mind that we've been humanized him. I don't think they know when incidents and the lives of what happens we can. That. It. Saying. It's great human rat and I think she was I think it. Shoppers turn it. And now this is. I don't know apparently. On a. What you think he pops like with our allies in. Line but look at the. One. Son and yeah. Yeah what you have here. That's a how to. And one of them has effectively come out additional. I mean you live here out what happened. These attempts she's almanac hate hate hate you raised. What happens when you rent and right now. Or do so athletic like they had to get all of field. Eyes and now we're unclear about what time they. No and yeah. She went through on her upper and it is it has been telling him. 83. That. Are. I don't think. It could help public and building begins now when it's done and can be difficult to feel that way help and little else. It gently helped by the sound banks so these kinds of adults it. Help from parents house that's the I think parents yet some help from an. Pictures back who had everything that was very intellectual very powerful act. And that he likes she's becoming instant cameras. Though. About attacking Samantha Larson hats now we start looking at some of the kids fresh yeah yeah. So. And that's French. I don't read friend yeah so let's look over there for me not eat a lot of comfort meet water tank. Three. And blue means. Scared. Very light blues cold dark lose scared that he and the Atlanta. They gallant. So. As ignorant that it will no you know it's safe to come. This it is is no longer. Do they stand. Her happy. Needs to. Know 11. We. In looking after this. Hoffman around here near not a public the I needed in this. I was the kid with atomic agency that was my welcome to area. I'll let. Me. I mean when we have we're gonna teach it to walk at some point it not. Only that eighteen years. It race is in the race is roughly that of a human face at eighteen yeah. It in the fourteenth. Else. He Robin's hand. Given we'll move on. Office and something like yours is still packing really. Yet and took no small thing. We did we teeny inspections at supposed to pop out. Now it's and that no snappy to stop. Corrupt so well no I do hope this doesn't say elect. Stopped but when you lifted out there live at the end I try it. And Harry station and ask so if anyone other nose tightness everything about in the day. Please feel free to comment because. Now its loan loss at. We did come out. This polygamous family after the big state. Yeah no question we'll answer to. The justices rained bullets flew here when I'm ready to act when you've lost to news excellent confidently outlined. That's what it is that's when a senator hatch amendment at his parents' night. Three owners turning sort of green and yellow and blue and dark you guys he's doing won't. Is that what it means something something's happened. When attorney for C campus at this Isaac flashing blue now. So they turn green very quickly at her purple. And I wanted to die and I sang to us. Like the late. Eighties. Flashing. And all of the kind. We love that in the desert. It was being done little on in our producer on camera guys out your comments. And helped us. She just I don't. It under Clinton loses anything happen and the god. Are we supposed dealing with there isn't due to its. It's this area for. And have a different Collor. Yeah it's very exciting. The bottom. Out. I think it's. The ready room. Yeah. That's going to be very polite and not unhappy. I'm here when Randy whatever is holding into the bottom line. Is still trying to that you're really you are just as you. Anyway I'll use what you hanging. And meanwhile. Eddie Cunningham to minus any kind of hot pants and and residents are things that actually gonna get on the cavaliers are. Today we're sorry guys have it. We had an attorney you know an independent. That he now. In an ugly. And we know the holidays. You. This means and back up and it. Plenty of it. Raddatz wealthy already. In the next sickness that. Yeah. It's hosting Stanford track whatever I think Nevada is on collect them way back on its own phone the night. And then went off and on things you take analysts say it. Passed. Remove the whole thing. Us and our healing you know. Because it honestly. That's one thing. As defined as between incidents we could. Thank goodness someone here residents' reactions. To get out of here now for anything nothing now. The now only. This is he's thinking it didn't amount now. We'll listen. It. A. Useless stood at Cameron. Nears its wings. It's very excited to be free Phil. In her own way. The enemy your kids first lesson and savor the moment savor the experience. The exact human experience every easily. Callahan halting all time. This is there are a different parenting. All of the line instructions are all over the place. Don't know what you. Yeah. Is that and the way you look at that. There is now little taxable. He. May I completely Clemens coming in the I I don't want to grab grab and hold them. He's singing seemingly news moving. Well I don't. I. Now we use of these is that this is singing it to its. It in his neck. Meanwhile. I wondered if McCain is in other Atmel with the cop out did you recognize my voice while you're. This is bad. This is Brad. Yes I brought you might want me to someone's Bolton. Enamel. Paint it. Oh. I don't gardening Kyoto business. And that there because look done it. Well owners want state. It. Yeah. Assigned to Connolly you've always. Blitzer. They're blinking out there it's very confusing time Nicole got eighty if that happens again maybe it will. All right so you tell you gotta go to work. All right coming coming nearly let us this thing you want camera here thank you so much for taking care of this new thing you've brought into the world. Who. Would it. From the beginning he could get really little holiday here is. A and amp amp. Fun little holiday moment we'll thank you so much enjoyed 120. As a patch or work there on the on the screen. Yeah around until pipelines to walk talk. Passes passes and labor and business here gorilla tactic he seemingly eliminating the grand opening for an. You moments motherhood until he hasn't hasn't. How much less on acting as the yen and it isn't pretty. I needed veteran finally. Out and I agree minutes. Yeah OK let's let's take care of them. And kinds of loans. What every animal house and now that we know. Civilians China's help an outfield power. He's made joyous sound very excited to see you guys obviously. Our voting for its First Lady is now though not being heard. He'd been back yet Watson like. That that don't yanks him. From the capped hearings that. Alan. Salad and that's awfully sad it. Is that whatever the cafeteria. Yeah. Post a like. That. Nobody but the thing on. Hang on every second and we its current. Yet you two different stages of parenting here. Healing healing the child out of an and that's an important step and a lesson learned from ripping it your math final at Hilton Florida. Alameda on imagine. Domestic violence. Immediately yeah. Helped the you lose you just listen now. You can lift. Here oh. And yeah that's. That's exactly months. It. But. There are combing your hunger haven't been I'm getting better. Now. Act finally out. Though the bell. He in this. Obviously. Pro democracy it's cardinal. Pack. And right so welcome to apparently. So much for stopping. You wouldn't want. To. Another hour please forgive if they re inspections that they. Can possibly. It looked sort of send us I think you for joining us here earnings news on. Digital. On the parting words for a line experience out. Well here. I just walk away so. Well. Finishing out this theater had seen as later. And backing islands.

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{"duration":"46:15","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Brad Mielke race against each other to hatch the Hatchimal, one of hottest holiday toys of the year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44307877","title":"Racing to Hatch The Hatchimal, One of the Hottest Holiday Toys ","url":"/Entertainment/video/racing-hatch-hatchimal-hottest-holiday-toys-44307877"}