A rare chat with the family of 'Star Wars' icon Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill's wife and daughter open up about traveling the world together and the loss of Carrie Fisher.
3:00 | 04/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A rare chat with the family of 'Star Wars' icon Mark Hamill
What is one thing that would surprise. Us about life in the Hamel. And knew this was an ambush. You guys are celebrating a wedding anniversary this year aren't. Current. This for years. Have some equipment at December 17 how is that you have kept it together. I think I'm conscience and I'm sort of protected in a way we've kind of it out of Hollywood and we don't live in town so we don't go in. Do you the party circuit since. Kind of thin ice in many ways that the film. Didn't take a break because it gave us time to embrace of family and he did do Broadway and so living in New York was it was a nice opportunity to open session and the boys were lit up. What's it like growing up with more camels of that. I mean to me he was just mark Hammel was just commitments you know. Stacked. I say people he. Which I'm gonna blow hard neatly much Marx Brothers I think consolidate the first minute accumulation of me. Which chaired by music and it. What he grew up for the challenge things when he showed up close out of his own Frankenstein all the movies here. Is it fun and seeing. Source come back around. And then to be back in the limelight and he's doing all these things and traveling the world again because you do it as a family. It's fun being. Together and activists meeting hugely aliens utilities are treasury time to start a family so I think. In an effort and we have to have that time together you know an Antarctic his work is more obviously in the down time we're together all the time so it. Think as Italy really appreciate those moments for the family and really chairs and this. Hold an ask you both are also about Kerry because you were part of this. Then went together. Can I don't have a hard time with that doctors yeah. Hugh Lansing again someone that we knew ally and when the film's first came out and then we are great connected again and it is hard. Her daughter's around and she carries carries spirits. I think it was nice and a chance to reconnect these sounds really brought that fast. It affected the entire. Momentarily. It really is tarnished. Mahi. Ability engine enjoyed to his policy you are asking earlier and are you gonna come back I don't care anymore on that level because Hans solo it's gone. Lucas on hand that you just can't get them back together the way you want it to be intention to be that way so it is what it is my you know I'd rather than be sorry that. We can't have more I'm just grateful that we have the time went through that we do.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Hamill's wife and daughter open up about traveling the world together and the loss of Carrie Fisher.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"54368183","title":"A rare chat with the family of 'Star Wars' icon Mark Hamill","url":"/Entertainment/video/rare-chat-family-star-wars-icon-mark-hamill-54368183"}