How Would You React If a Stranger Offered You the Trip of a Lifetime?

Travel Channel's Bert Kreischer convinces random people to join him on amazing adventures.
9:12 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for How Would You React If a Stranger Offered You the Trip of a Lifetime?
-- -- -- -- -- Is back pushing limits with an all season and just went look is -- the shows while the ventures couldn't get anymore over the top. They are back in full force and that of course thank -- host Burke fracture. And he's never ending quest for bond whereby we can pull you away from the sky -- from the shark diving from everything -- long and at that you can -- In the relative calm of art studio we appreciate by no that's that's what we started the season is here was of the -- the very first segment we shot. Was a skydive and I remember our executive called -- was like his -- make a big this year I was like okay I'm reverence and are you before we like he was like are you committed and I think that's on the set from another -- and -- -- -- it like he was like without making changes I was like on in. I love the show I love the show is the greatest job you could ever have in the entire world I am well aware that public -- -- -- -- the show it was like all right. We're start and -- with skydiving and I had. All the -- got any one time and I had been very vocal that I had not doing it. -- -- You got me homeless guy that is easily because -- has what are birds biggest fears let's play on -- But he's let me in and I do believe this tonight and -- we were talking about this little bit about what a parliament donors -- to my daughter's swim with sharks. Because it's you know my show and I do believe travel was a lot of bowel. Really getting people out of -- converts -- so hard these days. You know -- can't do is go let's go find the greatest rib -- you can -- great show but. A lot of times the beauties way to get the -- comfort zone and get them act real is to put them in a tiny airplane and -- into a dude. And have that -- push them. That would commit ten minutes ago when you put your life in their hands. The Brit that the the premise of the show is essentially go up to people and you say give me five days or do you mean certain -- -- -- of your life figure before vigilant and and economic go and in and raise your blood pressure and almost give you a heart attack -- the give you an experience you'll never forget hopefully change you but the art show it when done properly. It is an experience it is in the TV show they look at it and they look back -- its travel log of what they did I mean night. Talk to everyone we've on the show -- I've talked a descendant Massey now -- tell them hey guys watch the show. Talk talk about it on Twitter live tweet at me of one all of my podcast or talk about your spirit and all of -- comebacks -- like he changed when I look at it half the people -- killed were -- traveling. But one of the was like -- don't want -- -- talking about you and that is. Ultimately makes me so happy that you know it's changed me it we don't want we -- -- and -- program because a lot of what they did you enjoy this kind of very extreme adventure seeking to that you had this kind of wild and crazy -- was it now was it like we keep watching gardens on -- -- something like that. Yet not I've never been that we can expect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My dad I think would be indictments now officially -- -- -- All of cut cut cut cut -- he's. It is me did not like lines and he didn't like pictures it is like like posing for I have OK one picture that I can remember a -- withstanding -- my dad thought to be here and we took -- -- of the Disney. But like we never what will it we would go on vacation we would stay in the hotel would leave the hotel -- -- -- the pool that was it. The one trip -- remember distinctly as a client. My -- gonna get sued for tax purposes a client owed him money and -- gave us a boat to take throughout the Virgin Islands and my mom got seasick my dad kind of like it but we weren't really adventurous we were a -- But we -- like Griswold was just. Ultimately the -- so how -- basically -- then. Convince someone. To turn over their lives that triggered economy that we shot sometimes some with the with -- absolutely have a report signed a disclaimer. The season want it -- into I was shocked. Season three G you'd figure to get people -- it was so hard you have no idea it was literally it was at a solid punch here like I would -- the quarter and people would just passed me by everything will every one that banks and the camera on the street -- -- -- -- city just walk by and now I get them do it and now they know not to -- for the now they know they're gonna have a triple elect time these two girls went to the base jumping. And not be stumping line on the pretty bridge in Idaho the only place in the world you can do that and and book how excited they are -- soap -- And they are like -- that would see in use it so great you -- people like that that are up for anything. -- -- -- or all -- whatever you want. But when you get them harnessed to a dude -- over alleged on -- bridge 400 feet this guy. That's where they go I don't know about this I -- to a look at that you just did the world's longest zip line Costa Rica replica of that it's fantastic. -- -- Hey guys and -- at traffic. -- -- I mean it looks amazing but it's -- -- it. It takes some guts of pulling off what's so funny -- David -- -- -- that you -- -- at like three things. I -- wasn't planning. I wanna -- forces and a -- -- with a tree house. So literally we had this like bucket list of things that you'll see on the -- so that is the from double premiere that -- With the girls tenant base jumping and coast record -- mirror those Wednesday at 9 o'clock. 8 central and and that zip line you know it's like to propose a Plymouth of this here you go over ninety miles an hour that's pretty fast -- forward -- and it doesn't stop. -- -- -- -- -- They're like. Wherever you go -- record of an inch fiberglass helmet and yet I believe that that right now in the tank top of that moment that ever had gotten hurt and when he shoots out you but in. Not -- Bit by a baton Costa Rica. Beautifully and got -- the bear -- Wrestled it back to us that there Lisa -- down by at its worst thing I thought I posted a picture like -- and -- -- what is looks -- -- Gordon is starting to bear continental won't commit. But he got bit on the back by almost like by a bat at a literally freaking out but that's the book by the most have been on -- -- is. In is insanely state -- we -- everything we do read will never put you in harm's way I will do everything we are about to do before you do it to prove it's safe. But did a show called for the conqueror before that and I got her -- like three times -- I kept getting -- his. And with its wrinkling your like -- bring up again. If anything it is real not do that what has been brought -- that you made a commitment -- pee in sometimes you know you have to fill those obligation I have been -- I've never say no to anything guy. I have I have passed. On only one thing and it was because of my weight and that was the candidates -- the candidates on the -- in the was 182. Funny. It's that the can't -- -- camera and I feel I'm of the black and the guy I was like yeah we can't do it and an example is -- we can try. -- So -- -- but like that's the only thing I haven't done but I usually. -- the -- -- -- the show is and and I believe this it's about their experience I've done a lot of the stuff already grabbed on a lot of it working for travel. My goal is to get them and have -- really kind of like drink -- in NB in the moment. So I will forgo it we did we did -- based about a Bretton Woods and the -- was nervous and we didn't have a lot of time. And and so she was -- -- -- tell you what I'll jog up the tree review. And made on the rigging for me to jump ultimately true view -- old -- back down -- that you have someone be with fuel pond. So for me it's more about getting her. In the right places he can have the experience and the -- of the -- much more than expected and so I'd like he was really ago 150 foot redwood. And Europe there and you're harnessed in and the winds are blowing. -- he's -- just treat you right no agreement no no engineers look at this as a country like you're swaying back and forth. You can do when about public announcement will back down. And I couldn't get about -- back up we -- at a time but my goal is to make sure that my travelers when I take them had the experience of a lifetime that is all I am a conduit to their adventure. And and and it and I have a black I think they I think I think you'd deliver and then seven season three premieres April 20 -- in the Travel Channel is called -- -- crusher thank you so much knows he travels to -- me I am I have nothing but six. When you're watching I'm telling you honor may it may be extreme mermaid and tried so hard you gotta be cleared -- Cleared first. Next season for -- -- -- Weeki wachi bigger and better and letter.

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{"id":23428630,"title":"How Would You React If a Stranger Offered You the Trip of a Lifetime?","duration":"9:12","description":"Travel Channel's Bert Kreischer convinces random people to join him on amazing adventures.","url":"/Entertainment/video/react-stranger-offered-trip-lifetime-23428630","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}