'Real Housewives of OC' star talks love, family and newest season

ABC News' Joi-Marie McKenzie talks to Vicki Gunvalson about the latest season of "Real Housewives of Orange County."
13:24 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for 'Real Housewives of OC' star talks love, family and newest season
Hi there I'm doing Marie McKenzie the entertainment writer here at abcnews.com in the south crown reality TV show cream of the news and some of fats with all of that you all understand my and that I have. And original. OT about both feet when of the original house I am so excited Dickey got a thing happened Atlanta liked country club look I'm of stacked with yours. In this government funds age it just about 31 you're watching it just the whole time white. Five pitches like he. Thanksgiving Ike. Older like this happening. But now he started eighteenth which lies and obvious it's been twelve seasons now. More than one hour. So what does it feel like going through. It feels good now I can go back and journal human life and all the different things have gone through or watch reality TV show it's felt it this is what. Does it let god and that's what life is. You know it's it's been a great experience I've loved every moment of it itch. Right okay that has been moments angry and moving. But it's been good guys I enjoy it in the province Couri. Revolutions treatment production companies become very close to these last season. That's. Just an experience. I feel like this the story lines crazier each season that's it wilder a little bit. Here for each season to use. OK you know literally act and I journal everything campaign in the because. At in the day you have to have fixed again have to deal to deliver what that you recently you know obviously don't know what's happening my when. We don't know what's going to happen that's who start filming. He had done I think this season you're gonna see me really wanting to move on. With my friends and not keep bringing up the stuff from the past few years if he could that we too dark. Way too hurtful hand you know I apologize thing. I will always apologize for what I've done you know it's so funny thing they last season almost like the apology or for that he. And so if that was last season with the disease this season is still tied. To pick it up you know my my friendship with tam really suffered then. It's just heart and she doesn't know everything that I went real and I don't. And I won't share it with her I think there's something that you don't have to talk about but other then I'm sorry. I wish things were different and I can't change the past I can change the future. So that for me is my steadfast. Place of my life as a Christian we are supposed to be. If he's asked for forgiveness said and that's all I can do. And for those people who didn't want last season you're talking about. Your ex boyfriend Brad you kind of fabricated document saying I can't get there yet very very hurtful. I got taken for a ride and it was really fat bride and I have no idea. He was plotting to hurt me mean and of the day it was. Was my mine my morals my image my everything. Was questioned and it was in the it was him you know he thought the problem with him on our. Learn look back at that but it's sort of like seeing red flag because I knew him from the industry we both were in the same industry so I knew him for five years prior. To date him so you know during the game five years and known for I was a ten hair. You know journey and it was and I never sign that. News parents and kids while her friends that. Everybody experience what I did so wasn't something that was the only one that experienced it we all felt betrayed and hurt and you know I was seeing Melanie probably did it change so what does one question you ask them I said watt. There my to do that and often recently. Miller broken up for two years now but. You know that deftly put some damage and some heard in May friendships and obviously what Kelly revealed last year that her and I talked privacy. Ultimately hurt. Tim Robbins and rumors about camera anyway I was that I stand and in high and Saturday. I guess you just can't say anything anybody. It wasn't something to hurt them it was just say no this is my experience why. Why are they okay hurting me you know I'd never meant to hurt I didn't go out thinking how can her. It was and how does one when I was wondering if you go into the season this is the click of animal with Britain tying. These are the ruling my Karen do that Africa. But I don't but it didn't and number. I. Kelly and I had a private conversation in her home you know camera. If I wanted to be guarantees are. Honors I would aesthetic and camera. I did it that's and it Steagall back in realize. That this was never supposed to be. Talked about this is something Kelly and we're just saying what lies OK for them talk crap I'm me when this this this mess they're hiding you know. And it was never met Kelly kept it in her vaults for seven months and then. A re. Reunion. Of paper before its embassies and now I have to ask about them and that's the continue tonight and yes they didn't want to have him back tonight after your show here's rob. And detects and asking like well actually used to hang out when I was in. For New York years ago but I think like that busy and sometimes afterwards were cooperating but I do text me. Cast time doing healthy it the what from what we'll talk about any kind. That I mean I don't there's something housewives. You can't. You can't really monopolize any. Time with him in that respect tying. So. When when I need a pilot trouble with the yes and sort it all off and has some sort of because it others franchise's all over the world you know. A pick up my season and I can't now all day. I wanna act. You know. What you asked for it going into this season of being squeezed office outlet where we. This building apparently went with fuel water well they've responded on how the power to squeeze. They don't have the power what I was really worried about is split last year to be chuckling this year and really asked to start. And trash. They massed. I missed. With both need apologize. And we have to deal to work together so. Italy's leading us back and no excited to see a breath for hire she's realized that we eat. Kind. I'm good I'm good with the ladies eyewitness issue in an air. But I mean we brocade Iceland. Iceland. That's I can't see anything all of Reykjavik meeting went off. But I would like like a big. It's a bun I mean we show that it this year. But I think. You know tear my nine my school admission I missed him I and lover. And that her nanny to gather in government to her arm that is truth in that you can believe it or not but it was. And last time you talk to take. Com and heighten the 23 months ago OK yeah. But it's getting better how would you in the new house my pick it seemed like her and like hair I think that she's she's a great relish she's found. Got a great husband and loved eco two three beautiful children. I think the viewers are in electors he hasn't backed either so that's that we need are cutting human Kelly you're like they have gotten that I perfect. The Cuddy yes you know. I don't have a lot of remember lifer for being friends like every single play but I can't tell you right now say let me for a cocktail hour let's go shopping or let's put out layer. She's good at like Michael and Steve very dear friend so that's easy. Tico and Steve have become good friends and so. If it's it's a nice relationship. I wouldn't you keep in touch with the original house but teen I do more in touch with she you know Dorian I know but she midnight. I. You know it's kind of like sorority where you were together in youth films so many incredible things together that. He's kind of a special bond with the ladies ninth. And the very first season came on the show with her ex husband done hadn't spoken to tell me the question I am spending time. I actually just talked to last week and he's. Really close to three and in the bullies so. That's good for the FEMA money it's unfortunate in that we got divorced and we did in. You were open about regretting divorce idea I don't even Tillman conference center here from Chicago life night. I have to force remorse allotment gone and really talk to people about it counselor she's like you've got to bar. Because you're you're stuck in the that I go through let's widen it the other while the red flags at my ex boyfriends like you can't. Most well our inner it was relationships are in this for the long term I was not in. An option for a short relations but I was dating my acts. And in we were together five years this is where this Haiti's main. I think the public literally mixed with some exec but I was not in it. To get out because I had been in a twenty year marriage and I was in for five years of the amnesty at the thought of this issue how should you happy that. You know at least the bombshell dropped you can wipe your hands meaning after yet another divorce I mean Brighton and god. Yeah I mean I really looked like I was watching out for me and I really than they used to. Who knows how long could have been. Light to ends you know so so I do I do and I'm glad it's behind me it hurts. I was really broken. Talk about blasting away yet yes and you Manning and live how do what was your left here that Scott had he you know I I talked to Steve a lot of you know I've. Was broken when I strategy that I don't think I'm damaged goods did he won in Dayton and still it was only ten months that's very self aware in. And myself in a good part right now he's like with tickets flown. Not like it's doing more confident me at a charity event for the Boys and Girls Club but ambassadors for so. With the temperature heart in Hughes. Retired homicide detective story like stern and very. And quiet. They answer it and but he was into sick and if he wasn't. Very talkative and we do it like to with a good everything that unlike secretly that is like. Some of these companies me so he's he's he's one of those men that I never have to worry about cheating on me in line to me. Convenient if he's just so good for me and I'm always like. Little off guard in Iraq hear about it at my mom likes the idea yet but I I just said I'm 'cause I've. Gone through some of goodness you know in the nation's I don't see kind. The feelings I used to be patient I feel like it's still wholly back. And so scared. Now mr. she was going to one that viewers actually let me. I was very worried about three this year to do it. There are. And get a fifteen months now it's good it. Would you have heard Mary as. A hopes. Do I I don't expect if they I don't like I don't might not be. Because to me it's a commitment in non committed person. And and I deal meant dating just pass time dating to. So for me it's but you mean I mean you're not really meeting anymore. Right but I but I wanted to laugh when Mary and I wine and one. And one from my life mean and 55. Days we could have 20/20 five years. And the that would be ideal for. So let's see I have if you can easily get whatever you want. I could damage aboard when it went in the he felt really good bitterly down to the wire I believe in the outlet list the government. Putting that the universe I am I prayed over that mr. Ten months and now. And that monthly and a I was the ethnic slaughter but it is exactly what happened with these and I'm so excited to apply. I'm doing Marie McKenzie and this is indecent.

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{"id":48685640,"title":"'Real Housewives of OC' star talks love, family and newest season","duration":"13:24","description":"ABC News' Joi-Marie McKenzie talks to Vicki Gunvalson about the latest season of \"Real Housewives of Orange County.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-housewives-oc-star-talks-love-family-newest-48685640","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}