Read along with GMA3 this summer

Our GMA3 summer reading squad recommends an action-packed book called "City Spies," by New York Times best-selling author James Ponti.
2:50 | 07/13/20

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Transcript for Read along with GMA3 this summer
abbvie may be able to help. Summer looks a little different around the house especially if you're a kid, with summer camps cancelled, social activities limited, kids just aren't able to have the same entertainment options they usually do. We decided to do something about that, and launch our very own summer reading squad, we have a group of nine kids, we put them together, ages 11 to 14, from all across the country. We're going to tackle a new book together. So what will we be reading? Drum roll please. It's called "City spies," by "The New York Times" bestselling author James Ponti. An action-packed book about five kids around the world training for their roles as a team of young secret agents. Let's check it out. The city spies. Five kids from around the globe. A hacker. The magician. A code breaker. A rebel. And a genius. Operating out of a secret location in the north of Scotland. They're the biggest secret in British intelligence. As young people around the world head to Paris it's up to the five of them to stop a dangerous villain and save the day. I'm the author of "City spies," James Ponti. It's been selected for "Gma3" summer reading squad. Can't wait to answer your questions. Until then, happy reading. Yes, it looks very good. Let's introduce to who I'll be reading with. Meet the summer reading squad. 11-year-old John. 13-year-old jala. 12-year-old ion. 13-year-old akeelah. 11-year-old remi. 12-year-old Josey. And brother and sister Anthony and aerial. Are you guys excited for this book? Yes. Yes. Yes, yes. I understand that you're a big reading fan, so what are you most excited about with this summer reading squad? Being if book clubs, I like the social aspect of being in a book club because you get to hear everyone's thoughts. You can talk during and after. If you want your kids to read along with us, pick up a copy of "City spies." Join us on July 27th when we'll be talking all about the book with the author as well. You don't want to miss that. I want to give a big thanks to our summer reading squad for joining me today. We'll see you in two weeks. So, get busy reading. They look excited. Still ahead when we come

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Our GMA3 summer reading squad recommends an action-packed book called \"City Spies,\" by New York Times best-selling author James Ponti.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"71759063","title":"Read along with GMA3 this summer","url":"/Entertainment/video/read-gma3-summer-71759063"}