One-on-One With a Real American Sniper

Kevin Lacz served four years alongside Chris Kyle and trained Bradley Cooper for the role.
11:29 | 02/10/15

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Transcript for One-on-One With a Real American Sniper
It's the second highest. Receiving a lot of praise and some criticism. American sniper tells the story of Chris Kyle the most decorated sniper in the US military history. Kyle is played by Bradley Cooper who had a lot of training from Kevin lace a veteran navy seal who served alongside Kyle for two tourism duty. New also starred. In American sniper. I'm ABC's Bob Woodruff here in new York and in the studio with me is Kevin lace a remarkable movie. Much more successful than you expected. You know. When I initially start on the project I wasn't planning on measuring success by you know number of tickets sold it was really about. Creating that lasting legacy of Chris Kyle and the men that worked with them Ryan Jovan Mark Lee in. That was really that the testament because I was putting the unique position to go ahead and speak on behalf of a lot of guys that helped make that story come about. So when people say the movie's great you know reflects Chris well that's that's the positive reinforcement I like you would serve them side by side. That's correct do you think this is pretty accurate what the life is like when your sniper on the streets of Iraq it is that was and you sniper in 2006 with Chris and I got to watch him and he was a mentor to me so watching him LB absorb a lot eventually trying to be at that level so. It was an interesting spot and it's helped Bradley and coach him along you know he really nagged to bang up job with it with that amount of time and resources that he used you fully become Chris Kyle nudges. As a sniper but as a human being does sound like him he has to waste like him that he had tobacco chewing in the know he he did he had hit a little bit the twang get a nice little voice coach and then he also got into the company and Schering and he tried to. Take everything in from Chris is life and really. Use all resources and we friends. Teammates. Encapsulate all that and then represented nothing to leverage on him that you train him on something which requires a great. It upscale was that shooter is an excellent shooter I mean he was he was a crack shot by the second day he was hit had played targets at 600 meters which. Is pretty remarkable given a guy who I think is only weapons turning be forced the eighteen. And a one of the ones who was pretty moving to me it was it surprises some people. Is it true what so when you're on top of those those building roofs and your under fire do you use your cell phone and call your family's home. There's an. They the use of the cell phone is there to go ahead and strengthen that relationship between Chris and his wife and new show that struggle. There is a time and place for you know sat and sat phone usage is nominates use. In the movie to represented that bond that Chris is making that. Call on telling tea he's changed. And one of the points that you bring out here which I think what a lot of people don't completely understand too if you're a you're you're healthy have not been shot you have not. Live through a lot of the violence is a victim and wars like this but you do come back and you and you suffer from. For some some injuries some invisible like PT SD PTS as we call them as as Kyle. July what do you have the salmon to you know kind of surprised that he did. Become the way he can now. Yet you know life you're it's constantly changing constantly reading and reacting to different scenarios in you know and it affects us all differently. Having the experiences we had in 2006 and 2008 you know leaves a lasting impression and we deal with it. And different ways to re sex farce is and I think Chris did it by helping veterans I'd do it by working in the medical field as the PA. And were able to go back to communicate I think it helps. Us you know talk about it and also educate the people around us. Did you know line I think with the movement is being scripted. It Kyle was still alive yes and before it was actually being filmed. He he was he was killed this to the tone change at all in the movie as far as you know was another they had changed the end of that because of this tragedy. Threat but did anything else change. You know there was the there was always a reverence on set for the military with Mel paso and Warner bros and ever everybody that was part of it actors on them. But it was that vigilance that this is Chris Kyle's lasting legacy if you were gonna see Chris as Bradley from here on out and Bradley took that's so personal. In that character study was so deep in he felt so and trash you know he's. He tart users to people on this earth that I love its characters has merit increase Kyle and you for him to say that to me you know. Invigorated me to go ahead and give him as much as I could to make sure that that portrayal of Chris was his. Is natural in his lasting as it is an invasive it's a great testament to them out of work probably put in. And yes you know everybody took that on because we're representing this real story what's his wife's reaction to moving. Her she's been really positive you know I think her first reaction was it felt like I spent two and a half hours of Chris. And I get reactions from seals that worked with Chris that said it. This is pretty darn good and that's the validation. And her tears and I can imagine where that. I think at the end of the movie I think. I have heard that she was in tears an action that that Cooper was as well. I think we all are you know anybody who in this in this story is a story of us is a countries not just a story of Chris it's a great. You know care to sort of Chris and talks about the veteran's story in general security character a story of us as a country. We grow we've all suffered that loss would not a level we've all have felt some sort calling here there we can all relate in some capacity and nailed the final. Moments of the movie is the real life footage was really. Levels and really gravity is everybody in in in at times yes sucks the air out of the room and realized this is a real story. You know what's so shocking and upsetting to people watching this movie especially those I think they've never had. A lot of that experience within the military are at a lot of friends to tell stories about a but I remember one story which. Ended up being the same idea in the movie was I had a front of mine who was an army. And he was. Indoor rock I think back in 2006. And they had to approach paying fourteen year old war that they thought might be having something underneath his clothes and it took all of his power not to do anything. But it turned out that he did have something. And and he ended up exploding so in this case and the movie that you and sniper. Chris has a sniper had opened fire. On a child. What's what some like is a sniper to have to be in that position to do. You know this movie does a great job of showing the challenges the difficulties that service member goes through and you know I seals a special forces Rangers snipers green beret were professional soldiers and we work underneath. The rules of engagement which have been passed out from politicians and senior notes are advisors. But I think it really connects to the audience and shows them that. It's not some story this is out there this is real life people from our country and these are the difficulties they face. An everyday basis in the war zone and a I think people were able to relate more say in appreciate. The challenges we have to make it's not just impulse broad units out there it's. These are the checklists we have to go through and there's a lot of discretion. There have been huge amount support for them. But you all know there's been critic there have been critics out there as well. And most people call call you heroes. But I know Michael Moore for example said that'd be more appropriate given the fact that is that is father's uncle was killed world what to buy a sniper from the enemy. That he says the sniper should be called columns. On one never considered myself here on out worked with a lot of heroes and and you know the validation. That I get is when I look at a veteran I talk with him and he says thank you thank you for telling this story. Thank you for showing what it's like the my wife and multifamily went through things for opening a lot of people's eyes out there and that's that's the positive criticism my go with because. At the end of the day passes soldiers sailors airmen and Marines we know what can really hers and that's bullets bombs threats from overseas do simple criticism. Taken passing. Analysts interest and one of the defenses that have heard from united defence but an opinion about this this that a. That a sniper rifle as a lot more discriminating weapon because it can name something in particular that's been targeted for a particular reason but. If you look at it bombs they also. And up. Killing people that perhaps not signal. So that puts sniper rifle and a different position and some. You know I think there's the snipers that is just a component of a team where as of preachers in order to seal team and a medic in all working concert together to help. You know Foster that mission and it they're all integral like spokes on a bike you pull one out and you don't operate at full capacity and they're used. With discretion. And I think it's important to say as professional soldiers. We use those within our limitations we don't go beyond that. This is the them the most popular war movie in the history of America. How does he held. You know I think. I don't see is a war movie total war movie because he really don't it has that has that side and on the home front and I think that's important it's. It's a character study of Krista magaw said it's the story of each every veteran that's gone before and will and it's really. The good Steward of of what it's like to be overseas and what you sacrifice and I think it really captures. A full 360 of what it's like to be a part of that military machine. You know being there but also being at passwords or relatives of ten members of friends do you think it's it was. It was a very balanced. Movie in the terms and in terms of what you think war is. I guess I say this because. To add in at the end. What happened to Kyle of the effect of this war on count the end. That adds a negative part to war that may be part of the movie would look at as a a good war do you think this is a pretty balanced. War is polarizing war is ugly wars violence ends I think what this movie does is goes ahead and shows that. You know we experience a lot of different levels in Chris experience different level. And he was able take all those experiences come back and turn into a positive by helping veterans and is based off for real you know real life events and you don't know where its gonna go. But Chris was at peace with what he'd done overseas positive to help. The seal teams protect his brother's. And coming home on the home front Pena for working with a veteran's. And I think that's the lasting legacy of Chris although the war was violent for him and it affect his family he was willing to step aside and promote his life and go forward and do good things. You write a memoir. Your question you know. I I like. Talking for veterans I'm in the unique position to talk about a lot of people who can't represented themselves or are don't want to it and if I can help veterans and I can help. Open people's eyes to you you know some of the issues and some of the shortcomings that. Or are directed toward veterans. I'm all about it I'm all about helping young people around because at big giant brotherhood. And like Chris went ahead and took care of people when he left it was her duty to serve those. That helped us so we can wait for your book. Minutes to me thank you so much he appreciated.

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{"id":28868709,"title":"One-on-One With a Real American Sniper","duration":"11:29","description":"Kevin Lacz served four years alongside Chris Kyle and trained Bradley Cooper for the role.","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-american-sniper-28868709","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}