Radiohead Disappears from the Internet

As fans await their highly-anticipated ninth album, Radiohead disappears from social media.
3:39 | 05/02/16

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Transcript for Radiohead Disappears from the Internet
Okay we're gonna start the skinny now where. Radiohead. Radio silence from the big group it's a mystery British rock band kind of known foreign usual unveiling of their new music has essentially. Why did sell off the Internet and all of social media and a visit to radio had dot com reveals only a blank page and the band six year old Twitter feed. He's also not completely empty and we'll on FaceBook nearly twelve million users have like the page and now has. Nothing on OK so the bad according to its management company is set to release its ninth album in June it has sent out postcards postcards. A retro old school F not to some fans in the mail. With this cryptic message to sing the song a sixth sense that those burned the way. Decrease your part I think the bottom of the post office says we know where you live. Fifth at I really that don't does it really does jets that it's for whatever that's supposed when he Brokeback they even sent it and then email from their AOL account to flee the. Am I did Erica I don't expect next is having getting a little too much publicity on the Internet the new ghost busters trailer. We're talking about negative publicity the first trailer she firm Paul takes female lead ghostbusters remains journalists regarding its opposite wig and as well as Leslie Jones. Has now been disliked. Are so many times and it's now being most disliked movie trailer in YouTube history. Let's go let's go up did you when Harry I like to LA do you accept. That trailer now has thirty million views it currently has more than. Half a million just like on YouTube putting that into perspective the ridiculous six trailer which scored a zero on rotten tomatoes has only 5850. Flights. Ghost busters hits theaters on July the team. And we should mention we have a follow up by the way movie related problems to. Story that we've been following her Mother's Day which. On bond Friday Jack mentioned had a 7% rating and ripe tomato acted Jack they update. Idea that laws it's up to 80%. Improvement has emperor can progress yeah so there is. Good news for ghost busters I mean. Thirty million people watched it at all that's got to be that is impressive yes that's something wreck. Getting high marks in the meantime is the cast of school of rock. The new Broadway musical. At this stage version of the 2003 film where wanna be rocker enlists his fifth graders you wanna rock group. And conquer the battle of the bands but. They got a surprise visitor yesterday. Jack Black the star of the movie attended a matinee at the winter garden theater with his son and went backstage that I find the cast the school. Rock musical tweeted out worlds are colliding in mind they're being blown. And what about sex. Teachers but very good futures I want to see that sham so about them. Is it. If you'll have better look at Hamilton finally to some of the sweetest photos you'll seats and yes we're talking about straight across and bond. On the advent of her first birthday Britain's princess Charlotte Kensington Palace has just released these not all of Charlotte taken by her mother. The duchess Kate. Now last month when of that one at and were hauled their home in Norfolk the duchess is quite a photographer. Judge privacy issue very carefully guarded so this isn't rare for courtesy let's suvs this after birth that.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"As fans await their highly-anticipated ninth album, Radiohead disappears from social media. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38808991","title":"Radiohead Disappears from the Internet","url":"/Entertainment/video/radiohead-disappears-internet-38808991"}